MBUSA hits new benchmark at 343,614, up 12.6%

January 03, 2014 – MONTVALE, N.J.

Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) today reported the highest annual sales volumes in its history with 312,534 units sold for the Mercedes-Benz brand in 2013, representing a 14.0% increase from the 274,134 vehicles sold in 2012. Sprinter Vans achieved an annual sales total of 21,816, gaining 4.2%. Adding 9,264 units from smart, MBUSA’s year-end total hit a record 343,614, increasing 12.6% from the 305,072 vehicles sold the previous year.

“It’s been an incredible year for Mercedes-Benz in every way,” said Steve Cannon, president and CEO of MBUSA. “We saw record sales, flexed our muscles across the entire product line from top to bottom and brought the customer experience to an all-time high. With the help of our dealer partners and the entire organization behind us, we expect this beautifully choreographed series of product debuts to lead us to another phenomenal year in 2014.”

Impressive increases were made in both the Mercedes-Benz passenger car and light truck categories, climbing 16.0% and 10.4%, respectively, from 2012.  Annual retail volumes for the Mercedes-Benz brand were led by the C-, E- and M-Class model lines. The sporty C-Class took the top spot for the year at 88,251 units, rising 8.0% from 2012, followed by the E-Class with annual sales of 69,803, up 7.1%. The brand’s top-selling SUV, the M-Class, rounded out the top three at 41,326, up 8.5% over the previous year.

Strong gains also were seen at the high end. The flagship S-Class, which reset the luxury benchmark with an all-new generation for model year 2014, posted an annual increase of 12.8% to 13,303 units. Total sales for the SL-Class roadster rose 43.0% at 7,007.

A best-ever December for the Mercedes-Benz brand yielded sales of 33,007, increasing 17.3% from the 28,145 vehicles sold in December 2012. The E-Class model line was the top volume performer for the month, jumping 25% to 8,727. Sprinter Vans, which launched a redesigned 2014 lineup in September, saw continued growth at 2,828 for the month, up 26.8%. Adding volumes of 855 at smart, MBUSA December sales reached a landmark 36,690 units, increasing 17.0% from the 31,372 vehicles sold during the same month last year.

Sales of Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC diesel models totaled 1,575 in December and finished the year at 14,943. The company’s high-performance AMG models delivered strong December sales of 1,109, bringing the year-end total to 6,906, a 3.7% increase from 2012.

Separately, Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned (MBCPO) recorded sales of 9,726 vehicles in December, an increase of 40.0% compared to the 6,949 units sold in December 2012. For the year, MBCPO sold 99,075 vehicles, climbing 23.3% from the 80,380 vehicles sold in 2012.



Records broken in 2013


  • Best-ever Year: Passenger Cars – 108,572 cars registered – up 19 per cent on 2012
  • Best-ever Year: Vans – 30,257 vans registered – up 21 per cent on 2012
  • Best-ever Year: Trucks – 9,537 Mercedes-Benz and FUSO entered service

Passenger Cars

  • Best-ever market share for Passenger Cars – 4.8 per cent at year end (YE)
  • UK’s fastest-growing full-line brand – up 19 per cent on 2012’s previous records
  • Best-ever registrations for AMG – 3,127 High Performance Cars take to the road
  • Seven best-ever months for Passenger Cars: March, May, June, July, September, October, November
  • Best-ever years for: A-Class, B-Class, the full E-Class range; G-Class
  • S-Class remains the UK’s number one luxury car
  • Best-ever results for Fleet Sales team – up over 20 per cent to 50,573 new cars


  • 30,257 van registrations in 2013 – another all-time record
  • Figures up 21 per cent on last year, beating 2007’s previous record
  • Registrations up 20.2 per cent in a market that’s up 11.7 per cent


  • A record 8,525 trucks entered service in 2013 – including on- and off-highway use
  • Corresponds to 8,468 truck registrations in 2013 – up 35.6 per cent on 2012
  • 1,907 trucks registered in December – up 189 per cent on December 2012
  • 1,012 FUSO Canters entered service in 2013 (1,000 registrations)

Milton Keynes.  Mercedes-Benz UK finished its record-breaking year of best-ever registrations performance in some style, according to official figures released today.  Each of the company’s three divisions reported their best-ever years, and every division outperformed it respective market.

The company’s Passenger Cars business achieved 108,572 new car registrations for the full year (FY) – up 19 per cent on 2012’s previous records, and the first year in which UK registrations exceeded 100,000.  Mercedes-Benz was the UK’s fastest-growing full-range brand, and also achieved its largest-ever share of the British market (4.8 per cent, up from 4.4 per cent in 2012, according to SMMT results).

The registration success was spread across the entire range.  Best-ever years were recorded for the new A-Class (18,207 new cars); the B-Class (7,809 new cars); the new E-Class range (28,833 new Saloons, Estates, Coupés and Cabriolets); and the iconic G-Class (162 new off-roaders).

