In the past few years, the products of the innovative Korean tyre producer Kumho have received a number of iF, Red Dot, IDEA and Good Design awards – i.e. the world’s top design accolades. Now the company has been presented with not one but two more iF Awards for its ever-growing trophy cabinet. The products recognised in the 2017 competition are the recently-launched high-performance ECSTA PS71, and the company’s futuristic concept tyre fittingly known as the ‘Smasher’. The criteria for the comprehensive selection process included innovativeness, environmental friendliness, quality, functionality and convenience, as well as design.


Recently added to Kumho’s excellent new UK range of high-performance tyres, the asymmetrically-patterned PS71 was one of the first major products to be developed at Kumho’s new R&D Centre at Yongin near Seoul, South Korea and is progressively replacing the ever-popular ECSTA KU39. PS71 has been designed for outstanding high-speed stability and strong wet weather performance. Thirty sizes are already on sale and the pattern will ultimately be available in 37 Y-rated sizes from 17 to 20 inches in diameter – i.e. to fit the market’s best-selling executive saloons and sports cars. Eleven run-flat sizes will be added from late 2017.

The ‘Smasher’

The ‘Smasher’ was evolved in collaboration with the SsangYong Motor Company and attracted significant attention when unveiled on the Tivoli at the 2015 IAA Motor Show. The tyre is optimised for driving in extreme conditions, and features such innovations as suction plates and grinder-shaped tread blocks. The former enable the vehicle to ascend steep slopes by creating a vacuum between the tyre and the ground, while the latter permit safe driving over even the roughest terrain by crushing uneven areas that could otherwise damage a tyre. This fascinating concept product has unsurprisingly caused widespread international interest, and was last year feted with an IDEA Award.

Commenting on the company’s latest accolade Chung Taek-gyun, head of its R&D division said: “We will continue to focus our research capabilities on creating designs that set our products apart from those of our competitors.”

For further information on Kumho and its tyres for road and motorsport usage see www.kumhotyre.co.uk.

About Kumho Tyre

Founded in 1960, the Kumho Tire Company based in Seoul, South Korea is currently one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers with revenues in excess of two billion US dollars. Each year, the company sells over 60 million tyres worldwide. The company is part of the long-established Kumho Asiana Group, one of Korea’s best known and largest companies, which also owns Asiana Airlines, a member of the Star Alliance. With over 10,000 employees worldwide, Kumho develops, manufactures and primarily markets tyres for passenger cars, vans and trucks. Kumho operates production facilities in Korea, China, USA and Vietnam. The company also maintains research and development centres in Korea, China, Europe and North America. Kumho is an original equipment supplier to car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and the Korean manufacturers Hyundai and Kia. Kumho Tire Europe GmbH with its head office in Offenbach am Main is responsible for marketing and sales activities in Germany and Europe.

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