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1997 through 2004

The fifth generation of Corvette begins with the 1997 model year.


The fifth-generation (C5) 1997 Corvette debuted to global acclaim. Everything was fresh, from the taut, yet fluid, styling to the new LS1 small-block V-8, refined chassis, and improved body construction. The transmission was now mounted at the rear axle, an arrangement that contributed to a desirable 50-50 front-to-rear weight distribution. Equipped with an available 6-speed manual transmission, the 1997 C5 could reach 170 mph. From its especially strong hydro-formed box frame up, the 1997 C5 was designed to be exceptionally rugged. The C5 convertible, which followed the coupe into production a year later, further demonstrated the effectiveness of the new structural design.

  • The all-new Corvette features numerous technological advances, including hydroformed side frame rails produced from a single piece of tubular steel. new LS1 small-block V-8. A convertible followed for 1998.
  • New materials and advanced technology allow engineers to improve quality, horsepower and fuel economy simultaneously an impossible feat engineers have defied with the fifth generation Corvette.


  • For the first time since '62, a separate trunk with outside access returned on the Corvette Convertible.


  • A Hardtop model, with permanently-fixed roof panel and external trunk lid, joins the Corvette family.


  • Deemed unnecessary by the standard Active Keyless Entry system, the passenger's-side key cylinder lock is eliminated.


  • The Z06 is introduced with a 385-horsepower LS6 V8 and quickly earns the distinction as "simply the quickest, best handling production Corvette ever."


  • Z06 performance reaches another plateau with the infusion of another 20 horsepower - for a total output of 405 horsepower.


  • As a tribute to a half century of Corvette production, a 50th Anniversary Edition is introduced as an option for Coupe and Convertible models.


1953-19621963-19671968-19821984-19961997-2004Corvette Concept CarsProduction Statistics

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