2023 Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne

  • Elegance: they retain the DNA of the first Hispano Suiza vehicles: their design is based on the 1930s H6C Dubonnet Xenia
  • Dream features: developed by experienced Formula E racing engineers
  • Exclusivity: each Hispano Suiza is unique, the client can choose between more than 1900 different combinations

Barcelona, February 6, 2023
The Hispano Suiza Carmen and Carmen Boulogne have marked a before and after in the automotive industry, in the same way that their predecessors did more than a century ago.

Pioneers in technology, elegance, exclusivity, and performance, the Hispano Suiza Carmen and Carmen Boulogne have earned the title of hypercars, a concept that raises the capabilities of these vehicles to a new level.

  1. Technology

The Hispano Suiza have been developed, quite literally, on the racetrack. Renowned motorsport engineers, technicians and mechanics, with experience in Formula E make up the Hispano Suiza Technical Team. In addition to that, the brand’s development driver is former Formula 1 and touring car ace Luis Pérez-Sala, who completed countless km behind the wheel of the Carmen on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and the roads surrounding it.

For all these reasons, it is no secret that Hispano Suiza created a vehicle ahead of its time, using cutting-edge technology rarely seen before in a model designed for road use.

The result is a vehicle delivering 1,114 CV of power – the Carmen Boulogne – and 1,019 CV – the Carmen – with a fully electric engine, with a driving range of 400 km on a full charge in zero emission mode. All this thanks to the 80 kWh battery it is fitted with.

  1. Performance

 What would a hypercar be without dream performances? Both the Carmen and Carmen Boulogne can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than three seconds. With prodigious power (820kW) and a curb weight of just 1,690kg (60kg less in the case of the Boulogne version), the Carmen delivers outstanding performance.Although it is designed for the road, it feels perfectly at ease on the racetrack, just like a racecar.

  1. Design

Design is one of the hallmarks and differentiating factors for Hispano Suiza. The brand has taken care of the details both inside and outside and ensured to make everyone entering one of its vehicles feel that they are inside one of the most exclusive cars ever created.

For the exterior of the Carmen, Hispano Suiza took the iconic 1930s H6C Dubonnet Xenia as an inspiration. An evolution of the Xenia, the Dubonnet was more powerful and had a more aerodynamic body. The Carmen is a modern representation of that car, adapted to the new times, with an electric motor and featuring the most advanced technology.

As for the interior, the Hispano Suiza features the best materials, inspired by the interiors of the most luxurious Hispano Suiza models of the past. The two-seater cabin exudes refinement and opulence, perfectly complementing its performance. On the dashboard, for example, high-quality machined aluminum and wood trim are used. The classic clock located in the middle of the dashboard is a nod to the clocks of the first cars of the brand. Likewise, the triangular gear selector is a nod to the steel triangle that could be found on previous models of the brand.

  1. Exclusivity

No two Hispano Suiza are the same, and that is also an important feature of the hypercar concept, since each owner can have a bespoke model in their garage, made specifically for them, thanks to the “Unique Tailormade” programme. Thanks to it, Hispano Suiza clients can choose from more than 1,904 combinations for the interior and exterior of their new Carmen, thus configuring a unique model.

Production of the Hispano Suiza Carmen and Carmen Boulogne is limited to 24 units in total.

  1. Legend

Hispano Suiza represents pure history of the Spanish, European and global automotive industry. Founded in Barcelona in 1904, the company manufactured more than 12,000 cars and 50,000 aircraft engines in its first era, between 1904 and 1946. Its pioneering character, design, performance, quality and luxury attracted aristocrats, intellectuals and artist, such as King Alfonso XIII of Spain, Coco Chanel, Albert Einstein or Pablo Picasso.

Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne at the exhibition “Hypercars 2. The allure of the Extreme” hosted by the Petersen Museum

The Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne heads to Los Angeles to be on display at the exhibition “Hypercars 2. The allure of the Extreme” hosted by the Petersen Museum.

Located in the Bruce Meyer Gallery, the exhibition features a selection of 14 vehicles, including the first Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne delivered in the United States. This unique sample delves into the concept of “hypercar” and its attributes.

The exhibition, which has already opened its doors, will last until May 24th, 2023.

Hispano Suiza will also take part in the Petersen Museum’s 28th Annual Gala dinner to be held on Saturday, October 1st. During the dinner, a Hispano Suiza Experience will be auctioned off among the 600 attendees. It includes, among other activities, a test drive with the Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne in the surroundings of the picturesque Peralada Castle and a visit to the New Winery, designed by RCR architecture studio and the first in Europe with a LEED GOLD sustainability certificate.

All proceedings will be donated to the Petersen Museum Foundation.


About Hispano Suiza
Hispano Suiza is a historic Spanish automotive brand owned by the Suqué Mateu family, now in its fourth generation. Hispano Suiza Automobile Factory S.A. was founded in Barcelona in 1904 by Damián Mateu, together with technical director and engineer Marc Birkigt, also a partner in the company.

Between 1904 and 1946, Hispano Suiza manufactured more than 12,000 high-performance luxury vehicles and 50,000 aircraft engines. Currently, with its headquarters, technical center and manufacturing plant located in Barcelona (Spain), ​​​​it embodies a spirit that combines the pride of being a Spanish brand with a solid family legacy.

In 2019, the brand presented the Hispano Suiza Carmen, its new 100% electric hypercar, and a year later, it upped the ante with the Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne. In total 24 exclusive units will be produced.

In 2022, the first unit of Carmen Boulogne in the United States was delivered to collector Michael Fux.

Since its foundation, four generations of the Suqué Mateu family have preserved the brand, providing impetus and dynamism to maintain its significant heritage. Currently, Miguel Suqué Mateu, great-grandson of the brand’s founder, is at the helm of Hispano Suiza as its Chairman.

Hispano Suiza is part of the Peralada Group, which represents the pinnacle of luxury dining and entertainment through its global portfolio of casinos, restaurants, hotels, golf courses, vineyards, music festivals and marinas.

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