• Five-year partnership with Race Of Champions begins this weekend
  • All-new VUHL 05 ROC Edition supercar to test drive at Marlins Park, Miami
  • Lightweight, agile supercar perfect for the tight and twisty track
  • Test programme undertaken by legendary stunt driver Terry Grant
  • Customers in North America now have a dedicated new sales team and web-portal at VUHL05.US

20 January 2017 – VUHL is delighted to confirm a five-year partnership with the Race Of Champions ahead of the competition this weekend at Marlins Park in Miami.

The announcement comes off the back of a busy period for the lightweight supercar maker, after taking part in the Live Action Arena at the UK’s legendary Autosport International extravaganza last weekend. Europe’s largest indoor pre-season motorsport event was the perfect proving ground to explore the car’s agile handling ahead of the Race Of Champions in Miami this weekend.

The five-year partnership will allow the world’s best drivers to handle challenging tracks across the globe in VUHL’s latest machinery.

The chassis encompasses an ultra lightweight body with a carbon fibre and aluminium combination structure in the monocoque creating a reliable safety cell all weighing 675kg. The VUHL in Miami will adorn exclusive carbon fibre wheels, weighing in at 4.5kg. This light weight combined with the award-winning two-litre Ford EcoBoost powerplant gets the car off the start line to 60mph in 3.2 seconds.

The car has been specially modified and tested exhaustively in the run-up to the Race Of Champions to ensure the finest drivers in the world experience all of the car’s capability around the challenging, tight and twisty circuit.

The bespoke rear wing will provide maximum downforce while the limited slip-differential will demand respect from the drivers to put the car through its paces. Race Of Champions Official Stunt & Test Driver Terry Grant has developed the brakes, suspension and quickened the steering rack for the Marlins Park track. Ten Race Of Champions-spec VUHL 05 ROC Editions will go on sale shortly after the event in Miami.

VUHL are proud to announce the launch of a dedicated website in America – VUHL05.US – where prospective customers can access news and information on cars in addition to sales advice from a dedicated U.S. team.

VUHL co-founder, Guillermo Echeverria said: “This announcement is a huge milestone for VUHL. It’s the culmination of a lot of hard work and continues an already successful year. We are tremendously proud to start 2017 by having the world’s best racers drive our car around the challenging Race Of Champions circuit in Miami. We can’t wait to excite fans in the stadium and around the world.”

Terry Grant, the Race Of Champions Official Stunt & Test Driver, said: “This two-seater, full carbon fibre sports car makes it ideal for the tight and twisty Miami track.

“The Race Of Champions demands a car that is fast and dynamic, and the mid-engined VUHL 05 ROC Edition is highly dynamic which is perfect for putting the world’s best drivers through their paces. The track requires a car which is quick off the line and can hold its own with the rear hanging out. Going from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds definitely gets my thumbs up! This very fun car will entertain the fans in the US and across the globe.”

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