The company’s high performance division, AMG, finished the year with its best-ever result, at 3,127 new cars – up 40 per cent on 2012’s previous FY records.  The C 63 AMG Coupé was the most popular model, with 752 examples registered, taking total C 63 AMG registrations to 1,573.  The UK’s hottest hatch, the 360hp A 45 AMG achieved 365 registrations in its first months on sale in 2013, and the SL 63 AMG roadster broke through 200 vehicles registered.

Elsewhere, the number of private buyers increased in 2013, with 40,192 new cars registered, up 24 per cent on 2012).

The Fleet teams’ business was also at record levels, up over 20 per cent FY, to 50,573 new cars.

Throughout the year, Mercedes-Benz consistently broke its previous best-ever registration performances.  All-told, seven months of the year were best-ever registration performances, and in nine months the brand achieved record market share results.  In every quarter of 2013, Mercedes-Benz UK also achieved record performances for both market share and volumes.

Commercial Vehicles
In 2013, both the company’s Vans and Trucks divisions recorded their best-ever full year results.

The Vans division beat its previous 2007 record by registering 30,257 vans throughout 2013.  The New Sprinter, introduced in the second half of the year, helped lead the charge, with 20,628 units registered, up 16.5 per cent on 2012.  Over 2,000 Citan vans were sold in 2013, and over 6,000 Vito vans.  638 of these were Euro 5 Vito Taxis.

The company’s Trucks division broke through 9,000 registrations for the first time in 2013, as 8,468 Mercedes-Benz Trucks were registered, along with 1,000 FUSO Canters.

Taking into account the commercial vehicles used exclusively in off-highway situations, such as airfields, the numbers actually sold and entering service in 2013 are 8,525 Trucks and 1,012 FUSO Canter – totalling 9,537 units.

Again, success was spread across the weight and axle configuration range.  Atego registrations were up 42.8 per cent to 2,870 units, whilst Actros was up 63.5 per cent for FY, with 3,598 trucks registered.

Split by chassis type, Mercedes-Benz Trucks registered 4,308 two-axle rigids; 1,136 three-axle rigids; 205 four-axle rigids; 903 two-axle tractor units; and 3,726 three-axle tractors.

“Put simply, 2013 was, by any measure, the best year in the long history of Mercedes-Benz in the UK”, explained Marcus Breitschwerdt, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz UK.  “To achieve one of these full year records would have been a good result, but for every business division to break all previous records is a truly remarkable achievement.  It is testament to the fact that great products, sold by great teams, at fair prices win customers – and we’ve been winning returning and new customers in greater numbers than ever before.

“Passenger Cars had a stand-out year, breaking through 100,000 new cars for the first time.  We had great success with our new S-Class, which despite only arriving in the last third of 2013, finished the year as the number one car in the luxury segment.  The E-Class family underwent the most extensive revisions we’ve ever put into a car, and it returned best-ever results, too.”

Marcus Breitschwerdt continued: “Our new A-Class had its first full year in the UK, and over two-thirds of the people buying this great hatchback are getting behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz for the first time.  It was fitting, therefore, that our 100,000th customer was just such an A-Class purchaser.

“The UK can also once again proudly claim to be the home-from-home for AMG – over 3,100 of our thoroughbreds raised smiles from their new owners this year – a stunning performance that’s entirely in keeping with the stunning performance of these cars.”

Marcus Breitschwerdt added:  “The sustainability of our record success was fantastic to see, too.  We didn’t pour all our efforts into one or two models, or into only one sales channel in 2013 – we grew the business for private purchasers, business users and fleet customers – across the board, and throughout our range.”

Moving on to commercial vehicles, Marcus Breitschwerdt explained:  “As well as
Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars being the fastest-growing brand in the UK and outperforming a buoyant new car market, our Vans and Trucks divisions also outgrew an increasing CV market.  It was the perfect hat-trick of best-ever results.

“Breaking through 30,000 new van sales for the first time was a fantastic achievement.  We gave the Sprinter – the definitive large van – an extensive revision this year, and it’s been delivering the results all year.  Reflecting on the recent figures announced in the retail sector, and online shopping in particular, there’s every chance that if you bought your food, presents or sale bargains online this Christmas, it was a Sprinter that delivered the goods to your front door.

“Completing our trio is Trucks – another best-ever result.  Over 8,500 new Mercedes-Benz Trucks and more than one thousand FUSO Canters is a great indication that British operators and industry are investing in transport.  Vans often deliver goods to our front doors, but trucks are the lifeblood of business in Britain, and efficient freight transport is crucial to assist growth in industry.”

Marcus Breitschwerdt concluded by paying tribute to his UK team:  “Behind these record results is a UK team of great people, some 11,000-strong, who work at our headquarters and dealers around the country.  Together, these people are dedicated to our customers, and to delivering exceptional results every day.  My sincere thanks go to these great people for their continued efforts throughout 2013, and of course, to all of our returning and new customers.  It’s because of our customers that we’ve managed to succeed, and thrive, in 2013.”

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