• David Brown Automotive sells controlling stake to UK Advanced Industrials Ltd
  • The company will now benefit from significant investment by an experienced team specialising in the automotive and luxury goods sectors
  • New leadership will provide dynamic direction with UKAI’s Richard Westley and David Roberts joining the Board of Directors
  • David Brown remains a Company Director and Brand Ambassador for the company he founded in 2013
  • This new era will herald a period of growth and exciting new product launches

Silverstone, England (30th July 2020): David Brown Automotive is delighted to announce that it has sold a controlling stake in its business to UK Advanced Industrials Limited. The company founder, David Brown, will remain involved in the organisation he founded in 2013, as a Company Director and Brand Ambassador.

David Brown Automotive has experienced significant growth and success over the past seven years, initially launching the luxury Speedback GT model followed by the diminutive but perfectly formed Mini Remastered in 2017. That same year the company located to new, state of the art, manufacturing facilities at Silverstone, so completing a rapid period of investment and expansion under the control of David Brown and his experienced management team.

Now, with the investment in the business by UKAI, 2020 will herald the beginning of an exciting new future for the business and the next stage of David Brown Automotive’s expansion and further consolidation as one the UK’s most exciting small automotive manufacturing brands.

UKAI is backed by David Roberts and Richard Westley. David Roberts is a veteran entrepreneur, with a wide portfolio of industrial and luxury goods companies. Richard Westley is founder and CEO of Fablink, the UK-based manufacturing group that supplies metal pressings, structures and vehicle assemblies to the automotive sector. Also joining the company is Eddie Kembery, who becomes CEO of David Brown Automotive, and is an extremely experienced executive who has previously held senior positions in Ford, Honda and Aston Martin.

“I am delighted that we can today announce this significant step in securing David Brown Automotive’s future as a major player in the low-volume, specialist car market”, said David Brown, company founder. “I am so proud of what we have achieved in so few years, and that is testament to my management team and all those involved in the business. We have fantastic products that appeal to a global audience, but we also have aspirations for continued growth and a desire to launch exciting new projects. UKAI’s investment, experience and extended group capability will underpin that and will be key to our future success.”

Richard Westley, Group CEO of UKAI, said:
“We are thrilled to have completed this deal in what is currently a challenging environment, especially for the UK automotive industry. We feel that we can add significant value through our knowledge, experience and extended network of related businesses, not only from a manufacturing and supply chain standpoint but from a business development perspective too. We’re looking forward to working with Michelle Gay, Sales & Marketing Director, and her team and will continue to build upon all of their hard work as we look to develop the exceptional customer experience that has become synonymous with David Brown Automotive since the brand’s creation, back in 2013.

David Roberts, Executive chairman of UKAI, said:
“David Brown Automotive epitomises style and luxury and we look forward to developing additional marques and platforms to meet the demands of our discerning clientele.”

The company will continue to put quality and customer service at the forefront of everything it does, with plans to expand its international distribution network yet further. Bespoke craftsmanship is core to the David Brown Automotive brand, as is the level of customer service which sets the standard for a luxury automotive business in the UK. As the company continues to grow and expand its offering, its dedication to these core qualities will be central to everything it does.

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