The bold premium four-door goes further in all world markets

Rolle, Switzerland – Just recently launched in North America and due to make its European debut at this year’s Paris Auto Show is the much upgraded edition of the Infiniti Q70 premium saloon.

On the exterior, aesthetic changes bring the look closer to that of the all-new Q50 mid-size premium saloon. Both the front and rear bumpers become more chiselled in their appearance, while headlights maintain the “Infiniti eye” using LEDs now as standard equipment. Taillights are also rendered more visible through the use of LEDs. Both the standard grille look and Sport grille change as well to echo more the Q50 aesthetic.

On-board comfort and noise isolation has been further improved. Due to several points around the body and chassis structure being further modified for noise reduction, wind, tyre, and mechanical sound entering the passenger area has been significantly reduced.

In terms of ride comfort, the saloon’s suspension scheme has been modified at all four corners. The existing telescoping dampers now adopt a new seal design between the sliding tubes which minimises in particular initial impacts over road imperfections. At each corner are new standard 18-inch wheels.

Specifically for Europe, the latest Infiniti Q70 now offers an efficient and clean 2.2-litre turbo-diesel four-cylinder with 167 horsepower and 400 Newton metres of torque, the latter fully on tap from 1600 rpm through 2800 rpm for brisk acceleration and pulling power. Via the Infiniti-specific 1800-psi solenoid injectors and single variable-geometry turbocharger, both turbo-diesel lag time and fuel consumption are reduced.

The Q70 Hybrid with its award-winning powertrain featuring the Infiniti Direct Response Hybrid® system with Intelligent Dual Clutch Control improves as well. From the reduced mechanical friction of the 3.5-litre V6 gas engine to the new software programming managing the whole powertrain, possible EV range is slightly increased and the “sailing” function while at highway cruising speeds with the decoupling of the engine is prolonged.

The range of safety mechanisms on the Q70 is already notable, yet now available in addition on all world markets is the cutting-edge Around View Monitor (AVM). With its arrangement of cameras, sensors, and lasers fore and aft, AVM provides major benefits at blind intersections, tight urban situations, as well as during parking manoeuvers. The front perspective in particular can switch on the on-board screen between a 150-degree wide view and a complete 180-degree wide view to see pedestrians, children, animals and other cars.

The Q70 now also features a greatly enhanced connectivity interface for any variety of current smartphone, as well as additional 12V outlets placed strategically about the cabin and cargo area, plus added small stowage spots for these personal devices. Another on-board enhancement is improved HVAC logic for the climate control that syncs up with the Start/Stop function on the 2.2 turbo-diesel Q70 for Europe, allowing cabin comfort to be maintained as necessary whenever the engine is stopped.

The new Infiniti Q70 starts deliveries in European markets as of December 2014 with all pricing to be announced closer to launch time.

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