Few would argue that the MGB remains Britain’s favourite classic sports car or that it is almost as at home in modern traffic as it was in that of the ‘60s/‘70s. However, it can nevertheless be updated to advantage and British Motor Heritage (BMH) is now stocking the superb Vitesse Global 5-speed manual gearbox conversion for the model.

Based on the renowned transmission of the Mazda MX5 MK3, the replacement gearbox comes fully assembled and complete with clutch friction plate, slave cylinder, braided clutch pipe, speedometer cable, prop shaft and fixing kit. No modifications are required to the bodyshell and fitting is therefore quick and well within the scope of any competent home mechanic.

The driving experience is immediately enhanced by the shorter-throw gear lever and the total suitability of the ratios. The gearchange is smooth and effortless, and progress enlivened by the general slickness of the transmission. The torque of the ‘B’ Series engine means it is unnecessary to optimise gear selection, but when the driver wants to press on the change positively encourages such use.

BMH fitted one to its own Roadster and was so impressed it had no hesitation in granting ‘Heritage Approval’ for the product, which costs £2,940 including VAT (but excluding fitting) and can be purchased through both BMH ( and Vitesse Global ( Conversions are available for the entire MGB range, including V8 and RV8.

Commented BMH’s Managing Director John Yea: “We have tested this product in a wide variety of conditions and it performs as though it was made for the MGB; not least because the final drive ratios of the four-cylinder MG and Mazda MX5 are the same. Everyone who has driven our show car since the conversion has agreed what a great match the new transmission is.”

Other uprates for the MGB offered by BMH include: aluminium skins for doors and bootlid; FIA specification aluminium front valance; seam welded competition bodyshells; 4.1:1 differential; straight-cut, close ratio gear sets for the standard MGB gearbox; EBC brake parts; Zircotec heat management products; Revotec fan kits; Moto-Lita steering wheels and Samco hose kits. All this is, of course, in addition to the company’s stock of standard replacement body panels and complete shells for all models and ages of the venerable MGB.

Full details of BMH’s product range and a full list of the company’s UK and international Approved Specialists through whom they are available can be found at


British Motor Heritage (BMH) was established in 1975 to support the owners of classic British marques by putting genuine components back into manufacture; using original tools wherever possible. To date it has built over 6,000 replacement bodyshells for the MGB, MGR V8, MG Midget, Austin Healey Sprite, Triumph TR6, original Mini and Mini Clubman, as well as thousands of individual replacement panels. These and other items are distributed internationally by a 60-strong network of specialists. Further details of BMH and its products are available at Motoring Classics is the retail arm of BMH, which sells related products direct to the public via It is also the name of BMH’s quarterly magazine.

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