Jensen Motors Ltd: back to the roots with a new business

Team of classic car specialists choose iconic name for new Jensen business   

One of the most loved British marques of all time has a new champion in the classic car restoration industry: Jensen Motors Ltd is now trading from its Oxfordshire premises.

The company may be new, but the team has over 30 years’ experience in all aspects of restoration
and rebuild.

Fully acquainted with Jensen-focused traditional techniques, machine presses, model range and history, Jensen Motors Ltd’s personnel boasts expertise across areas as varied as ground-up restoration, upgrades, engine rebuild and classic model modernisation.

“We are quite unique in the car industry, insomuch as we have, under our belt, a diverse range of successes and proven results,” says Managing Director Gregg Alvarez. “I cut my teeth on Jensen models as a 19-year-old apprentice, and have worked on complete restoration projects, built modernised Interceptors and upgraded and modified engines, suspension and interiors.”

One of Jensen Motors Ltd’s mainstream activities, however, is about keeping a glorious name alive and its originality intact: company owner and Director Steve Barby, who has broad marketing and sales experience in the classic car and engine tuning industry, says: “the production and manufacturing industries are the backbone of British economy. We want to keep preserving and protecting Jensen cars as a prime example of British engineering and heritage.”

Jensen Motors Ltd has ambitious plans to produce eight examples of authentic Jensen models to celebrate 80 years of the marque this year.

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