• 113960_3_6 113959_3_6Dramatic Rooftopping photography exhibition created by Nissan
  • Exciting new art movement celebrates domination of the urban environment
  • New Nissan Qashqai is the perfect partner for urban adventures
  • Advanced exhibition area showcased new Qashqai’s innovation and technology

PARIS, France (04th February, 2014): For a car manufacturer that prides itself in taking design and innovation to a new level, it seemed only natural that Nissan celebrated the launch of the all-new Qashqai with a ground-breaking interactive Rooftopping exhibition in Paris, France.

Regarded as one of the most exciting new art movements, Rooftopping involves climbing to the top of city skyscrapers and capturing breathtaking photographs of the view below.

Held between 16-21 January, the Nissan exhibition united the biggest names in Rooftopping – including the founder of the movement, Tom Ryaboi – and was staged on the roof of the iconic Publicis Drugstore overlooking the Champs-Elysees.

To showcase the artists’ work, guests were invited to climb from the sixth floor of the Publicis Drugstore to the rooftop, where they were greeted by the sight of the new Qashqai and the spectacular Paris skyline. Guests were encouraged to use iPads to join an interactive trail that explained where all the exhibition images were shot.

The exhibition proved extremely popular, with more than 2,500 applicants applying for the 1,000 tickets available.

“We hoped that bringing together this exciting and interactive style of photography would highlight the key qualities of the New Nissan Qashqai, but we didn’t expect it to have such a big impact.” explains Luis Miguel Rojo Y Pinto, marketing director, Nissan West Europe.

“We are glad to have been among the first to showcase this exciting new photography movement.”

In staging the exhibition – the first of its kind in France – Nissan pushed the boundaries of both technology and engineering. Lifting the new Qashqai from the busy Champs-Elysses onto the rooftop of the Publicis Drugstore involved state of the art lifting equipment, while the exhibition space itself features the very latest 4K ultra-high definition screens on which the Rooftopping images were shown. The building itself was installed with an advanced geolocalisation system that allowed the visitors to use their iPads to see the photographic locations.

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