Chrysler Group LLC Reports December 2013 U.S. Sales Increased 6 Percent – Best December Sales in Six Years; Full-Year Sales Up 9 Percent – Strongest Annual Sales Since 2007

  • 45th-consecutive month of year-over-year sales gains
  • Chrysler Group full-year U.S. sales increase 9 percent in 2013; fourth-consecutive year of annual sales growth
  • Jeep® and Ram Truck brands each post double-digit sales increases in December compared with same month a year ago
  • Jeep brand posts best December sales ever with 34 percent sales gain; brand sets global sales record in 2013
  • All-new 2014 Jeep Cherokee sales top 15,000 units in its second full month of sales; sales up 48 percent compared with previous month of November
  • Motor Trend selects Ram 1500 as its 2014 Truck of the Year; Ram pickup sales up 11 percent in December
  • 2014 Dodge Dart, Dodge Avenger and Chrysler 200 sedans earn Top Safety Pick ratings from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

January 3, 2014 , Auburn Hills, Mich. – Chrysler Group LLC today reported U.S. sales of 161,007 units, a 6 percent increase compared with sales in December 2012 (152,367 units), and the group’s best December sales since 2007.

The Jeep® and Ram Truck brands each posted double-digit percentage sales gains in December compared with the same month a year ago. The Jeep brand’s 34 percent increase was the largest sales gain of any Chrysler Group brand during the month. FIAT brand sales were up 1 percent. Chrysler Group extended its streak of year-over-year sales gains to 45-consecutive months in December.

“Chrysler Group ended the year with a 6 percent sales gain in December and our 45th-consecutive month of year-over-year sales gains,” said Reid Bigland, Head of U.S. Sales. “Our Jeep and Ram Truck brands had a strong finish led by the all-new 2014 Jeep Cherokee and the Ram pickup truck, Motor Trend’s 2014 Truck of the Year. Sales of the new Cherokee topped 15,000 units in December as our newest SUV continues its solid sales performance out of the gate.”

In its second full month of sales, the new Cherokee mid-size SUV recorded sales of 15,038 units, surpassing sales of the Jeep Wrangler. The Jeep brand recorded its best December sales ever. In addition, the Wrangler and Jeep Patriot each recorded their best December sales ever.

Full-year Chrysler Group sales were up 9 percent in 2013, compared with sales during 2012. It was the fourth-consecutive year of Chrysler Group sales growth. The Ram Truck brand, with its 22 percent increase in 2013, had the largest full-year sales gain of any Chrysler Group brand. Chrysler Group realized sales growth in both its car and truck segments during the year. Chrysler Group car sales in the U.S. were up 11 percent in 2013, while truck sales were up 8 percent. The Jeep brand set a global sales record in 2013.

Chrysler Group finished the month of December with a 79 days supply of inventory (508,615 units). U.S. industry sales figures for December are internally projected at an estimated 15.8 million units Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate (SAAR).

December 2013 U.S. Sales Highlights by Brand

Jeep® Brand

Jeep brand sales were up 34 percent in December, its best December sales ever and the largest percentage sales gain of any Chrysler Group brand for the month. The Jeep brand’s December sales were second only to record sales in July 2005.

Sales of the all-new 2014 Jeep Cherokee were up 48 percent compared with the previous month of November. Jeep brand dealers sold 15,038 units of the new Cherokee during December, its second full month of sales. The Cherokee topped Jeep Wrangler sales in December as it continued its strong sales launch. The Cherokee was crowned the “Best New SUV/CUV Under $35,000” in December by the Automobile Journalist Association of Canada. The new Cherokee bested a quartet of rivals from one of the country’s most popular and hard-fought vehicle segments.

The Wrangler, Jeep Patriot and Jeep Compass each posted year-over-year sales gains in December. The Patriot compact SUV, with its 35 percent increase, logged the largest percentage sales gain of any Jeep brand model in December. Wrangler sales were up 4 percent in December, compared with the same month a year ago. Both the Wrangler and Patriot each posted their best December sales ever.

Ram Truck Brand

Sales of the Ram pickup truck were up 11 percent in December, its 44th-consecutive month of year-over-year sales gains and its best December sales since 2004. Sales of the Ram Heavy Duty pickups were up 16 percent, while Ram Light Duty sales increased 7 percent. Motor Trend selected the Ram 1500 in December as its 2014 Truck of the Year, its first ever back-to-back winner. Nine Truck of the Year contenders were put through an extensive battery of testing designed to evaluate virtually every aspect of each vehicle. The judges were particularly impressed with the performance of the Ram 1500’s all-new EcoDiesel V-6 engine as well as its eight-speed TorqueFlite transmission, a combination that boasts a towing capacity of up to 9,200 pounds. The 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V-6 is among Ward’s 10 Best Engines for 2014.

