DS 7 CROSSBACK is the latest model to be unveiled by DS Automobiles. Heralding a new era for DS, the new SUV combines the latest technological innovations with the brand’s Parisian savoir-faire, introducing new levels of driving comfort and performance. Aimed at customers who are in tune with the latest trends, appreciate the world of luxury and prefer to express their unique personality. DS 7 CROSSBACK has its public debut at Geneva.

2017 sees the launch of a sophisticated vehicle with a world premiere for DS Automobiles. DS 7 CROSSBACK is an SUV with a strong personality, and ideally proportioned to embody the perfect balance between comfort and style, and leads with many desirable features;


  • Elegant and comfortable proportions
  • Hypnotic 3D rear lights
  • Two 12” instrumentation screens with innovative interface


  • Choice of DS Inspiration interiors with the elegance of premium materials
  • Guided by an obsession for detail
  • Magnified interior roominess


  • High levels of driving comfort
  • PHEV & EAT8
  • DS PILOT – Autonomous driving 2.0

DS 7 CROSSBACK is a stylish vehicle that features a wide range of attributes. Taking the first step towards autonomous driving, innovative technologies such as DS ACTIVE LED VISION, DS CONNECTED PILOT and DS DRIVER ATTENTION ASSIST increase safety, comfort and peace of mind for both the driver and the passengers. For the exterior, a new diamond-effect grille, horizontal chrome DS Wings and LED rotating headlamps create dynamic lines on the body front, while the interior is available with a choice of four DS Inspiration ambiences reflecting the DS concept of even more personalisation options.

With its LED light signatures, unique interior stitching techniques, and the motorised watch by B.R.M placed on the dashboard, as featured on DS E-TENSE concept, DS 7 CROSSBACK represents the brand’s vision for the future. The SUV will be available with a plug-in hybrid petrol drivetrain with 300hp and 4WD, a new latest-generation Efficient Automatic Transmission with 8-speeds, a THP S&S 225hp engine and two electric motors.

An SUV with strong personality

“At all stages of the design process, the guiding aim for DS 7 CROSSBACK was to express refinement, excellence and the best know-how implemented to the highest standards. The result is there to see, with an ideally proportioned car brimming with personality. It’s a perfect alchemy of strength and style.”

Thierry Metroz, Director of Style, DS Automobiles

Charismatic, powerful and engaging, DS 7 CROSSBACK immediately reveals its unique personality and beautifully proportioned design.

The horizontal chrome DS WINGS on the front conveys a sense of prestige with their strong, balanced lines. The DS emblem, redesigned for this new era, takes up a prominent stance in the centre of the new diamond-effect grille, resembling a coat of arms. The bonnet features subtle ribbing in the centre and the bi-ton mirrors emphasize the length and solidity of DS 7 CROSSBACK. The sharp edges of the front and rear wings sculpt the sides to enhance the muscular beauty of this SUV. The wraparound tailgate showcases an imposing rear design, and emphasises the distinctive rear lights, designed with illuminated scales, and featuring scrolling directional indicators. This remarkable SUV stands apart for its presence and an interior optimised for all occupants, conveying an immediate sense of sumptuous comfort and space.

DS 7 CROSSBACK is immediately recognisable, by day or by night, from the front and from the rear

DS has always placed particular emphasis on the light signature of its vehicles, and it continues to be a key feature of DS styling. Resembling faceted jewels, the LED modules of the DS ACTIVE LED VISION headlamps emit a purple light when DS 7 CROSSBACK is unlocked, before pivoting by 180°. The distinctive effect is visible by day or night, whether the vehicle is moving or stationary. The brand’s instantly recognisable light signature is emphasised by the vertical beads of the daytime-running lights, combined with the scrolling indicators.  As for the rear, each light is a full LED made up of illuminated scales. The lighting designers used advanced laser engraving technology to design this unique signature, referred to as DS 3D REAR LIGHTS, and achieve exceptional precision.

Two wide screens for an innovative display

The ‘style’ aspect is also reflected in the interior, with two 12-inch screens positioned at the heart of the cabin. The first is an innovation in the world of SUVs: it works with the navigation system as well as managing the multimedia interface, MirrorScreen and DS CONNECT functions. The second is a personalisable screen dedicated to the digital instrument cluster.

