mdngfhdhtrhtrhtrhdfhgf hgfnhgfhdtrfhdtrhytyhdtyhtyGleaming with Elements of Beauty, Cool, Innovation, Bravo, Fantasy and HIT!  A Neo Generation Smart SUV Designed for the Family

LUXGEN U6 TURBO, premiered on Monday 11 Nov. 2013, reflects the “For you, For all, For Family” design philosophy by offering an exceptionally long wheelbase within a medium sized body with a low step up height aimed at maximising interior space and vehicle access without sacrificing the manoeuvrability required for typical urban driving. LUXGEN U6 TURBO carries a full assortment of leading-edge design features and technologies and can best be described as a vehicle of Beauty, Cool, Innovation, Bravo, Fantasy and HIT!

  • Beauty:

Cool-Blue LED parking indicators, Chromed LUXGEN Signature grille, Carbon fibre-style front lower bumper spoiler, Carbon fibre-style rear deck panel\Rear Spoiler, 17-inch multi-colour alloy wheels, Chromed exhaust tip, arrow shaped turn indicators, Matt-Silver roof rail trim, LED tail lamps, Power-folding rear view mirrors, puddle lights.

  • Cool:

Power retracting stereo tweeter speakers, LED/LCD instrument panel, Cruise Control, Nappa leather covered steering wheel, steering wheel-mounted controls, six-way power adjustable driver’s seat, steering column shift paddles, Intelligent anti-theft driver’s seat, Aeronautical centre console, Engine push start button, power retracting HUD head up display, Night driving mode.

  • Innovation:

DAS+ integrated driver alert system consists of FCW+ Forward Collision Warning System, PDS+ Pedestrian Detection System, LDWS+ Lane Departure Warning System, Active Eagle View+ 360 degree surround imaging system, Side View+ blind spot and rear view monitoring system and Night Vision+ high sensitivity night vision system.

  • Bravo:

First class fuel economy: 1.8L:14.1km/l;2.0L:13.5 km/l, HRSS High Rigidity Safety Structure, ABS Anti-lock Braking System, EBD Electronic Brake force Distribution system, BAS Brake Assist System, BOS+ Brake Override System, TCS Traction Control System, ESC Electronic Stability Control system, EPB Electronic Parking Brake system.

  • Fantasy:

One touch folding rear seat, Intelligent powered tailgate.

  • HIT:

HTC Smartphone sync, Voice command system, Think+ Touch.

K.T. Yen, chairman of Yulon Group, says that he often personally participated in quality meetings at the Sanyi plant in order to ensure the quality of the vehicle is top notch; and it has reminded him of 1995 when everyone was working tirelessly during the restructuring of the Yulon Motor company. K.T. Yen is confident that the LUXGEN U6 TURBO, designed and built with passion and a sense of responsibility from both Yulon Motor and LUXGEN teams, will impress everyone with its exquisite exterior design, sumptuous interior and improved fuel economy.

K.C. Hu, CEO of LUXGEN, has stated that the LUXGEN U6 TURBO is a new age SUV that fulfills a wide range of consumer needs and purposes. The prices of LUXGEN U6 TURBO are also competitive within its segment.

1.8L Prestige: NT $ 729,000 (USD$ 24,300)
1.8L Luxury: NT $ 769,000 (USD$ 25,600)
2.0L Elegant: NT $819,000 (USD$27,300)
2.0L Premium: NT $ 889,000 (USD$ 29,600)
2.0L Flagship: NT $ 959,000 (USD$ 31,900)

Beauty: Exterior Design
LUXGEN U6 TURBO incorporates the following design cues.

