AIWAYS Debuts electric SUV at Geneva Motor Show

All-electric U5 SUV leads AIWAYS brand charge into Europe

Shanghai-based manufacturer AIWAYS will mark its official launch into the European market with two new vehicles at the Geneva Motor Show in March. In addition to the production-ready, all-electric U5 SUV, the brand will showcase the Nathalie super sports car from subsidiary Gumpert AIWAYS.

Featuring a highly innovative body construction and powertrain, the AIWAYS U5 is one of the safest and most technologically advanced products in the European mid-size SUV segment. With this car, AIWAYS aims to offer customers transport that is not only emissions-free, but also affordable, intelligent and connected.

AIWAYS was founded in 2017 by President Samuel Fu (Fu Qiang) and CEO Gary Gu (Gu Feng), both of whom come from top positions of leading international automotive brands based in China. The company is focussed on providing affordable products that feature new levels of advanced vehicle technology. It has already expanded rapidly by building a research & development centre, battery plant and production facility, and now employs more than 1,100 people.

Featuring a highly innovative body construction and powertrain, the U5 is a statement of intent for AIWAYS, to offer one of the safest and most technologically advanced products in the rapidly expanding European mid-size SUV segment. The new U5 SUV aims to offer customers affordable, intelligent and connected zero-emissions personal transport.

AIWAYS President, Samuel Fu (Fu Qiang), said: “Launching the AIWAYS brand at the Geneva Motor Show represents a significant milestone in our company’s brief history. Our strategy to simultaneously enter into the domestic and international market begins here and we are looking forward to showcasing our new electric U5 SUV. We are not only offering a high-quality zero-emission vehicle, but also creating an entire mobility ecosystem tailored to customers’ needs.”

AIWAYS has also established Gumpert AIWAYS – based out of the brand’s cutting-edge engineering centre in Ingolstadt, Germany – leading the development of new advanced vehicle technology and special series cars. The automotive industry luminary Roland Gumpert is CPO of AIWAYS and General Manager of Gumpert AIWAYS.

The Nathalie is the first of a planned full range of small-series cars from Gumpert AIWAYS and signals the official start of the brand’s introduction into the European market. The Nathalie is powered by four electric motors mounted close to the four wheels, which drive them via twin two-speed gearboxes to deliver high-speed

performance. The battery is charged during driving by a one-of-a-kind Methanol Power Cell, to enable high range efficiency for longer uninterrupted driving distances as required.

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