f5f24635-d4b1-48fc-95ea-5ab6eaf78b45 31d4fe95-63e2-46c0-91b9-cc02cb9a2da3 b7883d8b-59c5-438b-8b89-5e33be3f5d3cThere’s no doubting Proace’s practical qualities as a versatile van, being roomy, comfortable, reliable and economic to run. Now it’s proving its worth as a campervan in a project undertaken by conversion specialist G&P of Sandon in Staffordshire.

It took a long-wheelbase Proace and transformed it into a fourth-berth camper equipped with true home-from-home comforts. The original concept made its debut at the recent Motorhome and Caravan Show, opening the way for the first customer orders.

The show car was kitted out with an elevating roof section with roof bed, blackout curtaining, a non-slip floor, swivelling seats (engineered to rib and crash test specifications), an electric access step, kitchen hob and sink, microwave, wardrobe space, fridge-freezer, power sockets, TV, utility shower, “rock-and-roll” bed, portable toilet system and a dining table stowed on the tailgate for use in or outside the vehicle.

G&P is supplying the vehicle as displayed, or can tailor the design and features to suit each customer’s requirements, including the fitting of an optional high-top roof section. Each conversion takes between five and six weeks to complete.

Mr Gez Clifford, Proprietor of G&P said: “We have plenty of experience working in the past with the Toyota Powervan, which was very popular up to the time production ended two years ago. We are confident Proace can prove just as successful, Toyota is highly regarded and we’ve received endless comments about the reliability of their vehicles and solid look of the new Proace.”

Neil Broad, Toyota’s General Manager, Fleet & Vehicle Remarketing said: “G&P did a fantastic job with the conversion it prepared for the NEC show and we hope that it will be able to help build a stro

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