Ram Truck brand sales were up 17 percent in December compared with the same month a year ago. Sales of the all-new 2014 Ram ProMaster van were up 126 percent, compared with the previous month of November. The ProMaster van went on sale in the U.S. in October. The Ram Commercial Truck division in December announced that it will offer an all-new small van for the North American market. Joining the larger ProMaster as an additional van offering, the 2015 Ram ProMaster City will compete with small commercial and passenger vans.

Full-year Ram Truck brand sales were up 22 percent in 2013, the largest percentage sales increase of any Chrysler Group brand for the year.

FIAT Brand

FIAT brand sales were up 1 percent in December compared with the same month a year ago. The FIAT brand recorded nine months of year-over-year sales gains during 2013. Sales of the new Fiat 500L, which debuted in June, were up 52 percent in December compared with the previous month of November.

The all-electric Fiat 500e Battery-Electric Drive System was among Ward’s 10 Best Engines for 2014 and the lone representative of electric-vehicle technology. The battery-electric drive system in the 500e hatchback delivers the best-in-class range of 87 miles.

Dodge Brand

Dodge brand sales were down 9 percent in December, but full-year sales in 2013 were up 14 percent on strong Dodge Dart, Dodge Durango, and Dodge Challenger sales. Sales of the Durango full-size SUV were up 3 percent in December compared with the same month a year ago, extending its run of year-over-year sales gains to 14-consecutive months. It was the Durango’s best December sales in eight years. Sales of the Dodge Charger were up 29 percent in December.

The 2014 Dart and Dodge Avenger sedans earned Top Safety Pick ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in December. The announcement marks the fifth-consecutive year that the IIHS has commended the Avenger mid-size sedan. Meanwhile, the insurance industry organization has hailed the Dart compact sedan each year since it arrived on the market in 2012. The Dodge sedans feature significant advanced-technology steel content, which enhances structural integrity. The Dart’s 68 percent content ratio of high-strength steel is among the highest in the industry. The Dart also boasts a 5-star safety rating based on crash tests performed by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Chrysler Brand

Chrysler brand sales were down 21 percent in December, but sales of the award-winning Chrysler Town & Country minivan were up 5 percent compared with the same month a year ago. It was the Town & Country’s best December sales in three years. For the full year, Town & Country sales were up 9 percent in 2013.

Chrysler 200 sedan sales were up 3 percent for the full year, compared with sales in 2012. The 2014 Chrysler 200 mid-size sedan earned a Top Safety Pick from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in December, the model’s fourth-consecutive Top Safety Pick from the insurance industry organization.

Chrysler Group LLC U.S. Sales Summary Thru December 2013
      Month Sales Vol %       Sales CYTD Vol %
Model Curr Yr Pr Yr Change Curr Yr Pr Yr Change
500 2,324 3,707 -37% 35834 43772 -18%
500L 1,421 0 NEW 7402 0 NEW
FIAT BRAND 3,745 3,707 1% 43236 43772 -1%
200 5,652 9,080 -38% 122480 125476 -2%
300 4,881 7,175 -32% 57724 70747 -18%
Town & Country 9,737 9,258 5% 122288 111744 9%
CHRYSLER BRAND 20,270 25,513 -21% 302492 307967 -2%
Compass 3,534 3,131 13% 52993 40235 32%
Patriot 6,158 4,566 35% 75797 62010 22%
Wrangler 12,028 11,545 4% 155502 141669 10%
Liberty 0 3,508 -100% 6101 75483 -92%
Grand Cherokee 16,517 17,121 -4% 174275 154734 13%
Cherokee 15,038 0 NEW 25786 0 NEW
JEEP BRAND 53,275 39,871 34% 490454 474131 3%
Caliber 0 31 -100% 45 10176 -100%
Dart 5,449 6,105 -11% 83388 25304 230%
Avenger 4,950 7,382 -33% 93842 96889 -3%
Charger 10,145 7,867 29% 98336 82592 19%
Challenger 2,872 3,942 -27% 51462 43119 19%
Viper 55 0 NEW 591 20 NEW
Journey 7,616 7,688 -1% 83933 79563 5%
Caravan 11,226 14,160 -21% 124019 141468 -12%
Nitro 0 0 0 3269
Durango 5,376 5,216 3% 60727 42589 43%
DODGE  BRAND 47,689 52,391 -9% 596343 524989 14%
Dakota 0 0 0 490
Ram P/U 33,405 30,211 11% 355673 293363 21%
Cargo Van 751 674 11% 8900 7075 26%
ProMaster Van 1,872 0 NEW 3270 0 NEW
RAM BRAND 36,028 30,885 17% 367843 300928 22%
TOTAL CHRYSLER GROUP LLC 161,007 152,367 6% 1800368 1651787 9%
          TOTAL CAR 37,749 45,289 -17% 551104 498095 11%
          TOTAL TRUCK 123,258 107,078 15% 1249264 1153692 8%