  • L-shaped Cool-Blue 12-LED parking indicators with diamond like sparkles.
  • Chromed LUXGEN signature grille with carbon fibre style front spoiler, 17-inch multi-colour alloy wheels, carbon fibre style rear deck panel, rear spoiler, chromed exhaust tip for a sporty look. Arrow shaped turn indicators improve both safety and style.
  • Matt silver roof rail trim and unique vehicle flank design provide sense of speed even when sitting still.
  • Aerodynamic shaped LED tail lamps wraps around the rear quarter of the vehicle to offer highly distinctive style and outstanding visibility when all eight LED brake lamps illuminate.
  • Power folding rear view mirror and puddle lights. Puddle lights located under each door mirror automatically activate when vehicle unlocks or when the door is opened.
  • The 4,525mm long LUXGEN U6 TURBO comes with an outstandingly expansive 2,730mm wheelbase, minimal front and rear overhangs and a swoopy silhouette. The sloped body offers excellent aerodynamic performance without sacrificing interior passenger space and driver visibility. High belt line provides passengers with a sense of protection while achieving a sports car-like body and window aesthetic.

Cool: Interior Design

  • Power retracting stereo tweeter speakers with Cool-Blue LED surrounds rise from corner of the dash whenever the stereo is turned on to provide outstanding sound stage and a visual treat, with high fidelity JBL speakers optional on flagship model.
  • LCD/LED digital instrument panel uses high tech blue as base illumination to offer excellent readability.
  • Cruise control reduces driver fatigue when cruising and help improves fuel economy.
  • Nappa leather wrapped three-spoke sports steering wheel is complemented with shift paddles to provide quick gear shifts and driving pleasure.
  • Six-way power adjustable driver’s seat offers intelligent anti-theft function and is covered with two-tone leather and special stitching. The airline first class-style wrap-around headrests provide unparalleled comfort and protection for both head and neck.
  • Aeronautical centre console design, push-button engine start system and carbon fibre-style interior trim offer a sporty and intelligent cockpit ambience.
  • Jet fighter like HUD Head Up Display provides critical information of vehicle speed, gear position and economy without requiring the driver to look away from the road ahead.
  • Night Mode night driving mode turns off every dashboard light except for speedometer to reduce eye fatigue.

Innovation: Advanced Technologies

  • DAS+ integrated Driver Alert System consists of FCW+ Forward Collision Warning System, PDS+ Pedestrian Detection System and LDWS+ Lane Departure Warning System to actively provide necessary warnings to the driver in cases of approaching potential danger. The FCW+ Forward Collision Warning system, activated when the vehicle is traveling faster than 60km/h, will automatically warn the driver of insufficient distance between the vehicles, with intensifying warning as the distance shrinks. The PDS+ Pedestrian Detection System activates when the vehicle is travelling below 60km/h and warns the driver of pedestrians ahead. The warning intensity changes depending on the vehicle speed and the distance to the pedestrian detected.
  • Active Eagle View+ 360 degree surround imaging system helps driver to monitor the vehicle surroundings in real time by displaying live images of vehicle’s surroundings within 2m range on the nine-inch LCD touch screen to assist in manoeuvring in tight spaces or when parking.
  • Side View+ blind spot monitoring system helps to eliminate the vehicle’s blind spot by displaying a live image of vehicle’s blind spot on the nine-inch LCD touch screen when you activate the turn signal.
  • Rear View Monitor: The nine-inch touch monitor will display the live image of your vehicle’s rear blind spots when the engine turns off, to help the driver and passengers monitor the traffic behind for safety before exiting the vehicle.
  • Night vision+ high sensitivity night vision system will enhance low light visibility of the road for up to 100m ahead and 40m across, extending driver’s awareness beyond the reach of vehicle’s headlamps (optional equipment).

