• Citroën to mark 80 years of the Traction Avant during 2014
  • Traction Avant first unveiled in April 1934
  • A revolutionary design in its day with front-wheel-drive, from which it takes its name
  • Series of events taking place to celebrate the famous Citroën’s landmark birthday

In April 1934, Citroën unveiled the 7A, a car that would go on to make motoring history with a series of innovations including front-wheel-drive or Traction Avant in French, which was a ground-breaking development in its time.

The new model revolutionised the automotive world – which consisted almost entirely of rear-wheel-drive vehicles – with its low centre of gravity, all steel monocoque body, light weight and honed aerodynamics. As a result, the front-wheel-drive Traction Avant boasted standard-setting characteristics for handling and road holding.

Citroën is celebrating 80 years of the Traction Avant in 2014 with a series of events dedicated to the famous model.

Starting off the year’s celebrations, the Paris based Retromobile show in February featured two Traction Avant 11 Familiale models, dated 1937 and 1957, which were exhibited by La Traction Universelle club, which has more than 1,400 members worldwide.

Then from March to June, a unique Traction Avant is being displayed in the My Citroën Adventure exhibition at the C_42 showcase on the Champs-Elysées in Paris. The 1955 Traction Avant Sans Frontières 11BL belongs to the Traction Sans Frontières association, which travels the world taking part in vintage vehicle rallies and events.

The 1955 Traction Avant Sans Frontières 11BL can also be seen at;

  • Autodrome Heritage Festival, 7 – 8 June, at the legendary Montlhéry track on the outskirts of Paris
  • Eurocitro 2014, 8 – 10 August at the Le Mans racetrack
  • Exhibitions in Orléans, 20 – 21 September & Epoqu’Auto, 7 – 9 November, in Lyon
  • Excursions organised by regional sections of La Traction Universelle club, such as at Roost-Warendin on 31 May – 1 June & at Ferté Vidame on 13 – 14 September – which is expected to be the biggest event of its kind this year, with almost 800 Traction Avants expected to attend.


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