• Four Mopar ‘Top Eliminator’ winners will be chosen in 2013
  • Winners will be picked at the ‘Mopars in the Park’, Carlisle Chrysler Nationals and the Indy Nationals events; fourth winner to be selected online
  • Winners from Mopars in the Park and Carlisle Chrysler Nationals will be featured in the Chrysler Group display space at the Woodward Dream Cruise, in Detroit on Aug. 17

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May 29, 2013 , Auburn Hills, Mich. –

Mopar fans get your rides ready. The Mopar “Top Eliminator” program is back and is bringing new elements to the competition. The program, which is in its seventh season, recognizes the best of the best — the most skilled Mopar enthusiasts and their restyled, accessorized and performance enhanced Chrysler Group LLC vehicles.


The long-running program shines a light on passionate and dedicated Mopar enthusiasts who display unmatched skill in modifying or preserving a classic or modern-day Mopar vehicle. Two winners will be chosen from Mopar “Top Eliminator” competitions being held at “Mopars in the Park” and the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals. These two victors will be honored by having their vehicles showcased in the Mopar display area at renowned Woodward Dream Cruise in suburban Detroit on Aug. 17 rather than the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas as it was in previous years.

The Woodward Dream Cruise is one the largest car shows in the world and one of the best places to be for true heritage, muscle and dream vehicles.

As a new addition to the program, the third Mopar “Top Eliminator” vehicle selection will focus on the top rides that will race down the track at the NHRA U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis this September. Mopar will recognize a Sportsman racer who competes in a Chrysler Group vehicle with the “Top Eliminator” trophy, and the chance to lead the HEMI Challenge parade during the event. Similar to the current “Top Eliminator” criteria, this program expansion honors someone’s personal statement that comes to life in the vehicle they compete in during race weekends.

A fourth vehicle will be selected online, allowing fans to upload images of their Moparized ride with a fan vote selecting the best among those posted.

“We are excited to bring these amazing vehicles to the Woodward Dream Cruise,” Tricia Hecker, Mopar Marketing Director said. “The dream cruise is a highlight and destination for the entire car community, and we are excited to show off our Top Eliminators.”

The first 2013 Mopar “Top Eliminator” winner will be picked at the 29th Annual “Mopars in the Park” car show in Farmington, Minn., June 1-2, with the second selected at the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle, Pa., July 6–8. The fourth and final Mopar “Top Eliminator” will be picked via the online competition. Further details of the online competition will be revealed later in the year.

Mopar “Top Eliminator” candidates will be judged on a number of criteria, including Mopar content, overall appearance and additional benchmarks. A panel of Mopar representatives will choose each winner.

Mopar-first Features
Mopar has introduced numerous industry-first features including:


  • Vehicle-information apps: first to introduce smartphone vehicle-information applications, a new channel of communication with consumers
  • Electronic owner manuals: first to introduce traditional owner manuals in a DVD and brief user-guide format and first to offer complete vehicle-information kits in Spanish
  • Wi-Fi: first to offer customers the ability to make their vehicle a wireless hot spot
  • Wireless charging: first to introduce in-vehicle wireless charging for portable devices
  • Electronic Vehicle Tracking System (EVTS): first to market with a new interactive vehicle tracking device that sends owner a text when vehicle is driven too fast or too far based on pre-set parameters
  • 2011 Mopar Challenger Drag Pak: first to introduce a 500-plus cubic-inch V-10 drag-race package car
  • Brand-specific customer care telephone lines: first to offer Sunday service hours for customers
  • WiTECH: first to support vehicle diagnosis and software updates leveraging off-the-shelf personal computers and a dedicated wireless tool network
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