About Chrysler Group LLC 
Chrysler Group LLC, formed in 2009 to establish a global strategic alliance with Fiat S.p.A., produces Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, SRT, FIAT and Mopar vehicles and products. With the resources, technology and worldwide distribution network required to compete on a global scale, the alliance builds on Chrysler Group’s culture of innovation, first established by Walter P. Chrysler in 1925, and Fiat’s complementary technology that dates back to its founding in 1899.

Headquartered in Auburn Hills, Mich., Chrysler Group’s product lineup features some of the world’s most recognizable vehicles, including the Chrysler 300 and Town & Country, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Dart, Ram 1500, SRT Viper and Fiat 500. Fiat contributes world-class technology, platforms and powertrains for small- and medium-size cars, allowing Chrysler Group to offer an expanded product line including environmentally friendly vehicles.



  • 49 consecutive months of year-over-year sales growth – longest growth streak in Company’s history
  • Chrysler Canada is the number two selling manufacturer in Canada for the year
  • 15,445 vehicles sold; an increase of 5 per cent over December 2012 sales
  • December sales records set for Ram trucks
  • Annual sales records set in 2013 for Ram trucks and Chrysler Town & Country
  • Ram truck is the second best-selling vehicle in Canada
  • Best calendar year sales since 2000

January 3, 2014 , Windsor, Ontario – Chrysler Canada today announced its 49th consecutive month of year-over-year sales growth, representing the longest sales streak in the Company’s history. December 2013 sales were 15,445 compared with 14,756 in December, 2012, which represents a 5 per cent increase. For the full year, sales were 260,015 compared with 243,845 in 2012.  This signifies a 7 per cent increase and solidifies Chrysler Canada as the number two seller of vehicles in Canada in 2013.

“2013 was a great sales year for Chrysler Canada,” said David Buckingham, Chief Operating Officer, Chrysler Canada.  “Our dedicated, company-wide focus on building and selling world-class cars and trucks that people enjoy driving and want to buy is evidenced by an unprecedented 49 months of consecutive year-over-year sales growth.”

Sales Highlights:
The Jeep brand had very strong sales results in the month of December 2013, up 56 per cent over December, 2012 with 3,668 sales.  Heavy-hitters for the brand included the all-new Jeep Cherokee with 1,508 sales.  Jeep Grand Cherokee saw an increase of 29 per cent in the month of December 2013 with 882 sales, up from 683 in 2012.  Diesel remains a popular choice for fuel-conscious Canadians, as evidenced by a share of 17 per cent of December 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee sales.  Consumers opting for a diesel engine will benefit from a driving range of 1,300 km.

After 30 years on the market, Dodge and Chrysler minivan sales continue to be strong.  Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country collectively saw a sales increase of 12 per cent in December 2013, compared with sales results from the same month in 2012.  For the year, an annual record was set for the Ontario-built Chrysler Town & Country with 8,425 sales, representing an increase of 111 per cent compared with 3,991 minivans sold in 2012.

Ram truck sales have been consistently solid and December 2013 was no exception with 5,440 sales reported, representing an increase of 9 per cent compared with 4,987 sales in December 2012.  Having won nearly all of the significant truck of the year awards, Ram trucks are Canada’s longest-lasting line of pickups that deliver best-in-class fuel economy, payload, power and towing capability.  For the year, Ram truck sales were up 16 per cent over 2012 sales with 78,793 trucks sold.  Impressively, Ram Truck set an annual sales record in the first ten months of the year.

