Paris, 27 April 2017

The Corporate Social Responsibility Report presents the methods used by the PSA Group to put its values and skills to work for a sustainable economic model, one that creates shared and long-lasting value. This document brings together the Group’s positions, operations and trajectories on environmental, social and societal issues. Its production involves a network of experts in the Group’s different business lines and constitutes a reference work.

Over the last three years, the PSA Group was rated number one in the ranking of the CFIE (Centre Français d’Information sur les Entreprises, the French Center for Enterprise information), which evaluates the quality of the responses provided by the company to meet the requirements of their stakeholders. This first place rating recognises the transparency of the Group’s social and environmental information, based on the two criteria compiled: the exhaustive nature of information, and that information’s precision.

In addition, the United Nations Global Compact awarded its “Advanced” level to the PSA Group for two years running. It recognises companies that make an effort to be the most transparent in terms of reporting and succeed in displaying exemplary practices in terms of governance and management of sustainable development.

Karine Hillaireau, Head of Sustainability for the PSA Group explained: The reliability of the information published by the Group in its CSR Report is essential for maintaining a relationship of confidence with its stakeholders. We must be able to provide all our stakeholders with the most representative and relevant elements so that they can make well-informed decisions in terms of purchasing, collaboration and investment.”


Paris, April 26th 2017

Q1 2017 Revenue

  • The Group’s revenue amounted to €13.6 billion, of which €9.0 billion for the Automotive division, an increase of 4.9%.
  • Acceleration of international development: first production of the Peugeot 2008 in Iran with Iran Khodro and partnerships signed in Uruguay, Vietnam and India.
  • Consolidated worldwide sales were up 4.2%, driven by Peugeot sales in Middle East and Africa.

The PSA Group’s first quarter 2017 revenue amounted to €13,629 million, of which €9,018 million for the Automotive division and €5,092 million for Faurecia. The Group’s revenue grew by 4.9% compared with Q1 2016. Automotive divisionrevenue grew by 2.5%, mainly driven by the product mix improvement (+3.7%), linked to the success of recently launched models, that more than compensated the negative impact of exchange rates (-1.0%).

At the end of March 2017, inventories were slightly up at 390,000 vehicles¹.

Jean-Baptiste de Chatillon, Chief Financial Officer of the PSA Group and member of the Managing Board, said: « The success of our profitable organic growth plan ‘Push to Pass’ is confirmed by our recent launches and the acceleration of our international development. Despite an ever volatile and uncertain economic environment, our agility is more than ever a competitive advantage for achieving our growth and profitability objectives. »

Market outlook

In 2017, the Group expects the automotive market to grow by approximately 1% in Europe and 2% in Latin America. The market should also grow by 5% in China and remain stable in Russia.

Operational outlook: the objectives of the Push to Pass plan are to:

  • deliver over 4.5% Automotive Recurring Operating Margin² on average in 2016-2018, and target over 6% by 2021;
  • deliver 10% Group revenue growth by 20183 vs 2015, and target additional 15% by 2021³.


Financial Calendar

10 May 2017: Annual Shareholders’ Meeting

26 July 2017: 2017 interim results

25 October 2017: Third-quarter 2017 revenue


¹ Excluding China, including independent dealers.
² Recurring Operating Income related to Revenue
³ At constant (2015) exchange rates


Q1 2017 Group Revenue

In million Euros Q1 2016 Q1 2017      Change
Automobile      8,796         9,018            +222
Faurecia      4,656         5,092            +436
Other businesses and eliminations       (454)          (481)             -27
Group Revenue     12998 13,629 +631 

Q1 2017 Consolidated Worldwide Sales

* Assembled vehicles, CKDs and vehicles under License
** Europe = EU + EFTA + Albania + Croatia + Kosovo + Macedonia + Serbia
*** o/w 104 kunits sold under Peugeot license in Q1 2017 following the final JV agreement signed with Iran Khodro on 21 June 2016

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