Maserati shipped a total of 3,953 vehicles during the third quarter, more than double the 1,492 units shipped in Q3 2012. That significant result was entirely attributable to the performance of the new Quattroporte. The brand posted significant year-over-year gains in nearly all markets. At the end of September, Maserati had 7,900 orders for the Ghibli, launched in September, and 9,900 for the new Quattroporte.

Revenues totalled €444 million for the quarter, more than double the Q3 2012 level. Trading profit and EBIT came in at €43 million, representing a €30 million year-over-year increase. The significant year-over-year improvement was primarily driven by the sales result for the new Quattroporte.

For the nine months to September, brand shipments were up 63% over the same period in 2012 to 7,548 vehicles and revenues were 58% higher at €883 million. Trading profit and EBIT were €48 million, up €4 million over the nine months to September 2012.

In North America, Maserati set a new all-time sales record of 623 units in the month of October, nearly tripling the North American sales total for the same month last year. The introduction of the Quattroporte S Q4, the first All-Wheel-Drive car to be offered by Maserati, helped increase brand sales in the US by over 186% versus Oct, 2012, and by 29% Year-to-Date. In addition, Maserati has already sold more vehicles in 10 months in the US than it sold in all of 2012. Continuing its expansion, the Maserati dealer network has reached 77 locations across North America.

About Maserati in North America: Maserati produces a full line of two and four door models legendary for their spacious handcrafted luxury, thoroughbred performance and everyday usability. In 2013, Maserati introduced an all new full-size Quattroporte and the mid-size Ghibli sport sedan. The flagship Quattroporte GTS leads the charge with a 523 HP twin turbo V8 while both the Ghibli and Quattroporte are available with All-Wheel-Drive, a competition bred twin-turbo 404 HP V6 and an adaptive 8 speed automatic transmission. The two door GranTurismo line continues with several variants of coupes and convertibles which combine elegance and comfort for four adults, with a six speed automatic transmission to keep the legendary Maserati performance and exhaust note close at hand. Maserati automobiles and merchandise can be found at authorized retailers across North America. Information on Maserati can be found at, 1-800- My-Maserati. For global press information and temporary access visit Username s, Password: Maserati. This access will expire on December 28, 2013. Please register individually for access after that date.

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