Sales Charts:

December Dec. 2013 Dec. 2012 % Change
Total Volume 15,445 14,756 5%
Model Highlights Dec. 2013 Dec. 2012 % Change
Ram Pickup 5,440 4,987 9% Record December
Dodge Grand Caravan 2,803 2,515 11%
Chrysler Town & Country 218 182 20%
Jeep Grand Cherokee 882 683 29%
Jeep Cherokee 1,508
 CYTD Sales Dec. 2013 Dec. 2012 % Change
Total Volume 260,015 243,845 7%
Model Highlights Dec. 2013 Dec. 2012 % Change
Ram Pick-up 78,793 67,634 16% All time record year
Chrysler Town & Country 8,425 3,991 111% All time record year
Jeep Grand Cherokee 11,587 10,416 11%

About Chrysler Canada:
Founded as the Chrysler Corporation in 1925, Chrysler Canada Inc. is based in Windsor, Ontario, and celebrates its 89th anniversary in 2014. Chrysler Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chrysler Group LLC, one of the world’s leading automotive companies. Chrysler Group LLC, formed in 2009 from a global strategic alliance with Fiat, S.p.A., produces Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, SRT, Fiat and Mopar vehicles and products. Chrysler Canada’s product lineup features some of the world’s most recognizable vehicles, including the Chrysler 300, Dodge Grand Caravan, Jeep Wrangler, Dodge Durango, Ram 1500, Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 and Fiat 500.



  • FIAT brand sales, driven by Fiat 500, up 111 percent during December 2013, marking this its best sales year since its launch
  • Ram Crew Cab increased its sales volume 29 percent during December 2013
  • Jeep® brand sales grew 5 percent, led by Jeep Patriot and Jeep Grand Cherokee; Jeep Cherokee has arrived in dealerships, well accepted
  • Dodge brand sales propelled by Dodge Journey, which registered sales of 1,579 units — its best sales month in the last two years; Dodge Challenger registered sales of 96 units, best sales month ever and Dodge Durango sold 196 units, marking this its best sales month in five years

January 3, 2014 , Mexico City, Mexico – Chrysler de Mexico announced sales of 10,473 units for the month of December 2013, setting a sales record for the year.

“As the year ends, we feel very proud of what we accomplished. We closed 2013 with our best month of sales for the year. This month our sales were driven by Dodge Journey, Jeep Patriot, Ram Crew Cab and Fiat 500,” said Bruno Cattori, President & CEO of Chrysler de Mexico. “Our new product launches, such as Dodge Durango, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Cherokee and Ram ProMaster, pushed our growth sales for the year. During 2013, we opened the Saltillo Van Assembly Plant and added a production line in the Saltillo North Engine Plant, creating new jobs and demonstrating the confidence the Company has in the products assembled in Mexico. We will continue providing new and revamped products in order to satisfy our customers’ needs.”

Chrysler Brand
Chrysler brand continues to perform well with 520 units sold during December 2013. Chrysler Town & Country sales rose 2 percent. Chrysler 200 sold 112 units during December 2013.

Jeep® Brand
Jeep brand sales grew 5 percent. Jeep Patriot led brand sales with 984 units sold, best sales month of the year. Jeep Grand Cherokee posted sales of 632 units, representing an increase of 15 percent. Jeep Wrangler sales improved 27 percent, all versus December 2012. Jeep Cherokee has had very good acceptance among Mexican customers in its second sales month.

Dodge Brand
Dodge brand continues its streak of successful numbers, posting sales this month of 3,894 units. The Dodge Challenger sold 96 units, best sales month ever, while the Dodge Durango registered a sales increase of 32 percent — its best sales month in 5 years. Dodge Journey sales surged 7 percent versus December 2012, with 1,579 units, marking this its best sales month in two years. Dodge Avenger sales grew 16 percent.

Ram Truck Brand
Ram brand showed sales of 1,371. Ram Crew Cab reported a sales increase of 29 percent, with 503 units sold during December 2013. Ram ProMaster, proudly assembled in Mexico, registered sales of 151 units.

FIAT and Alfa Romeo Brand
FIAT and Alfa Romeo achieved sales of 108 percent, with 1,013 units sold. Fiat 500 reached excellent results with 432 units sold during December 2013. Fiat Ducato sales surged 45 percent. This month, Alfa Romeo Giulietta sales improved 60 percent, marking this its best sales month since its launch.

