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  • European debut for new RC coupe, presented for the first time in F Sport trim with exclusive design features and dynamic upgrades
  • World premiere of the Lexus RC F GT3 concept, signalling Lexus’s intention to enter GT3 sports car racing

Lexus’s presentation at the 2014 Geneva motor show will be led by European debuts for the new RC coupe and high-performance RC F and world-first reveals of the RC F Sport and RC F GT3 racing concept.

RC F European premiere
The Lexus RC F will be seen for the first time in Europe at the Geneva motor show (from 4 March), ahead of going on sale this autumn. It’s powered by a new 5.0-litre engine that’s expected to deliver well in excess of 450bhp and more than 520Nm of torque, making this the most powerful V8 performance car Lexus has yet developed.

To harness this power efficiently, the RC F combines a newly calibrated eight-speed transmission with a world-first installation of a Torque Vectoring Differential in a front engine/rear-wheel drive sports coupe. This enhancees traction and control to secure exceptional handling and performance.

For the first time in a Lexus, the RC F’s engine runs on the Atkinson cycle at cruising speed, for better fuel economy, switching to the Otto cycle at higher revs to deliver outstanding performance.

RC in F Sport trim
The F Sport version of the Lexus RC coupe displays even stronger, more sporting exterior and interior design features and benefits from revised driving dynamics.

The new RC range also features new developments in Lexus’s advanced technologies, including a new, touch-operated Remote Touch Interface control.

The unveiling of the new RC F GT3 concept signals Lexus’s intention to engineer a car for teams racing in GT3 competition.

Other display vehicles
Lexus will display a number of its current vehicles at Geneva, in the RX 450h F Sport, CT 200h F Sport and IS 300h F Sport. These will appear alongside luxury versions of the CT 200h and GS 300h.


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