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2011 smart fortwo electric drive

  • Availability: 250-vehicle U.S. pilot program in 2010; full-scale production by 2012.
  • Seating capacity: 2
  • Top Speed: 65 mph
  • Range: 63 mi.

First introduced to the United States in June 2010, the smart fortwo electric drive marks a natural evolution of the smart brand and amplifies its environmental leadership. With an unparalleled eco-heritage, smart developed the electric drive as the next logical extension of the fortwo platform which continues to be a trendsetter in addressing issues facing urban mobility and conservation.

The smart fortwo electric drive is a zero-emission visual statement on the ultimate conservation of materials and further defines the independent spirit of smart. Based off of the iconic smart fortwo, which has the smallest footprint of any vehicle on U.S. roads, the smart fortwo electric drive is the purist's play in transportation electrification. The vehicle enters the U.S. market at an ideal time as the United States sets policy goals on CO2 reduction and independence from oil-based fuels.

Beginning in the fall 2010, smart USA is strategically deploying a test fleet of 250 model year 2011 vehicles, equipped with second generation electric drive technology, across the United States. Vehicle placement is nationwide, with an emphasis key on electrification leadership regions and Department of Energy grant areas to ensure ample vehicle charging locations. A majority of smart USA dealers have signed on to the program for showcasing electric drive technology to customers in their communities.

The phase-two vehicles are targeted to early adopters of electric drive technology who are helping define new alternatives in transportation for the United States and interested in making a passionate statement on conservation and environmental awareness. Branded "Team 250," placements include companies, municipalities, organizations and individuals committed to a four year/40,000 mile lease. The "Team 250" is an elite club that has direct access to the smart USA team, receives electric drive communications, has the ability to participate in exclusive dialogue regarding their electric drive ownership experience and is invited to special events and forums. Leases start at $599/month for a standard coupe and $649/month for a standard cabriolet plus security deposit and additional available options, not including tax, title, license and dealer fees. This lease price factors in the $7,500 federal subsidy for electric vehicles, but does not include state and local municipal subsidies which, when available, can lower the lease price when added in. Leases include a limited warranty for four years or 40,000 miles, the duration of the lease.

Ecology is a hallmark of the smart fortwo, from the environmentally friendly manufacturing process in Hambach, France, to the recyclability of 95 percent of the vehicle's parts. Additionally, the vehicle's diminutive size translates to less material consumption in its production and a practical vehicle concept for low cost commuting and other urban travel.

    2011 smart fortwo electric drive cabriolet and coupe

    • Electricity Motor: 30 kw; Battery: 16.5 kw-hr; Trans: Automatic (1 speed)
    • 94 City  / 79 Hwy
      Miles per Gallon of Gasoline Equivalent (MPGe) 1 gallon of gasoline=33.7 kw-hr

2011 Smart fortwo

When the United States became the 37th country to sell the smart fortwo in January 2008, the landscape of American highways was forever changed. Now with more than 40,000 vehicles sold in the United States since its 2008 launch and more than 1.2 million worldwide, the smart fortwo evolves to strengthen its position as the original micro-car with fun and functionality. The smart fortwo has a fresh look for 2011 with an all-new interior, the addition of available state-of-the-art technology and new entertainment features, enhanced safety and two new exterior colors.

The smart fortwo was conceived as an intelligent city car more than ten years ago. This innovative concept and distinctive design has become legendary, making the smart fortwo an automotive icon and a trendsetter. The smart fortwo redefines what it means to be a car, and its buyers are attracted to the vehicle's lifestyle attributes and fulfilling "gotta have it" qualities. It combines responsibility to the environment and high ecological standards with joie de vivre and a high fun factor.

With its compact dimensions, the two-seater has the smallest exterior footprint of any vehicle currently available — just 8.8 feet long—but a tremendous amount of head and legroom and exceptional safety which allow occupants to travel comfortably and safely. The smart fortwo offers the most fuel-efficient non-hybrid gasoline-powered engine in the U.S. according to, with an EPA-estimated 41 mpg on the highway, and state-of-the-art engineering for its "small on the outside, yet big on the inside" functionality in a package that is a blast to drive. It is a stylish car and clearly stands out from the crowd as a progressive solution in today's society.

The vehicle concept is extremely practical – especially for people who regularly commute through congested urban traffic. The size of the smart fortwo allows for faster, nimble movement and easier parking with a socially-conscious, environmentally-responsible footprint.

The smart fortwo is a compact car that is big on comfort, agility, safety and ecology. It is a very practical and sensible car that is suitable for everyday use; it expresses confidence, forward thinking and responsibility and allows enthusiasts to "discover the possibilities." The 2011 smart fortwo offers a number of practical details, user-friendly technical features and new entertainment highlights that make driving more fun than ever before.

