• Global debut of innovative DBX Concept – redefining the GT segment
  • Reveal of Aston Martin Vulcan and Vantage GT3 special edition
  • Comprehensive product renewal and expansion ahead

3 March 2015, Gaydon: Aston Martin is confidently looking toward the future at the 85th Geneva International Motor Show, as CEO Dr Andy Palmer leads the luxury British brand into a bold new era reaching far into the next decade.

The global unveiling of the Aston Martin DBX Concept in Switzerland today signals a key change in the brand’s thinking, as Dr Palmer challenges his team to re-evaluate and expand the high luxury GT sector in the years ahead.

Dr Palmer said: “The Geneva show this year marks the first public signs of a revolution at Aston Martin – a revolution we’re calling ‘Second Century’.

“While the exceptional new Aston Martin Vulcan track-only supercar and Vantage GT3 special edition road car represent a take on our immediate future, the exciting DBX Concept is Aston Martin’s first public statement about how the high luxury GT sector could, and in our view should, evolve in the years to come.”

He added: “The DBX Concept is our view on ‘the art of the possible’ for Aston Martin. DBX may be seen as challenging and perhaps even revolutionary in some quarters – but it is not science fiction. I can confirm today that we will in the future be offering a car in the new DBX space.”

Looking to the future

Having marked his first 150 days as CEO last week, Dr Palmer is using his first major global motor show at the head of the 102-year-old sports car maker to showcase his comprehensive strategy for the ongoing growth and development of the renowned British brand.  The plan will ensure Aston Martin is secure and successful in its second century and Dr Palmer detailed the developmental and organisational actions that will underpin continued success.

Dr Palmer revealed Aston Martin’s regional office structure is also being enhanced this year with a new office for Asia-Pacific opening in Singapore, a new trading company in Japan and the brand’s European presence strengthened at its regional headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.

The company is continuing to invest in progressive expansion of its geographical coverage. Today, Aston Martin is present in 45 markets worldwide, served by 155 top class dealer partners.

There is also important news in Geneva about the expansion of the recently-unveiled Lagonda Taraf super-saloon to markets outside the Middle East. Dr Palmer confirmed that the luxurious new car will be available in the EU, and EU-regulation compliant markets. He also revealed that buyers in the UK, and other right-hand drive markets, will now be able to order the Lagonda Taraf.

Bespoke brilliance

This year, the brand will expand its popular and growing bespoke personalisation service – Q by Aston Martin – and fully integrate it into the company’s Special Products Division. The new business unit will be able to deliver anything from unique interiors to creating the DB10 that will feature in the next James Bond film.

Many of the sports cars built at Gaydon feature elements of Q by Aston Martin content, and the opportunity to grow that further is clear as the brand focuses even more intently on personalised customer service.

Dr Palmer said: “Often cynics dismiss talk of a ‘new era’ in any business as hype but I know the cars we have on show here today at Geneva, along with the major work that’s ongoing in the UK and around the world to re-tool and re-equip our business for the exciting times ahead, more than merits the use of the phrase.

“Aston Martin has a proud 102-year heritage of luxury sports cars and, with the exciting plans we now have in place that put customers once again at the very heart of our thinking and our operations, I’m confident it will continue to shine as a luxury business in the decades ahead.”

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