AIWAYS is an intelligent new-energy vehicle company committed to driving the evolution of automotive industry. Possess solid know-how accumulation striving for constant breakthrough.

Form the reachable “black technology” products and services for new generation of youth based upon concept of creating infinite future of “Smart Travel Life” enabling young people to have a worry-free car ownership under the fair conditions to enjoy the high quality smart traveling lifestyle.

AIWAYS has two core technologies, namely the electric drive and artificial intelligence,covering three major areas of travel services, automobile retail and energy operation.With excellent quality, we bring warmth to people, we also value the legacy and innovation which creates the AIWAYS speed with our four driving forces.


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AIWAYS Team Formation in 2016

01/10/2017 Former SAIC Group CFO GU Feng as co-founder Join AIWAYS as CEO and CFO

03/28/2017 Groundwork Initiation of AIWAYS’s Shangrao Base construction

07/07/2017 Support university students project with name of AIWAYS Unmanned Formula Competition

08/01/2017 Roland Gumpert, Father of Audi Quattro Joined AIWAYS as the first product officer

09/07/2017 AIWAYS and NavInfo achieve a strategic cooperation

11/30/2017 AIWAYS and Bosch (China) achieve a strategic cooperation

12/20/2017 AIWAYS and Siemens (China) achieve a strategic cooperation

02/10/2018 AIWAYS and DeepBlue Technology achieve a strategic cooperation