08761e01-5d5b-432f-9374-e230e8d88425On May 7th UD Trucks, part of the Volvo Group, launched the new Quon, a new truck specifically designed to meet the transportation industry’s challenges with rising costs and a shrinking driver base by optimising driver and transport efficiency. The focus is set on minimising total cost of ownership as well as on unparalleled comfort and safety in driving.

The new heavy duty flagship from UD Trucks takes fuel efficiency, uptime, safety, payload and drivability to new levels. By combining Quon’s advanced technology with the unique UD Extra Mile support, the customers will significantly decrease their costs.

Yoshihiro Murakami, head of UD Trucks sales in Japan said, “To assist customers in achieving higher productivity, as well as to address the issue of driver shortage, UD Trucks has invested to further upgrade Quon uptime and payload and to make Quon an even safer truck that is easier to drive. Efficiency is not only fuel consumption, but also overall productivity. We strongly believe that a full-service, safe truck experience is the next frontier in transportation. And with these new measures, Quon – the benchmark in Japanese heavy duty trucking – again raises the bar to a new level for the benefit of our customers.”

Chassi_CD62R_wing_feature_14Quon maximizes uptime

Uptime is quality time. That is why UD Trucks has put extra efforts to further optimise the quality standard of the new Quon. It is designed to run with a minimum of disturbances. In addition, with the UD Extra Mile support program, customers can rely on a complete range of services that will optimise uptime and fuel-efficiency by making sure each individual truck always runs in ideal conditions.

UD Information Service, UDIS, is a market-leading offering for uptime support that utilizes remote diagnosis systems in order to facilitate for operators to run efficiently. UD Trucks has a unique proposition regarding telematics in Japan and is the only brand offering it as standard, again demonstrating UD Trucks genuine commitment to customers’ profitability, uptime and fuel efficiency. Furthermore, UDIS communicates seamlessly with UD Trucks’ extensive dealer network across Japan, allowing it to proactively support customers as and when needed, even if the driver does not notice any current issues.

Quon increases payload

To increase payload, UD Trucks has further optimized the chassis weight making the new Quon the lightest 11-litre heavy-duty truck on the Japanese market. For instance a 6×2 Quon equipped with wing-body, is now some 200 kgs lighter, representing a significant capacity increase that will improve our customers’ revenue generation.

Quon enables safer driving

The collision damage reduction function in the former ‘Traffic Eye Brake’ system is now evolving into an Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) to fully comply with the forthcoming regulations that require automatic deceleration when coming too close to another vehicle. AEBS uses high-precision radar to measure distance and relative speed versus the vehicle in front and thereby automatically warns the driver as required.

Another safety feature is the new Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) which signals if the vehicle is drifting out of lane, thereby preventing from accidents.

Quon – a new industry benchmark

All together, these novelties and improvements focused on fuel efficiency, uptime, safety, payload and drivability demonstrates UD Trucks’ clear ambition to become the leading provider of sustainable transportation solutions on the Japanese truck market.

For more information, check out : www.udtrucks.com/en-int/trucks

1.   UD Trucks was established in Japan in 1935 and became part of the Volvo Group in 2007.
2.   It is a total transport solution provider dedicated to delivering optimised total cost of ownership to its customers..
3.   It sells and serves light, medium and heavy duty trucks as well as special vehicles.
4.   With its headquarters located in Ageo, Japan, UD Trucks supports sales and services in more than 60 countries through a worldwide network.

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