About Chrysler de Mexico
Chrysler de Mexico was established in 1938 and is headquartered in Santa Fe. It has six plants located in Toluca and Saltillo, and one automotive engineering center located in Mexico City. Facilities include Toluca Assembly Plant, Toluca Stamping Plant, Saltillo Truck Assembly Plant, Saltillo Engine Plant Ramos Arizpe, Saltillo Stamping Plant, and Saltillo South Engine Plant. Since 2009, Chrysler de Mexico has been implementing World Class Manufacturing (WCM), a production methodology designed to reduce waste, has increased productivity and has restored dignity to the employees in all of its plants.

The Toluca Complex provides body panels and final assembly for Dodge Journey, Fiat 500 and Fiat Freemont. The Saltillo facilities manufacture the 5.7-liter V-8 HEMI® engine, 6.4-liter V-8 HEMI engine and 3.6-liter V-6 Pentastar engine. They also build the Ram 1500, Ram 2500/3500, Ram Mega Cab, Ram 3500 Chassis Cab, Ram 4500/5500 and the DX Chassis Cab (Mexican market), plus related body panels.

The Chrysler Automotive Engineering Center was created to develop, evaluate and test new vehicles to ensure they satisfy government requirements. The Engineering Center includes vehicle testing facilities, pollution/emission labs, material engineering, metrology, and engine and transmission dynamometers.



  • Second consecutive year brand sets record
  • Jeep global vehicles sales increase 4 per cent in 2013 to all-time annual record of 731,565 units
  • 2013 Jeep sales total surpasses 2012 mark of 701,626 units
  • Fourth consecutive year of Jeep sales increases globally and in US
  • US Jeep vehicle sales rise 3 per cent in 2013 to 490,454
  • All Jeep vehicles record double-digit sales increases in US in 2013
  • More than 25,000 new Jeep Cherokee models sold in first two months in US showrooms
  • Jeep Compass, Patriot and Wrangler record best-ever annual global and US sales totals
  • Jeep vehicle sales increase 26 per cent in Asia-Pacific region; up 29 per cent in China

For the second consecutive year, the Jeep brand has set a new all-time global sales record.  Sales of 731,565 Jeep vehicles across the globe in 2013 bettered the previous record of 701,626 established in 2012.

“Jeep vehicles have now recorded sales increases both globally and in the US market for four consecutive years, with back-to-back global sales records,” said Mike Manley, President and CEO – Jeep Brand, Chrysler Group LLC.  “Customers clearly appreciate the new Jeep vehicle line-up that delivers vastly improved on-road driving dynamics and fuel efficiency, in addition to legendary, benchmark 4×4 capability.

“We are especially pleased with the performance of Jeep Cherokee, which sold more than 25,000 units in its first two months in dealer showrooms,” Manley added.  “We achieved this record while being out of the world’s largest SUV segment for three quarters of the year.  With a full line-up of capable, efficient SUVs – and with new Cherokee arriving in Jeep showrooms across the globe – we expect to continue our sales momentum in 2014.”

Jeep vehicle sales increased 4 per cent globally in 2013 versus 2012, and 3 per cent in the US.

Jeep sales rose 26 per cent in the Asia-Pacific region in 2013.  In China – the world’s largest automobile market – Jeep sales grew 29 per cent in 2013.

Jeep vehicle sales were led globally and in the US by Grand Cherokee (255,005 global; 174,275 US), followed by Wrangler (210,715 global; 155,502 US), Compass (121,626 global; 52,993 US), Patriot (103,577 global; 75,797 US) and Cherokee (31,330 global; 25,786 US).

The sales totals for Jeep Compass, Patriot and Wrangler marked their best-ever global and US sales numbers.

2013 marked the fourth consecutive year of increased Jeep sales, both globally and in the US. In 2012 the brand recorded increases of 19 per cent global and 13 per cent in the US versus 2011.  The previous two years saw increases of 41 per cent global/41 per cent US, and 24 per cent global/26 per cent US).

Jeep Brand

Built on more than 70 years of legendary heritage, Jeep is the authentic SUV with class-leading capability, craftsmanship and versatility for people who seek extraordinary journeys. The Jeep brand delivers an open invitation to live life to the fullest by offering a full line of vehicles that continue to provide owners with a sense of security to handle any journey with confidence.

The Jeep vehicle lineup consists of the Cherokee, Compass, Grand Cherokee, Patriot, Wrangler (2 door) and Wrangler Unlimited (4 door). To meet consumer demand around the world, all Jeep models sold outside North America are available in both left and right-hand drive configurations and with petrol and diesel powertrain options. Chrysler Group LLC products are available in more than 150 countries around the world.

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