Nissan strengthens its autonomous driving technology leadership by selling 75,000 ProPILOT Assist-equipped vehicles

  • Nissan has introduced ProPILOT technology in four models in Japan and the U.S., with more on the way

Nissan announced today that it reached the milestone of selling 75,000 vehicles equipped with its ProPILOT Assist autonomous driving technology (known as ProPILOT in markets outside North America).

ProPILOT embodies Nissan’s commitment to making vehicles safer and more exciting to drive through its advanced technologies, part of the company’s Nissan Intelligent Mobility vision for changing how cars are powered, driven and integrated into society.

“ProPILOT is a breakthrough technology and an important building block for fully autonomous vehicles under our Nissan Intelligent Mobility vision,” said Nissan executive vice president Daniele Schillaci. “It delivers a much more exciting drive, so it’s no surprise that it has received such strong, early customer acceptance. ProPILOT is another example of how we’re delivering exciting technologies today through Nissan Intelligent Mobility that will move everyone to a better world.”

Nissan’s innovative ProPILOT technology enables vehicles to operate autonomously during single-lane driving on the highway, helping support safer driving and easing the driver’s workload in heavy traffic or on long commutes. Employing advanced image-processing technology, ProPILOT understands road and traffic situations and executes precise steering, enabling the vehicle to perform naturally and delivering a human-like driving feel that gives passengers peace of mind.

ProPILOT is extremely user-friendly, with an intuitive interface and a switch on the steering wheel for easy activation and deactivation.

Nissan introduced ProPILOT for the first time in Japan in August 2016, in the Nissan Serena minivan. The system was made available in the updated Nissan X-Trail and the new Nissan LEAF in 2017. Nissan has sold more than 72,000 vehicles with ProPILOT in Japan.

ProPILOT Assist was recently introduced in the Nissan Rogue in the U.S. It will also be available in the new Nissan LEAF in the U.S., and in the LEAF and Qashqai in Europe.

By introducing its advanced autonomous driving technologies in key models in each market, Nissan will strengthen its global leadership and bring more safety and new vehicle value to customers.

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