To accompany the launch of its new range, Renault Trucks is now offering two new mobile apps – The Range and Cost Saver. Both are available from the AppStore and Google Play. These new apps are specifically designed for road transport operators and are available as free downloads.

The Range by Renault Trucks is a presentation of the entire new range of Euro 6 vehicles. Cost Saver allows those working in the road transport industry to optimise their operating costs.

Users of The Range app can consult the features designed to deliver cost efficiency, robustness, comfort and protection for the driver. A 360° animation together with dozens of vehicle photos are also available. A network contact function offers users the possibility of obtaining more information from their nearest dealership and details of its location.

Designed and developed in close collaboration with some fifty international customers, the new Renault Trucks range has been designed to give customers a perfect tool for carrying out their assignments.

The Range by Renault Trucks can be downloaded via the following links:

Google Play:

Renault Trucks stands beside its customers to help them to minimise their operating and organisational costs. With Cost Saver operators can access details of Renault Trucks solutions which will allow them to reduce each cost centre per vehicle range, and can enter their own information into the calculator. The final step is then to get in touch with Renault Trucks to define the most appropriate transport solution for their needs.

Renault Trucks constantly makes its expertise available to its customers to provide them with overall transport solutions. The manufacturer stays at their side throughout their vehicles’ entire life and provides them with efficient solutions that not only include vehicle design and cover services.

With its offers concerning financing, insurance, instruction in economic driving and locally available services for efficient maintenance, Renault Trucks has designed its new range of vehicles and services with the aim of limiting hauliers’ costs.

The Cost Saver app has been designed in line with these objectives.

The Cost Saver by Renault Trucks app can be downloaded via the following links:


Google Play:

There are now eleven apps available from the AppStore and Google Play:

  • The Range (free): a very easy way of discovering the whole new Renault Trucks Euro 6 range.
  • Cost Saver (free): to reduce the overall cost of vehicle usage, taking into account each hauliers’ individual circumstances and needs.
  • EcoCalculator (free): a calculator for assessing the rate of CO2 and NOx emitted by a vehicle during a particular journey.
  • Truck Fuel Eco Driving (free): a game for practicing economic driving.
  • Time Book (free): the driving logbook for the 21st century which manages driving and rest time.
  • DeliverEye (free): the app which allows users to send a photo stamped with the date, hour and place where it was taken in the event of delay or damaged goods.
  • Renault Trucks Network (free): to find all the sales and service outlets with a single click.
  • Selected For You (free): to find and share the most useful apps available on within a few seconds (from a mobile phone).
  • Renault Trucks Racing (free): the truck racing simulation game also available in high definition for the iPad.
  • Truckers Gallery (free): a photo gallery for sharing your enthusiasm for trucks with photos of vehicles from all over the world.
  • NavTruck (for purchase): the HGV dedicated GPS app supplying direct guidance and advice for reducing fuel consumption.
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