bff16c16-2323-40f9-9c36-ff69a909512fMitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co. Ltd. (MMTh) has announced a significant milestone when passing 1,100,000 global sales for the current generation L200[1] pickup truck accumulated since launch in 2005.

As Masahiko Ueki – MMTh’s new President – detailed: “Over the last 9 years, 1,148,000 L200s have been sold with Thai domestic sales totalling 263,000 units and export sales 885,000 units.”

He added: “This 77% share echoes the warm welcome L200 has received in the 158 countries where it is available. This is especially true in Europe, the ASEAN and the Middle East with real customers’ trust and following.”

In details (2005 – April 2014):

Year Domestic Thai Sales Export Sales
2005 13,632 434
2006 25,327 77,578
2007 22,415 134,012
2008 17,718 135,007
2009 9,440 64,150
2010 20,344 110,011
2011 40,613 100,107
2012 61,012 117,717
2013 42,292 107,920
2014 10,644 38,567
Total 263,437 885,503

Since launch early 2006 until April 2014, Europe has remained MMTh’s largest export market for L200 with 198,530 units (excluding Russia and Ukraine) sold, the United Kingdom (54,900 units), Turkey (25,367 units), Germany (16,429 units), Italy (15,773 units), France (12,879 units) and Spain (10,216 units) forming the European Top Six.

Next Step…

L200 has played a significant corporate role in making Mitsubishi Motors the first automobile exporter in Thailand from its five local plants (to be supported by new local R&D facilities from 2015) and a strong profit contributor for the Corporation overall.

Longer term, this positive contribution should continue with the recently announced introduction of an all-new L200 pickup truck, scheduled for this coming autumn – a striking (low emission) vehicle taking many of its design cues from the acclaimed 2013 Concept GR-HEV show car.

[1] ”Triton” in Thailand and some other world markets

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