• 8ce6615b-172b-4cea-8fa3-014e9995536eOnStar to provide Vauxhall range with connectivity of tomorrow
  • World premieres for all-new VIVA and Corsa VXR hot hatch

Luton/Geneva – Vauxhall is to preview OnStar at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show (March 5th–15th) with a comprehensive package including high-speed mobile network and numerous services across its passenger car range. There will also be world premieres for the all-new VIVA and the Corsa VXR.

In the second half of 2015, Vauxhall will introduce OnStar across its passenger car range. OnStar will represent the next step in automotive connectivity in Europe. In the USA, Canada, China and Mexico around seven million customers already count on the comprehensive package, which includes Wi-Fi hotspot and numerous mobile and emergency services.

OnStar is reliable. No matter what emergency the driver may be confronted with when on the road – the system can offer assistance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. An advisor will always be available. And if the airbag deploys, Vauxhall OnStar will be activated automatically.

Information on and access to the car is also guaranteed. Vehicle data such as tyre pressure or oil life can be accessed via the OnStar smartphone app. Locking/unlocking can also be controlled via the app. And if the car is stolen, OnStar will ‘work’ closely with the police to locate the stolen vehicle.

The Vehicle Diagnostics functionality is also very convenient: OnStar will send a monthly report with the most important vehicle data and information. Furthermore, a diagnostics check can be requested at any time at the push of a button.

With the introduction of OnStar, each Vauxhall will become a powerful, mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. Up to seven mobile devices can be connected simultaneously allowing for passengers to stay in touch with family and friends via social media, stream movies or watch TV via their favourite app and play games or for the driver to work while away from the office when stationary.

bf144b2c-6145-4b6d-80c3-1e18622d46d3Debuting at Geneva and arriving in the UK in the summer, the VIVA will be the latest addition to Vauxhall’s small car range joining the ADAM and the new Corsa.

With a name that pays homage to Vauxhall’s original Viva made from 1963 to 1979, the all-new VIVA shares the original’s philosophy of clean lines, durability and practicality.  It is designed for modern, everyday life and at 3.68 metres long is practical and spacious, providing room for up to five people.

After first appearing in the ADAM ROCKS AIR and subsequently the New Corsa, VIVA is the latest Vauxhall to feature its new 1.0-litre three-cylinder ECOTEC engine.  Specially-developed for VIVA, this 75PS powertrain is smooth, punchy and efficient, and is mated to a slick five-speed transmission.

Like its stablemates, ADAM and Corsa, VIVA is fully-connected thanks to the IntelliLink infotainment system, which allows seamless integration of Apple iOS and Android devices.

Corsa VXR
037cd0fa-48f2-407e-9da3-8a260cd8000bVauxhall will take the wraps off the new Corsa VXR, its ultra-powerful small hot-hatch, at Geneva.

Benefiting from the significant revisions in technology, interior/exterior design and chassis showcased in the recently launched New Corsa, the VXR is set to raise the bar for small, fast hatchbacks when it appears in UK showrooms in May.

Headline performance figures are 0-60mph in 6.5 seconds and a top speed of 143mph – quicker than the outgoing car, but more importantly the VXR produces its 245Nm of torque from lower revs (between 1,900rpm and 5,800rpm, compared with 2,250rpm to 5,500rpm for the outgoing Nürburgring and ClubSport models). This makes the VXR a potent performer between 50-75mph, which it can dispatch in just 6.6 seconds in fifth gear.

An overboost facility provides an additional 35Nm of torque, ideal for swift and safe overtaking. Maximum power from its 1.6-litre turbocharged engine is 205PS, while the Corsa VXR achieves 37.7mpg on the combined cycle with C02 emissions of 174g/km.

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