French ‘savoir-faire’

“Each DS combines a wide and unique range of French craftsmanship techniques to reflect the individual expectations of each customer. Our talented designers, engineers and upholsterers, have applied their considerable expertise to the vehicle interior, using premium materials and implementing the meticulous approach of true craftsmanship.” Thierry Metroz, Director of Style, DS Automobiles

Four inspirations for a bespoke interior

The chic, contemporary interior of DS 7 CROSSBACK, available with a choice of interior ambiences, reflects the brand’s concept of even more personalisation options. These ambience ‘Inspirations’ are named Bastille, Rivoli, and Opera, and Performance Line.

The elegance of premium materials

“Each material and each detail of DS 7 CROSSBACK was inspired by the world of Haute Couture whose rigour and sensuality is visible in the very smallest detail.” Thierry Metroz, Director of Style, DS Automobiles

Reflecting the highest standards of craftsmanship, considerable thought went into every detail of the ‘Inspirations’ and the materials used, in terms of their selection (such as leather, wood or Alcantara®), and positioning inside the car. These ‘Inspirations’ encompass a wide area designed to meet high standards of quality, extending from the dashboard to the door panels and from the consoles to the seats. The steering wheel and roof grab handles, for example, can be fully upholstered in leather, as well as the centre console – a finish that is rarely seen for this category of car. Depending on the ‘Inspiration’ selected, even the control switch on the central screen can be specified in crystal.

Guided by exquisite attention to detail

DS 7 CROSSBACK naturally reflects the design trademarks featured on all DS Automobiles latest models. The watch strap design of the Nappa leather seats enhanced by ‘pearl’ stitching on the dashboard, door panels and console are discreet but visible enough symbols of brand identity. The toggle-switches on the chrome-finished central console feature a ‘Clous de Paris’ guilloche trim finish.

The origins of ‘guillochage’ and ‘pearl stitching’

Reflecting the refinement of DS Automobiles, DS 7 CROSSBACK features one of the most attractive finishing techniques used in luxury watchmaking: guillochage. Dating back to the 16th century, this technique is still used today to enhance the dial, casing or movement of a watch.  The engraved motifs of intersecting or overlapping lines can be extremely varied. Guillochage demands artistic qualities as much as it does technical and mechanical skills. This exquisitely complex type of decorative feature is reserved for premium watches.

Of all the decorative motifs, ‘Clous de Paris’ is considered the most classic in its beauty, fine lines and balance. It was designed by Abraham-Louis Breguet, the French founder of the Breguet watchmaking company that introduced the technique in watchmaking in 1786. The motif features hollowed lines that intersect to form tiny pyramidal decoration features.

Pearl stitching is used to form a pearl-shaped pattern. This feature is inspired by an embroidery technique used in Haute Couture to produce highly sophisticated details. It was a natural choice for DS upholsterers to draw on the great French tradition to decorate stitched interiors, upholstered seats and make this stitching technique a distinctive and appealing brand design feature.

Time in motion

DS is continuing its partnership with B.R.M Chronographs, with an exclusive animated timepiece, the B.R.M R180. Centred on the dashboard, it leaves its setting and pivots 180o when DS 7 CROSSBACK is started.

DS 7 CROSSBACK: inspired by Divine DS and DS E-TENSE

“At DS, the advanced innovations seen on concept cars add life and bold spirit to our production vehicles.” Thierry Metroz, Director of Style, DS Automobiles

The idea behind the 4 ‘Inspirations’ of DS 7 CROSSBACK was revealed in September 2014 on the Divine DS Concept car, a model with ‘Haute Couture’ personalisation. The DS E-TENSE Concept car, revealed in 2016, featured DS light signatures, with DS ACTIVE LED VISION at the front and scale-design lights at the rear, the guillochage and ‘Clous de Paris’ motif, the motorised watch by B.R.M and the cooperation with Focal®.

Technology for greater efficiency and driving comfort

“A plug-in hybrid petrol drivetrain with 300hp and 4WD, features the latest new-generation Efficient Automatic Transmission 8-speed (EAT8), THP 225 S&S petrol engine, two electric motors and, above all, endowed DS 7 CROSSBACK with the best innovative features and enhancements. This is a car in which power goes hand-in-hand with real performance, respects the environment and provides increased safety.” Eric Apode, VP, Products and Business Development


A high-performance hybrid E-TENSE: 300bhp and 37miles range in zero emission mode

“Each DS model will be available in a high-performance hybrid version. And DS will be the first PSA Group brand to launch a petrol PHEV,” said Eric Apode at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. This ambition becomes a reality with the 300hp, 4WD plug-in hybrid petrol drivetrain, available from spring 2019 on DS 7 CROSSBACK.

