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Dendrobium, a car inspired by nature and built on technology and deliberately challenges the visual aesthetics and draws intrigue, wonder and awe from its beholders. The delicate marriage of lines with curves casts dramatic light and shadows, accentuating the exquisite surfaces of aluminium, carbon fibre and glass. Embodied within its elegant frame is the great care taken to put together the technology that runs it. Dendrobium is testament to the pursuit for concept, design and assembly of the highest order.

Vanda Electrics is developing electric transportation solutions to capitalize on the global shift towards electric mobility. Under the Vanda umbrella, a suite of electric mobility products and battery storage technologies will be made available to the market, with a focus on three key segments, Hyper Luxury, Consumer and Industrials. With a global view on business, Vanda has forged strategic ties with partners in the U.K., U.S. and Asia to facilitate our time-to-market and reinforce our offerings.

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