c8b6a63b-ac97-4bcb-91cf-064128906135A DS 3 Performance Black recently became the 400,000th DS 3 hatchback off the production line and is already on the road in France. The car was delivered to its new owner a few days ago by Julien Faux, Director of DS WORLD PARIS. DS 3 is the brand’s best-selling vehicle, with style and the wide range of personalisation options at the top of customers’ most popular reasons for purchase.

Built at the PSA Poissy manufacturing site near Paris, the 400,000th DS 3 hatchback was delivered a few days ago to its owner, Marine Laurent, by Julien Faux, Director of DS WORLD PARIS.

With the guarantee ‘Made in France’, DS 3 was the first modern-day DS to be launched. DS 3 has always placed personalisation at the heart of the manufacturing process, which has helped to make it the most popular model for DS Automobiles.

DS 3 Performance Black number 400,000 is a dynamic version of DS 3 with matt black bodywork, touches of carbon fibre on the side mouldings and a gold roof, making the vehicle stand out through its distinctive good looks.

“I had to have this DS 3 as soon as I saw it. Even though I was already a DS driver, this new model is just irresistible because of its timeless character and personalisation options. I think it’s unlikely that any two DS cars will look the same,” Marine Laurent.

Customer surveys conducted by the DS brand in Europe* show that DS 3 appeals to both women (55% of customers) and men. The main reason for purchase is ‘style’. For 73% of customers DS 3 has a ‘sporty’ image, 62% say it is ‘fun to drive’ and 54% describe it as ‘elegant’. On the road, customers tend to highlight the vehicle’s main standout features as ‘comfort’, ‘high levels of equipment’ and ‘quality’.

*Surveys conducted between 2011 and 2015 in the G10 Europe countries with customers buying New DS 3 and DS 3 Cabrio. Survey panel: 6,000 respondents.

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