“For DS, hybrids are not only about performance and efficiency. They are also designed to optimise cabin space and boot capacity.” adds Eric Apode, VP, Products and Business Development

This is certainly the case on DS 7 CROSSBACK, with its unique, ingenious architecture: the automatic electric gearbox is positioned in a transverse layout. The battery, which powers the rear axle, is of compact dimensions and placed under the cabin. This layout means that the floor is virtually flat in row 2: a key advantage in terms of space optimisation.

As a result, customers will enjoy exceptional dynamic performance on the open road and in the city, along with significant range: the SUV covers up to 37miles in zero emission mode, while maintaining generous interior space and a boot capacity that sets it apart from the competition.

E-TENSE, the hybrid powertrain by DS

DS 7 CROSSBACK features a plug-in hybrid petrol drivetrain comprising:

– A 200hp petrol engine

– two electric motors (with an output of 80kW / 109hp each),

– The new Efficient Automatic Transmission with 8-speeds (EAT8), positioned transversely across the front axle, between the 200hp petrol engine and one of the electric motors

– A lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 13kW/h and output of 90kW, positioned under the row 2 seat floor,

– A powered rear axle driven by a second electric motor delivering a remarkable level of performance and in so doing, providing a 4WD application and capability.

The additional energy supplied by the two electric motors (up to 80kW each and 90kW combined) to the petrol engine takes power available to 300hp.

This version has three possible operating modes: 100% electric, hybrid, or combined. The battery regenerates when the vehicle decelerates (throttle off or while braking).

In all-electric use, the 13kW/h battery delivers range of up to 37miles. This efficiency is helped by optimised aerodynamics.

In standard mode, charging takes 4½hours. In fast mode, it can take less than 2½hours, with a 6.6kW charger that plugs into a 32A socket.

Five powertrains with dynamic personalities

Alongside the E-TENSE hybrid, DS 7 CROSSBACK will ultimately be available with a choice of five powerful, highly-efficient, high-torque internal combustion engines compliant with the Euro 6.2 standard and will also premiere the new-generation Efficient Automatic Transmission with 8-speeds (EAT8): three petrol power units (THP 225 S&S EAT8, THP 180 S&S EAT8, PureTech (twice voted engine of the year in 2015 and 2016) 130 S&S 6-speed manual) and two Diesel units (BlueHDi 130 S&S – with a choice of 6-speed manual or EAT8 – and the BlueHDi 180 EAT8).

These engines endow DS 7 CROSSBACK with a broad-range of character and performance. The state-of-the-art technologies (injection pressure of 200bar for the THP engine, Stop&Start systems, etc.) keep CO2emissions on a par with the best-in-class.

The Efficient Automatic Transmission with 8-speeds (EAT8) is a world first on the DS 7 CROSSBACK SUV

The EAT8 is far more than just an 8-speed automatic gearbox. It both delivers fuel savings by keeping engine speeds as low as possible, and contributes to driving pleasure with its new quick gear-changing strategies, it is above all compatible with the autonomous driving functions on DS 7 CROSSBACK – with DS PARK ASSIST and DS CONNECTED PILOT.

In summary:

–       Fuel savings of 4% compared with the preceding 6-speed automatic gearbox, due to a new control strategy, a Stop&Start function activated at speeds of up to 2mph, and weight savings of around 2kg

–       Enhanced driving pleasure through quiet operation, smoother and more discreet gear changing with the 8 speeds, a new gearshift pattern, and features an uprated ECU

–       Access to the Advanced Traction Control (ATC) system for extra grip in low grip or mixed surface driving conditions


“Our customers will appreciate the mix of advanced technology and design that is unique to DS Automobiles. The latest innovations available on DS 7 CROSSBACK give it technological edge. New driving aids further enhance safety and driving comfort, paving the way for the autonomous car.” Eric Apode, DS VP Products and Business Development

DS CONNECTED PILOT: drive or be driven?

DS CONNECTED PILOT makes it possible to delegate driving and also to take back control at any time. Taking another step towards autonomous driving, this system is more than just a driving aid: DS CONNECTED PILOT provides maximum support at all times, taking over on the driver’s command.

This truly innovative system features Stop & Go Active Cruise Control, which adjusts vehicle speed accordingly to the car in front. This function acts on the steering to precisely position DS 7 CROSSBACK in its road lane, respecting the driver’s choices and habits. Active at speeds of up to 112mph according to national speed limit legislation, it controls the vehicle’s speed and course for the driver. Particularly useful in traffic jams or on the motorway, this function contributes to safety, efficiency and peace of mind at the wheel of the DS 7 CROSSBACK.

