Half-mile side-by-side roll racing event will set the stage in a big way for the 2014 The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb!

Shift-S3ctor and in conjunction with The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, are proud to announce the first event of its kind, Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack, at the Colorado Springs Airport June 27th and 28th, 2014 as part of Pikes Peak Speedweek.

Airstrip Attack is a half-mile side-by-side roll race and trap speed competition featuring more than two hundred of the fastest, most powerful street cars in the nation. The Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack is currently the only event in the country where participants have the opportunity to come together at a venue of this size and importance while competing for the title of the Mile High Victor. Thousands of automotive and speed enthusiasts are expected to be in attendance as dozens of the industry’s top manufacturers, personalities and performance and lifestyle organizations come out to participate, support and exhibit at the event.

“The current Airstrip Attack record is held by Stacey Barnett of Underground Racing in his twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo with a stunning top speed of 224.9 MPH. While we’re not sure we will be seeing those types of speeds at 6,000 ft above sea level, we certainly expect the level of competition and excitement to be heightened. There’s nowhere else in this country that you can secure the title of the Mile High Victor; and the ability to hold on to that record until next year’s event would be a great accomplishment,” said Shift-S3ctor co-founder Ryan Fisher.

“It’s not just about the competition; it’s about the enthusiasts, the personalities, the cars, the businesses, the media, the lifestyle and culture,” said Shift-S3ctor co-founder Jason Huang.

Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack takes place the Friday and Saturday leading up to the world’s premier hill climb and the nation’s second oldest motor sports event behind the famed Indy 500, The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, which competitors racing to the summit of the 14,100-foot on America’s Mountain, began in 1916 and celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2016.

Friday kicks off with a day of open runs and practice, qualifying and the first inaugural Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack trap speed competition. As competitors record their top speeds throughout the day, the top three in each class are awarded the respective Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack class Trophies.

Saturday commences with more qualifying and grudge runs and leading directly into the renowned roll race competition. In this bracketed competition, participants are matched up based on their qualifying speeds and compete head-to-head for the respective classes’ title of Mile High Victor.

“Pikes Peak Speedweek and the event organizers, Revvolution and Shift-S3ctor, are proud to be fully supported and endorsed by the Sports Corp, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and to be an official part of the reinvigoration of Pikes Peak Speedweek.”, said Revvolution president and co-organizer Ryan Randels.

Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack Event Registration and Spectator Tickets

All event tickets and registration will be handled through the event’s website, Expect the website to go live with spectator ticket purchasing on April 21st, 2014. Event participant registration is expected to open up on April 28th, 2014.

Spectator tickets likely will be $20 for a single day, or a special rate of $30 for both days of the thrilling show.

About Pikes Peak Speedweek

Pikes Peak Speedweek is the premier automotive experience highlighting Colorado’s automotive industry, competition and culture. Speedweek kicks off with Colorado Springs’ new car expo featuring the latest models and aftermarket products and support from the Pikes Peak region. Monday is the start of PPIHC Race Week with tech inspection at the World Arena followed by practice and qualifying on Pikes Peak.

Friday kicks off the first ever Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack, a high-speed half mile racing event at the Colorado Springs Airport. At the end of Friday’s competition, select winners will caravan downtown to the biggest party of the week, PPIHC FanFest, where top competitors, exhibitors and personalities celebrate with fellow enthusiasts. All day Saturday, the Airstrip Attack’s main event continues featuring grudge matches and a high-profile roll race competition. Speedweek culminates on Sunday with the 92nd running of the historic Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Watch and experience the world’s top drivers attempt to tame America’s Mountain.

“No matter what your automotive passions are rooted in, Speedweek brings together some of the country’s most unique automotive experiences and delivers a world-class event mix that all walks of enthusiasts can enjoy.” explains Randels.


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Revvolution is the driving force behind bringing Shift-S3ctor and their Airstrip Attack event to the Rocky Mountain Region and integrating with Pikes Peak Speedweek. In addition to the digital side of, Revvolution / Randels Media Group is also a turnkey event promotion agency delivering performance-driven results.

About Shift-S3ctor

Shift-S3ctor is a California-based enthusiasts company dedicated to bringing the triple threat of automotive events – Road Course, Drag/Side by Side Roll Runs and Drift. Shift-S3ctor, by popular demand, is the first to bring dedicated side by side roll comparison events to see the true rivalries unfold in battles of horsepower, weight, and gearing. The creators of Airstrip Attack, Shift-S3ctor brings you off the streets, into a safe and legal environment to test your cars vs. your opponents.

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