The exterior – unique styling and elegant

Good things come in small packages, and the smart fortwo is no exception. With its evolutionary design, the smart fortwo offers functionality and unique styling with an emphasis on safety.

Starting with the tridion safety cell, which is made of high strength steel, the smart fortwo boasts a two-material concept. The use of colored bodypanels made of premium, dent-resistant plastic is an important distinguishing feature of the smart. For 2011, the body color is extended onto the front spoiler, side skirts and rear apron that previously had a black grain. This is standard on the passion coupe and passion cabriolet models for 2011 and this feature can be added as an option with the Bodypanel Plus Package on the pure coupe. Additionally, the fuel filler door is painted in the body color, a new standard feature for 2011 on all models.

Clarity and modernity play a decisive role in the smart fortwo design. The smart fortwo is the only vehicle in its class to feature halogen projection headlamps, which lend it a high-tech and mature face. The turn indicators are integrated into the headlights, and the impression is emphasized by the additional air intake. The horizontal door handle cleverly takes up the shoulder line just below the window edge, which runs into the front wing and the headlight.

The rear of the smart fortwo is adorned by five lights and a large window. There are two circular reflectors on each side of the cargo door. The rear lights, brake lights and indicator lights are in the top, and the reverse lights are housed in a circular at the bottom. There is an additional brake light at the roofline. The rear window reaches across almost the whole width of the vehicle and is framed by two black panels. The rear window is slightly slanted, giving the smart fortwo elegance.

The fortwo's roof is unique in the micro car segment. The passion coupe offers an ultra-light, yet high-strength, polycarbonate panoramic roof, and the soft top of the cabriolet model is fully automatic and can be infinitely adjusted to any position, a unique feature available worldwide. Customers also have the option of ordering the passion coupe with a solid roof in place of the standard polycarbonate panoramic roof at no extra charge.

The smart fortwo does not have to be stationary for the convertible top to be opened or closed – this can be done at any speed. The rear part of the convertible top also can be opened to the final position and closed again at the touch of a button. This feature is a prime example of the outstanding functionality of the small, open, two-seat vehicle.

All that remains for the full cabriolet experience is to remove the side roof bars. These can be taken out in no time and stowed in a special compartment in the tailgate. When closed, the convertible top offers further added driving enjoyment and safety with a heated rear glass window.

The 2011 model offers a new standard alloy wheel with a 12-spoke design on the passion coupe and passion cabriolet. Both passion models also offer a new optional 6-spoke alloy wheel with wider P175/55 tires in the front at P195/50 tires in the rear. The pure comes standard with steel wheels featuring smart wheel covers. All wheels measure 15 inches.

An optional style package is available for 2011 which combines new exterior enhancements with premium color choices into a single value-added offering. The style package features the new 6-spoke alloy wheel, a choice of metallic bodypanel color, a silver tridion safety cell and fog lamps.

In addition to all the features that come standard with the models of the smart fortwo, a wide variety of additional options and accessories are available for consumers to personalize their smart fortwos.

The interior

  • redesigned for 2011 with a fresh atmosphere, greater functionality and more comfort

For 2011, the interior has been redesigned and greets the driver and passenger with a fresh, inviting atmosphere. A fully fabric-covered instrument panel was added to compliment the vehicles existing interior features. The interior features harmonious styling and new fabric designs for the cockpit, door panel and seats on every trim line. The pure is upgraded with standard black upholstery with black appointments, while the passion coupe and cabriolet offer a choice of fabric colors in design red, design black or design beige with an elegant contemporary pattern. Black leather remains available as a seating surface option through the comfort package on the passion coupe and cabriolet.

In addition to the new fabric, a new instrument panel for 2011 adds to the look of the high-class interior and underlines the attention to detail. The speedometer has a redesigned dial face with a contrasting dark central disc in the instrument cluster, a style carried throughout the dashboard instruments. The large display shows the fuel level, the gear engaged and the odometer. The driver can switch between the trip recorder and the exterior temperature indicator at the touch of a button. For 2011, the trim around the optional rev counter and clock on the dashboard is color coordinated to match the interior fabric color selection. The left and right-hand sides of the instrument panel frame a visual representation of the tridion safety cell structure.

The control unit for heating, air conditioning and ventilation has a central, ergonomic position at the top of the center console and is framed by two additional air vents. Slide controls regulate the fan levels and the temperature of the air conditioning.

The car's designers used the central space on the lower wing of the instrument panel to place ergonomically accessible control buttons for the seat heating, front fog lamps and central locking. The ignition lock is located behind the shift lever on the console rather than near the top of the instrument panel.