Staying on course

The on-board camera of DS CONNECTED PILOT recognises broken and unbroken road markings. While driving, it continuously analyses the image of the road ahead to understand the vehicle’s situation. If DS 7 CROSSBACK deviates from the road markings or accidentally crosses a white line, the system gently moves the wheel slightly in the opposite direction to keep it on course. If the driver wishes to maintain the vehicle’s trajectory, they can cancel the corrective manoeuvre by keeping a grip on the steering wheel, particularly if or when taking action to avoid a potential collision. The corrective manoeuvre is also interrupted if the indicators are activated. This function is activated from 18mph and is then operational between 0 and 112mph. This ingenious system is also able to manage DS 7 CROSSBACK in traffic jams: the car restarts automatically without driver action. Driving comfort is maintained, without pointless stress or unnecessary action.

DS PARK PILOT: the option for easy parking

Taking the first step towards autonomous vehicles also means taking the first step towards automatic parking. To reflect this, DS 7 CROSSBACK is available as an option with an innovative driving aid, DS PARK PILOT. With this new technology, the car can park alone, in reverse or parallel to the kerb, without manual use of the steering wheel or pedals.

DS PARK PILOT is able to identify a parking space corresponding to the dimensions of DS 7 CROSSBACK simply by driving past spaces at a speed of up to 18mph. The driver then uses the touchscreen interface to indicate how they wish to park in reverse with a parallel or bay parking manoeuvre. The ultrasound sensors of DS PARK PILOT, built into the lower part of the bumpers at front and rear, control and steer the car automatically. To ensure safety, the driver can take back control of the vehicle at any time by releasing the button on the gearbox. All the driver needs to do is press the Park button and wait for DS 7 CROSSBACK to park itself.

Parking without effort

With this new parking aid, unlike other similar systems, the driver does not need to manage acceleration, braking or gear changes, when entering or leaving a parking space. With DS PARK PILOT, active at speeds of up to 3mph, DS 7 CROSSBACK is able to park seamlessly, in line with the vehicles around it.

DS SAFETY: vigilance at all moments

On long journeys, inattention on the part of the driver may be synonymous with danger. Driving – and being driven in – DS 7 CROSSBACK ensures peace-of-mind at all times, as drivers and passengers benefit from the best technologies for avoiding collision.

DS NIGHT VISION: visibility by night

DS NIGHT VISION optimises road visibility by night. The infrared camera in the front grille identifies objects, pedestrians and animals on the road at a distance of up to 100m. The digital instrument cluster shows the driver the area around the car (within the driver’s line of vision), with a red line around any sources of potential danger. Forewarned, the driver can best react to the situation. DS 7 CROSSBACK is the first C-segment vehicle to include Night Vision, a function generally reserved for vehicles beyond the C-SUV Premium segment.

DS DRIVER ATTENTION MONITORING: preventing inattention

Lack of attention and drowsiness are the main causes of accidents on the motorway. The technology of DS 7 CROSSBACK identifies any reduction in driver alertness. Using an infrared camera above the steering wheel, DS DRIVER ATTENTION MONITORING monitors three signals: the eyes for signs of tiredness (blinking); the face and head movements for signs of distraction; and the course steered by the car in its road lane (deviations or steering movements by the driver).

As soon as DS DRIVER ATTENTION MONITORING identifies an anomaly with respect to any one of these three factors – non-linear or erratic movements, or rapid blinking of the eyes– it automatically activates a sound alert and visual warning on the central console, by day or by night.

DS ACTIVE LED VISION: see and be seen

In addition to the visual effect, the DS ACTIVE LED VISION system is highly efficient. At night, the beam adapts in width and range to the road conditions and vehicle speed. Six lighting modes are available: Parking, Town Beam, Country Beam, Motorway Beam, Adverse Beam and High Beam. By lighting up the road more effectively and over a greater distance, or more on the sides of the road, drivers and passengers alike benefit from greater levels of safety. Safety is also enhanced with the rear lights whose LEDs activate in an instant and benefit from a longer-projected lifespan for as long as that of the car.