Bravo: Excellent Performance and 1st Class Fuel Economy

  • First class fuel economy (1.8L = 141km/L and 2.0L = 13.5km/L)
  • Turbocharged engine delivers strong power and maximum torque starting from just 2,400rpm for outstanding power delivery and flexibility.
    1.8L: 150hp/5200rpm; 23.5kgm/2,400-4,000rpm.
    2.0L: 170hp/5200rpm; 26.1kgm/2,400-4,000rpm.
  • AISIN intelligent 6-speed automatic transmission is used on 2.0L model and a 5-speed intelligent automatic is used on the 1.8L model. Both transmissions are compact, light weight and highly efficient when matched to their respective engines.
  • HRSS High Rigidity Safety Structure offers rock solid rigidity and crash safety protection. The reinforced pillars and dual side impact protection beams in each door complete the passive safety package of the LUXGEN U6 TURBO.
  • ABS Anti-Lock Brake System, EBD Electronic Brake force Distribution System, BAS Brake Assist System, BOS+ Brake Override System, TCS Traction Control System, ESC Electronic Stability system and EPB Electronic Parking Brake system all combine to provide outstanding active safety net.

Fantasy – Interior Space Utilisation

  • 60/40 one-touch quick-folding rear seat provides easy access and flexibility.
  • Intelligent powered tailgate is a luxury SUV feature allowing you to open and close the tailgate at a touch of a button.
  • Interior storage: A total of eight cup holders are located in front of the driver and front passenger armrest, all four doors and the rear seat arm rest. An umbrella holder is located below the driver’s seat. Numerous pockets, hangers, glasses holders, drawers and tissue box holders are also incorporated throughout the interior.

HIT: Touch Control / Voice Command

  • HTC Smartphone sync: The nine-inch touch screen can be synchronized with HTC Smartphone and expand to offer internet access, email and APP.
  • Voice command: The driver can press the voice command button on the steering wheel and speak out commands to activate/control radio, CD/DVD playback, night vision, HTC Smartphone image, navigation access and make a phone call etc.

Quality and Safety

LUXGEN U6 TURBO is derived from the LUXGEN5 Sedan platform, and therefore, offers the same outstanding European handling characteristics, dynamic quality and world class safety standards tested and verified by the Continental lab of Germany. LUXGEN U6 TURBO has also undergone extreme environment durability tests conducted in Kunlum mountain of China (high dust, high humidity and 5,500 – 6,000m of elevation), Trufan basin (47 degrees Celsius) and Heilongjiang (-42 degrees Celsius) to ensure quality and durability. The LUXGEN U6 TURBO is manufactured under the latest IQM quality management system with 217 CTQ quality check points to ensure that every LUXGEN U6 TURBO is build to last.

LUXGEN U6 TURBO, using LUXGEN’s Think Ahead philosophy, is designs to deliver satisfying qualities that will appeal to a wide variety of audiences at a very competitive price range.

  • LUXGEN TURBO model, price and spec
Model/Price Equipment
2.0L Flagship:NT $ 959,000
(USD$ 31,900)
HID headlamps, intelligent anti-theft seat, SRS side airbags, SRS driver and front passenger airbags, Dual side airbag curtains, six-way power adjustable driver’s seat, Night Mode, DAS+ driver alert system.
2.0L Premium:NT $ 889,000
(USD$ 29,600)
Active Eagle View+ 360 degree surround imaging system, intelligent powered tailgate, THINK+ (Advanced), power retractable stereo tweeter speakers, TCS Traction Control System, ESC Electronic Stability system, iKey+ / Push Start engine start/stop button and dual front parking radar sensors.
2.0L Elegant:NT $819,000 (USD$27,300) Cruise control, six-speed automatic transmission, steering wheel shift paddles, ambient lights, power glass sunroof, front fog lamps and multi-functional steering wheel mounted controls.
1.8L Luxury:NT $ 769,000
(USD$ 25,600)
Side View+ blind spot monitoring system, jet fighter-style HUD head up display, dual rear parking sensors, power folding rear view mirror with puddle lights, 17-inch multi colour alloy wheels.
1.8L Prestige:NT $ 729,000
(USD$ 24,300)
ABS Anti lock Braking System, EBD Electronic Brake Force Distribution system, BAS Brake Assist System, EPB Electronic Parking Brake system, BOS+ Brake Override System, Think+ Touch (Basic), Digital Climate Control System, Rear 60/40 split folding seat with one-touch folding function, aerodynamic LED tail lamps, frameless wiper blades, 17-inch turbine alloy wheels and matt silver roof rail trim.

