CHICAGO – Nissan is out and about at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show to hear from its customers, and to deliver what they want. Consumers have a chance to see what the brand has to offer, and could potentially offer, from across a broad spectrum of its innovative lineup.

“We are going to talk about trucks, as you know, one of my favorite topics,” said Fred Diaz, senior vice president, Nissan Sales & Marketing, Parts & Service, U.S.A.  “But before we do, I want to draw your attention to another vehicle making its display today at the show, our latest addition to the new Versa Note lineup: the 2015 Versa Note SR.”

The car adds a range of exclusive features outside and inside.

“We put a zest to that interior. You can find a background orange-accented, suede-like material. It feels great. It looks great while being very tasteful,” Said Eric Vaughen, Nissan Product Planning. “Even though snow blankets this city, the energy level of Chicago stays alive. They are going to find that this car has an energy level too – that has just been brought up to a new level. They are going to find an attractive vehicle, and we expect to hear that from the marketplace.”

The Nissan NV200 taxi’s green and white design expresses a modern take on a historically popular Chicago taxi color. It offers USB charging, anti-fatigue driver’s seats, panoramic sky views of the city, reduced odors, improved legroom, more cargo space, passenger safety and other conveniences that no other taxi offers.

“Chicago is another great taxi city. A lot of visitors – a lot of residents – rely on the taxi. And, if we can provide a better taxi service in New York, why not in Chicago? We have had a lot of calls and interest from Chicago to bring the taxi here,” said Peter Bedrosian, Nissan Product Planning.

Also on stage is Nissan’s Frontier Diesel Runner. The truck is based on a Frontier Desert Runner 4×2 model and was created to gauge the market reaction to a Nissan mid-size pickup with a diesel engine and plot a potential future direction for the Frontier.

“I know what it is that these types of truck buyers look for, and delivering something like this after the technical study is complete and the feedback that comes back from our consumers – if it is as positive as we hope it to be – I think it definitely going to be a homerun for us,” said Diaz. “We’ll see. The public is going to tell us if this is a truck that they want, or don’t want.”

The nation’s largest auto show runs through Monday, Feb. 17 at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

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