DS LOUNGE: dynamic serenity

DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION: 21st century suspension by DS Automobiles

In 1955, the original DS inspired both with huge surprise and admiration, not only for its visionary and sculptural design, but also for its avant-garde technology. People still remember the hydropneumatics suspension, a system that set new standards in road-holding and comfort, unequalled by anything from the competition. A few decades later, inspired by this brand-defining innovation that has left a lasting mark in people’s minds, the engineers and technicians of DS Automobiles have developed a camera-scanning active suspension system. DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION features the latest innovations in electronic technology. Identifying and anticipating the forthcoming surface undulations, be they any bumps and dips in the road, it continuously controls the damper actuation (shock absorbers) accordingly.

DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION: comfort at all times

The key idea behind DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION is to anticipate the road ahead. To this end, a camera – placed behind the windscreen and linked electronically to the front and rear axles – works with four attitude sensors and three accelerometers to analyse the changes in the road attitude and adapts the response of DS 7 CROSSBACK (with speed, steering wheel angle, brakes, etc.). The system transmits this data in real time to an ECU (Electronic Control Unit), which acts on each wheel independently. Depending on the information received, the ECU continuously adjusts the suspension, making it firmer or softer. It is a fine-tuned response that further enhances the driving comfort of this exceptional SUV.

FOCAL ELECTRA®: sound in its purest form

For DS 7 CROSSBACK, our technicians and engineers again joined forces with one of France’s best acoustics specialists, FOCAL Electra® Hi-Fi system. Fourteen Focal® Electra loudspeakers have been positioned at precise points around the cabin to delight the most demanding music lovers. Above all, customers will be able to take pride in the prestigious Electra brand label, a first for an in-car audio system. The pleasure of the high-quality of music sound is another appealing aspect of DS 7 CROSSBACK.

A unique audio solution complying with criteria set by DS Automobiles

Beyond the choice of layout, the engineers at DS Automobiles and Focal® adapted the entire architecture and structure to the requirements of high-quality acoustics. Through the sound treatment and the use of rear channels, the sound stage is stable and precise for each person on board DS 7 CROSSBACK, bringing occupants an immersive sound experience.

DS 7 CROSSBACK is the all-new SUV created and designed in Paris by DS Automobiles. It is assembled at the Mulhouse plant facility in France, and at the Shenzhen plant in China.

The brand’s new flagship, DS 7 CROSSBACK possesses an assertive character, with a unique personality. Designed to reflect the owners’ preferences and personality, and infused with classic French ‘art de vivre’. The finish and detailing, worthy of that of a master watchmaker, further boosts the excellence of DS Automobiles know-how and enhances even further the brand’s iconic designs. The car’s technological innovations and avant-garde technical designs bring motorists an unprecedented level of luxury, comfort, efficiency and serenity.

DS 7 CROSSBACK is a concentration of the excellence in the DS brand.

Appendix: DS 7 CROSSBACK is packed with innovative technologies

DS 7 CROSSBACK features a wide range of automotive firsts. In summary:

  • In addition to its high-performance engines, DS 7 CROSSBACK is the first DS SUV to feature a 300hp, 4WD plug-in hybrid ‘E-Tense’ petrol drivetrain, with a range of 37miles in zero emission mode
  • Taking the first step towards autonomous vehicles, innovative technologies increase safety, comfort and peace of mind for both the driver and passengers

– DS CONNECTED PILOT on the road to autonomous driving

– DS PARK PILOT automates the parking function for automatic parking

  • Increased vigilance at all moments

– DS NIGHT VISION making the road easier to see over a distance of up to 100m

– DS DRIVER ATTENTION ASSIST to identify signs of inattention and fatigue

  • DS 7 CROSSBACK features modern DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION. This active system uses a camera to identify and anticipate any bumps and dips in the road for continuous control of the shock absorbers
  • Faithful to the DNA of DS Automobiles design, DS 7 CROSSBACK is available with personalised interior ambiences (cloth, leather, Alcantara® etc.), inspired by Paris, and referred to as ‘Inspirations’
  • The DS ACTIVE LED VISION system is not only visually pleasant. It gives drivers the privilege of being “welcomed” by their car and lets them drive safely by day or by night with the aid of the LED headlamps
  • The contemporary, modern interior features two 12-inch screens for the navigation system, multimedia interface, DS connectivity and digital instrument cluster. Finally, 14 FOCAL Electra® Hi-Fi system speakers are positioned around the cabin to deliver a perfect sound.


Unveiled on DS E-TENSE, the DS ACTIVE LED VISION lights are in equal measure beautiful and of high-performance. Driving at night, the beams adapt in width and range to the road conditions and vehicle speed. The new headlamps are an excellent illustration of refinement and technology.