LUXGEN U6 TURBO is set to become available at LUXGEN LIFE+ showrooms on 23 Nov, please follow the news of LUXGEN U6 TURBO on LUXGEN’s official website



  • LUXGEN appears in the 2012 Vietnam Motor Show from September 26 to September 30, with model line-up including: LUXGEN7 SUV, LUXGEN7MPV and LUXGEN5 Sedan.
  • The Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phucvisited the LUXGEN stand and was impressed with LUXGEN’s intelligent stand design and model line-up.
  • Four LUXGEN LIFE+ Showrooms are now in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong Province, Hai Phong City, and the capital of Vietnam, the Hanoi City.

90392f24-e866-4d28-868d-034716d8c8b7The intelligent model range of LUXGEN appears in the 2012 Vietnam Motor Show (September 26 to September 30), including the successful LUXGEN7 MPV, LUXGEN7 SUV, and the new product line LUXGEN5 Sedan. The 2012 Vietnam Motor Show is a landmark for LUXGEN in Vietnam as the brand unveils its latest model, the LUXGEN5 Sedan, for the first time to the Vietnam customers.

Ever since the brand’s first presence in the 2010 Vietnam Motor Show, LUXGEN has been dedicated to the business expansions in the Vietnam market, and now, four LUXGEN LIFE+ Showrooms are established in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong Province, Hai Phong City, and the capital of Vietnam, the Hanoi City within the past two years of operations.

Mr. KC Hu, CEO of LUXGEN commented: “LUXGEN has just made its official brand announcements in Russia and Oman recently, and we are very pleased to receive the positive feedback on the LUXGEN intelligent automobiles from these rising global markets. As for the Vietnam market, we are optimistic for its market potential, and have been devoted to market expansions since 2010. As a newcomer in the global automotive markets, we are working all our efforts to communicate our brand image and spirits, and it is good to see some positive results from the market as more and more customers are aware of our brand presence here.” The brand will also be able to serve for more customers in Vietnam as LUXGEN is planning for more LUXGEN LIFE+ Showroom to be launched in the near future.

The successful LUXGEN7 SUV and LUGEN7 MPV presented this time are already available in the market receiving positive market response. And LUXGEN uses the 2012 Vietnam Motor Show to take the wraps off a new model line in Vietnam market, with LUXGEN5 Sedan as the debutant, hoping to enlarge its customer base and to attract more customers who are interested in hi-tech and the new generation automobiles. With the brand spirit to “Think Ahead” for its customers and to provide models with human centric cutting-edge technologies, LUXGEN has co-developed the unique Think+ car system with the renowned smartphone maker HTC. And now with the new product line LUXGEN5 Sedan, the car onboard system also undergoes a major revolution with the new generation system named “Think+ Touch.” An HTC mobile phone will be able to connect to the THINK+ Touch system. In other words, the user can access the internet through the smart touch screen in the LUXGEN5 Sedan, offering solutions for the demand for fast information access from the new generation of car drivers.

The LUXGEN stand is the best expression of its brand spirit “Think Ahead.” The 3D SHOW+ experience theatre at the LUXGEN stand gives the visitors an interactive fresh car appreciation. And the X-Ray machine showcases the body structure of the car, and delivers the brand’s hi-tech design capabilities. The Vietnam government agencies also show their strong support on the 2012 Vietnam Motor Show with the Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang and the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Trade and Industry Le Duong Quang, the Standing Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) Hoang Van Dung, and other representatives of ministries attended the 2012 Vietnam Motor Show. The Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Hoang Trung Hai also visited the 2012 Vietnam Motor Show, and LUXGEN is one of the few stands that the Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc was interested in and even paid a visit, showing that the brand has gradually increased its brand awareness in the market.

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