The 2011 smart fortwo maintains the amazing feeling of interior spaciousness that is comparable with that of a standard-size sedan. The suspended arrangement of the instrument panel conveys a roomy feeling and makes the interior of the smart fortwo unique. Customers getting behind the wheel for the first time are surprised at how easy it is to get in and out of the car and just how spacious the smart fortwo is inside. Even people well over six feet tall do not feel cramped because of the vast headroom. The passenger seat is positioned six inches further back than the driver's seat to give the passengers optimum shoulder room.

The vehicle's seats and head rests are well contoured and offer pleasant lateral support. The seats have a new integrated seat belt guide that swivels and rotates, allowing for a more simplified operation and greater comfort. The 2011 model offers a new fabric-covered folding driver's side armrest as an option. A lever under the seats allows for proper comfort adjustments. The seats can be adjusted to various positions on a nine-inch track.

For the first time in the United States, the three-spoke leather sport steering wheel has cruise control available as an option on all 2011 smart fortwo models. It is safe and easy to operate on the steering wheel for comfortable and relaxed driving. The cruise control package includes a trip computer which shows current fuel consumption, mileage and trip information on an easy-to-read multifunctional display in the instrument cluster. The three-spoke steering wheel on the passion models features shift paddles on vehicles without the cruise control option.

Ambient lighting makes its debut on the 2011 model as an option to create a pleasant aura and enhance the sense of well-being in the vehicle interior during nighttime driving. Dimmable LED lights are fitted inside the car, one in each door pocket of the driver and passenger sides, three in the instrument panel, a console downlight in the trim of the headliner and two footwell lights.

Greater storage and ample hauling capacity

The 2011 smart fortwo offers new storage facilities, adding to the appeal as a car for everyday use. There is a new optional center console storage box in the lower section of the center console within easy reach of the driver and passenger. The glove compartment features a clip on the lid, painted in a matte chrome finish, to hold reminders or pictures on display, new for 2011.

All 2011 models also have new net seat pockets on the side bolsters between the seats to offer versatile storage space. Both doors have expandable nets for additional storage space. Additionally, the passion coupe and cabriolet with the entryline radio feature a standard chrome trimmed drawer below the radio operating unit which offers a useful storage space for small items such as coins, pens or other important items. The drawer is available as an option on the pure.

Large objects can be easily transported in a smart fortwo. The passenger seat reclines or can be folded forward into a horizontal position.

Given its compact size, it is amazing how much fits in the luggage compartment of the smart fortwo. There is more than enough room for everyday shopping, with 7.8 cubic feet of storage space. Customers who want to load their car to the roof have 12 cubic feet of space at their disposal.

The folding rear door is another advantage and can be used as an added surface. The new one-hand operation of the tailgate on the 2011 model is a further practical detail that enhances comfort. The tailgate opens as soon as one of the two release levers on the left or right hand side is pulled. The bottom section of the tailgate has storage space accessible via a lid. On the cabriolet, the roof bars can be stored in this special compartment. The loading space is particularly user-friendly with no edges to get in the way of the level surface. The twin-section tailgate requires very little space to open in tight parking spaces.

Cutting edge communication and entertainment systems

The 2011 smart fortwo features new cutting edge communication and entertainment systems to take the fun of driving the smart to the next level.

All passion models come standard with the new smart entryline radio which features an RDS AM/FM radio and a USB and AUX port for an MP3 or CD player. Navigation through the menu functions is simple with the large three-line display and the iPod integrator allows for operation of the device using radio controls. The smart entryline radio is available as an option on the pure.

The new smart highline radio, optional on the passion models, is a versatile multimedia system with a large 6.5-inch touch screen display, an integrated navigation system with perspective map display and Bluetooth hands-free system. The touch screen enables intuitive and convenient operation of the RDS AM/FM radio, CD/DVD player, and Bluetooth hands-free function for mobile phones and navigation. The system also features an iPod and USB interface that allows users to manage the music on their iPod or USB stick using the touch screen. Additionally, videos and pictures can be fed to the system via the SD card slot.

The 2011 smart fortwo also offers a new optional surround sound system for a superior listening experience. It boasts exceptional sound for this class. The impressive sound system is powered by a multi-channel digital amplifier with perfectly matched tweeters in the mirror triangles, mid-range speakers in the doors, rear-fills in the B-pillars and a subwoofer under the driver's seat. The surround sound system is only available on the passion models as an option.

The colors

The smart fortwo features the two-color concept characteristic of the brand. In 2011, a larger range of colors is available for the changeable bodypanels, providing an even more striking appearance. Customers can now choose from seven exterior colors instead of the previous six – including a trendy green matte finish. Green matte and light blue metallic join deep black, crystal white, rally red, silver metallic and gray metallic to the color lineup. Blue metallic has been retired. All models come standard with a black tridion safety cell with matching door mirror trim and radiator grill. A silver tridion safety cell is available as an option, also with matching door mirror trim and radiator grill.


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