As its name suggests, the DS ACTIVE LED VISION system is made up of a main LED lamp and three rotating LED modules, which can swivel from left to right or right to left – and also be articulated to move up and down – depending on the steering wheel angle and vehicle speed. The projected range of the lamps is increased or decreased, while the beam is broadened or better directed to cast more or less light on the sides of the road, as deemed.

Six lighting modes are available on DS 7 CROSSBACK:

  • Parking
  • Town Beam – when the car has been in motion for over five seconds. The width of the beam is increased so that the driver can better detect any potential dangers on the sides of the road
  • Country Beam – when the vehicle has been driven in excess of 30mph for five seconds. This mode directs the field of vision frontwards (more adapted to country roads) but keeps the beam sufficiently broad so as to light up the sides of the road to detect any potential dangers
  • Motorway Beam – when the vehicle has been driven in excess of 70mph for five seconds. The intensity of the LED modules is increased. The lamp and the modules are raised slightly to increase the range of the projected lighting
  • Adverse Weather – when the windscreen wipers are activated. The beam is widened and the power of the modules increased so that the driver can better distinguish white road lines, while the intensity of the main headlamp is also reduced so to improve the driver’s vision
  • High Beam – activated when switching automatically between high and low beam. The power and range of the lighting are set to maximum to best illuminate the road, both in distance illuminated reach and width

This function (with six lighting modes) is activated only if the lighting is in automatic setting.

Appendix: DS features in more detail

DS LOUNGE experience begins with DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION and with the FOCAL Electra® Hi-Fi system audio solution. In addition to this key elements, the DS 7 CROSSBACK project team – designers, engineers, master upholsterers and body specialists – paid particular attention to develop this car, in order to create a new automotive experience.

New design for an all-new experience

The body construction of DS 7 CROSSBACK is special, being ‘bond welded’. The metal panels are assembled by welds and carefully-placed glue beads. Combining these two techniques maximises resistance to crash impact, makes the body more rigid, and contributes to a more precise road feel (providing drivers with the feeling of a rock-solid vehicle structure, with minimal spurious noise transmission and reduced road noise). This enhanced road feel stems from specifying two types of axle: a widened, conventional front axle and a multi-arm rear axle.

Dynamic comfort: from the seats to the tyres

Although the powertrains and suspension are fundamental, well-being starts when you take your seat in this SUV. The design teams selected high-density foam to develop seats combining absolute comfort with long-term resilience. Technology plays an important role here, with heating, massage and ventilation functions all being incorporated in the front seats. Front and rear electric adjustment systems precisely configure the seating positions, aimed at meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers. For a safe and comfortable drive, DS 7 CROSSBACK is equipped with Michelin tyres with four size choices – from 17” to 20”.

A spacious interior

Through its exterior dimensions and the studies conducted by expert engineers, DS 7 CROSSBACK takes comfort and spaciousness to new heights for driver and passengers alike. This is particularly true at the rear, where the interior delivers a consistent level of postural comfort worthy of the very best executive saloons.

Stylish, carefully designed lighting

More than just a car, DS 7 CROSSBACK reflects the personal world of its owner, with personalisation offers such as DS SENSORIAL DRIVE. The ‘PolyAmbiant’ lighting, diffused by cascaded lighting across the front door panels, reflects the meticulous approach to design. The light ambiences comprise a wide choice of nine colours, including the brand-specific Carmine Red welcome for when the driver enters the car. The mood ranges from a dynamic feel to a lively daytime ambience and a sensation of well-being while driving by night.

Attention to detail

This emphasis on detail and elegance is visible in the design language used in the cabin. The buttons, air vents and logo on the user interface echo the geometry of the DS brand logo. The interior LED lighting with touch controls, along with the frameless interior rear-view mirror, also demonstrate the extent to which DS has paid exquisite attention to each detail.


Length: 4.57m

Height: 1.62m

Width: 1.89m

Boot: 555 dm3 / 628 litres

Mulhouse Plant

To build the SUV, heralding a new era for DS Automobiles and offering a new automotive experience, the DS project team paid particular attention to how this car would be assembled.

A new production system: kitting

A new assembly system called ‘kitting’ has been put in place at the Mulhouse plant in France. From the first stage of assembly, DS 7 CROSSBACK arrives with all the components (fixtures, equipment etc.) corresponding to the customer’s specific order. This approach is more efficient as it simplifies and improves supply flows, particularly intermediate stocks: attention is focused solely on the quality of the work with emphasis on the specific and different operations to be carried out.

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