• David Brown Automotive is exhibiting at Geneva International Motor Show with five cars on display, more than any other previous year
  • Two unique Speedback GT and three unique Mini Remastered models are on display in Geneva to show how the car can be designed, featuring new options for 2019
  • More ultra-bespoke options and accessories on offer as David Brown Automotive showcases custom configurations
  • David Brown Automotive is working with exclusive British brands to deliver bespoke ethos and offer retro style and traditional handcraftsmanship with modern functionality and luxury
  • First fulfilled orders of Mini Remastered have been spread all over the world, including locations ranging from Hong Kong to London and Sofia to Tokyo
  • Opportunities to interview David Brown in Geneva available on request
  • Show attendees can visit the David Brown Automotive stand in Geneva at Hall 2, Stand 2142


Geneva, Switzerland (4th March, 2019): David Brown Automotive is exhibiting for the third year in a row at the Geneva International Motor Show with more cars on display than ever before. An innovative selection of new accessories and specification options are shown on David Brown Automotive’s two flagship models, Speedback GT and Mini Remastered, with five ultra-bespoke cars available to see at the motor show. The new configurations celebrate the best of traditional handcraftsmanship with modern functionality and luxury in the auto industry, as David Brown Automotive strikes a chord with customers as an exclusive manufacturer of ultra-bespoke, handcrafted cars.

On the David Brown Automotive show stand in Geneva (Hall 2, Stand 2142), a trio of iconic Mini Remastered cars are on display that have been specified to show off the qualities of the all-new options list. This ultra-bespoke options and accessories list has been developed in partnership with a number of high-end UK brands, including Avon Tyres, PFD Skis, Viners and Fulton, for the most luxurious application. David Brown Automotive’s 250m2 show stand in Geneva features five cars in total, more than any previous year, with the three Mini Remastered models joined by two Speedback GTs.

One Mini Remastered car is kitted out in ‘Dark Necessities’ finish, black with gold flake and also a gold roof coachline. This colour scheme is complemented by an all-black interior to continue its rock ‘n’ roll feel.

Another Mini Remastered is built around a beach theme, with a Webasto® panoramic sun roof, marine-grade waterproof leather mixed with Kvadrat® premium fabric on the interior, and a two-tone, three-layer exterior that includes a matte finish around the glass pillars.

The third Mini Remastered portrays an alpine and ski theme with bespoke mountain-scape graphics, handcrafted bonnet straps, British sheepskin wool mats and an impressive handcrafted, bespoke picnic set. Setting the car apart, a bespoke mirror-polished stainless steel and teak roof rack features with handmade skis, specially selected by David Brown Automotive and handcrafted by British-based company, PFD.

These three Mini Remastered cars on display show just what can be possible as configuration options from David Brown Automotive. The rock ‘n’ roll-themed car, beach-inspired option and alpine set can all be ordered as they are in Geneva – or customers can start from scratch and configure various options in, making use of the options list to make a car that is truly unique and personalised. The first Mini Remastered orders began to be delivered in late 2018 and the first customers to receive their cars have come from customers all over the world, from Hong Kong to London, and Sofia to Tokyo.

The bespoke picnic set has also been launched as part of the new accessories range from David Brown Automotive, boasting bespoke enamel crockery, engraved flasks, silver-plated salt and pepper shakers, bottle stopper, bottle opener and cutlery from British-brand, Viners, engraved bottle stopped and hand-stitched saddle leather featuring an exquisite hand-braided stitch around its periphery.

The two Speedback GTs on the stand in Geneva feature innovative use of leather in the interior, such as chevron-impressed Nubuck and a combination of other special finishes, alongside a built-in picnic set that is incorporated into the iconic picnic seat that extends out of each Speedback GT’s tailgate and houses a pair of engraved, hand-trimmed leather flasks, bespoke Whisky bottle holder and British wool picnic blanket.

David Brown Automotive has been working with Avon Tyres to develop a set of specially made, custom-branded tyres for the wire wheel option of the Speedback GT. These tyres will feature an improved and adapted sidewall to best suit the wire wheel option and will be on show for the first time during the Geneva show. Arnold & Son, a British-Swiss watchmaker, has also been working with David Brown Automotive to create another bespoke option for Speedback GT customers. Initial sketches of the automotive-inspired watch design will be on display, alongside representatives from the watch brand with a small selection of their premium products to give a flavour of the new Speedback GT timepiece which is due to be launched later in the year.

David Brown, Company Founder and CEO, said: “We have spent a lot of time carefully identifying and designing the best new accessories and specification options for Mini Remastered and Speedback GT. Each new addition to our offering reflects our capabilities in creating truly bespoke vehicles, as well as the ultra-luxury feel that our customers expect and love about our cars. The extension of the Mini Remastered options, in particular, will ensure that the car appeals not just to enthusiasts but to a wider group of people who love the iconic look and feel of a classic Mini but want all of the added luxury and technology Mini Remastered offers.”

The Speedback GT model was first launched as a prototype in 2014 as the company’s first product that realised David’s vision for a classically-inspired Grand Tourer. The car brings modern refinement and technology, alongside bespoke handcraftsmanship to a design that recalls the golden era of British automotive manufacturing. The success of Speedback GT led to David Brown Automotive to expand its product range and Mini Remastered saw it reimagining one of the world’s most successful cars for the 21st century.

First launched in 2017, with production having started in mid-2018, Mini Remastered takes on board modern technology and luxury handcraftsmanship to revive one of the all-time-great motoring designs.


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