France continues blocking four Mercedes-Benz models

Since 12 June 2013, France banned the registration of Class A, B, and SL CLA, using R134a banned since January 1. Despite the support of the European Union to Mercedes-Benz, blocking continues, and the tension mounts.

Already 50 days of blocking
Since 1 January 2013, a refrigerant called R134a – used for the air conditioning system – was banned in France because of European Directive considered dangerous for the environment.

However, in the composition of four Mercedes-Benz models, the urban Class A, Class B minivan, CLA sedan and coupe-cabriolet luxury SL. France has thus made ​​a blocking registrations them from 12 June, more than 5,000 vehicles involved , including 2,700 sold.

Mercedes disputes, France stands his ground
contesting the blockage, Mercedes-Benz has appealed to the European Union, which has not yet made ​​any decision and held that the alternative refrigerant allowed – the R1234yf – was very flammable.

On 25 July, the Versailles Administrative Court suspended the blockade, but the State objected immediately by invoking a “safeguard clause” and the new Minister of Ecology, Philippe Martin, reiterated the ban registrations and maintain “as the company does not comply with the regulations in force European “.

Mercedes is concerned
According to Mercedes-Benz, prohibited models are crucial as they represent 50% of sales, said the German automaker. In a letter to Jean-Claude Bernard to the Ministry of Ecology, reported by Les Echos , ” we’re going to have to short stop or contracts from 10 to 15% of the 11,000 employees of the network “, ie between 1100 and 1650 jobs.

AD Bernard adds that “in principle the registration may be suspended if a vehicle has a significant risk to road safety!”

Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz has launched a judicial procedure vis-à-vis the blocking registrations

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Mercedes-Benz models stranded in France 4

July 8, 2013 – Following a dispute relating to the use of a refrigerant called “R134a” Registration of four models Mercedes Class A, B, or CLA SL was suspended in France since 12 June 2013.
The Mercedes-Benz models listed, manufactured after June 12, 2013, and are blocked for registration in France. A case of retail Mercedes-Benz Monday, July 8 complains that a concern for approval, forbidding him to register four of its models, including the three most sold , including the compact Class A, Class B minivan, CLA sedan and rarest SL roadster. More specifically, these are cars manufactured after June 12, 2013.

The reason the French authorities no longer recognize the German approval “KBA” models cited, yet widespread in Europe. In detail, the quack of approval for the use of refrigerant gas “R134a” .

The latter is used by Mercedes-Benz up gas “R1234yf” deemed “highly flammable” by the German manufacturer, alros as R134a gas would be a solution “safe and respectful climate.”

Ongoing discussion

” Discussions have been initiated by the Daimler AG Group with the French government to find a solution quickly ending this situation, ” said the German group said in a statement, which says “confident”.

However, the manufacturer states that “the extended type approvals ** [whose KBA] comply with all applicable laws in Europe and the French authorities have fully validated so far for other manufacturers as Mercedes-Benz ” .

Customers: what do
While Daimler – Mercedes-Benz owner – trying to solve the problem, the buyer of affected models will be “followed personally by its distributor and a free customized solution is proposed to him to keep him the his full mobility during the relevant period ” , through this “loaner vehicles or replacement extensions of leases, etc.”.

Source sur MYTF1 : Mercedes-Benz : la France continue le blocage de 4 modèle



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