• Volkswagen Car-Net™ offers features such as location-based roadside assistance, Automatic Crash Notification, remote vehicle unlock, and Destination Assist for compatible factory-installed navigation systems.
• All features come standard with subscription
• Accompanying VW Car-Net Mobile App is downloadable through the iPhone® App Store

Herndon, VA –  Volkswagen of America, Inc., announces the launch of VW Car-Net™, a new in-car system that offers a number of convenience and diagnostics features, in addition to services that help customers feel safe and secure. Beginning in the 2014 model year, VW Car-Net will be introduced on select trims of Jetta, Passat, Tiguan, CC, Beetle, Beetle Convertible, and Eos models.

“Volkswagen Car-Net is a multifaceted connectivity system, seamlessly integrated into many of our cars,” said Frank Weith, General Manager, Connected Services. “Not only does it offer our consumers an added sense of security with features like Automatic Crash Notification, but it also offers various convenience features for day-to-day use, such as Remote Vehicle Status and service appointment scheduling.”

Unlike some other competitive in-car connected vehicle systems currently on the market, VW Car-Net is offered with all features as standard with each subscription, including Agent Destination Assist. When applicable, most of these features can be accessed three different ways: in-car, via the dedicated VW Car-Net buttons on the overhead console; by visiting the VW Car-Net Web Portal (; or, through the VW Car-Net Mobile App on a customer’s iPhone® (Android® version coming soon), which can be downloaded from the Apple® App Store.

Customers purchasing new Volkswagen models equipped with VW Car-Net will receive a no-charge trial for six months after purchase. To extend the benefits of this connectivity system, customers can choose from a number of VW Car-Net Payment Options: 1 year, for $199; 2 years for $378; 3 years for $540; or, month-to-month, for $17.99.

Key features of VW Car-Net include:

Automatic Crash Notification
In the event that an accident is detected (airbag deployment1 or a rollover), a call is automatically triggered from the vehicle2, connecting a passenger to a VW Car-Net Customer Specialist. Information about the vehicle and location are transmitted to the VW Car-Net Response Center. Once the call is connected, the VW Car-Net Customer Specialist will connect the caller with a local Public Safety Answering Point, who can dispatch the appropriate emergency services to their location.

Roadside Assistance
By pressing the VW Car-Net “wrench” button on the overhead console, the vehicle’s VIN and location will be transmitted to Volkswagen Roadside Assistance. If the car’s battery is low or the occupants are no longer in the vehicle, Roadside Assistance can also be contacted via the VW Car-Net Mobile App.

Agent Destination Assist
For Volkswagen models equipped with VW Car-Net and a compatible factory-installed navigation system, a VW Car-Net Specialist can send destinations directly to the vehicle. This can also be done without the help of an operator from the VW Car-Net Web Portal, or through the Mobile App.

Stolen Vehicle Assistance
If a Volkswagen vehicle equipped with VW Car-Net is stolen, the VW Car-Net Response Center can help locate the vehicle. Once a police report has been filed, a VW Car-Net Customer Specialist will work with law enforcement officials to locate the vehicle.

Last Parked Location
Determine the last parked location by using the VW Car-Net Mobile App. The car’s last-known parked position will be shown on a 2D map in the Mobile App.

Remote Vehicle Status
Check the status of vehicle doors, lights, sunroof, hood, convertible top, and trunk via the VW Car-Net Mobile App or the VW Car-Net Web Portal.

Service Appointment Scheduling
Schedule service appointments with a preferred dealer through a VW Car-Net Customer Specialist.

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