2017 Trion Nemesis RR


Orange County, CA (August 6, 2014) — Trion SuperCars today announces the new Nemesis extended product line. This extended product line includes a Grand Touring (N1-GT) model, a hybrid model (N1-ER), and a fully electric model (N1-E). Each model will bring styling and performance features that will give buyers the chance to own something unique while allowing them variety that differentiates Trion from the competition.

“To complement the previously announced 2015 Nemesis N1-RR (Race) model, we are formally announcing the formation of a complete line of limited-production variants of the Nemesis”, said CEO Rich Patterson.

Trion still plans for a prototype to be tested later this year with sales beginning in 2015.

“I am confident that the Nemesis will stand beside the best super car manufacturers in production today,” said Paterson.

The Nemesis product now includes:

Nemesis N1-RR – This previously announced Race model boasts a 2000 hp, twin turbo-charged engine. The N1-RR will reach top a top speed of 290+ mph and have a 0-60 time of 2.8 seconds. Additionally, the N1-RR will feature an 8-speed sequential transmission with all-wheel drive. “Predator” mode will activate body panels for aerodynamics as well initiate changes in ride height, suspension, exhaust, rev limits, and interior lighting.

Nemesis N1-GT – This Grand Touring model will feature a 1400 hp, twin turbo-charged V8 engine that will allow it to reach top speeds of 218 mph, and have a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds. Adding to the powertrain is a 7-speed sequential transmission.

Nemesis N1-ER – The Electric Hybrid model will feature 1200 hp dual electric motors coupled with Hybrid system. With an expected range of 720 miles, the N1-ER will also rely on a turbo-charged direct injection 4-cylinder gasoline engine. The transmission will be single-ratio with a limited slip differential.

Nemesis N1-E – The Electric model is expected to feature a two-speed clutch-less gearbox at each wheel that, when combined with the independent drivetrain system providing over 1000 hp, will help it reach speed of over 190 mph. Ride and Handling capabilities will be increased via torque vectoring technology and regenerative braking technology is used to increase overall driving efficiency. These models will be phased in over a short period of time, with the N1-RR and N1-GT models being the first to production, followed by the N1-ER and then the N1-E model.


Trion Nemesis are currently taking orders for the following models:
  • Nemesis RR – limited to 50 vehicles, base price $1.6M
  • Nemesis RR Black Ops – limited to 9 vehicles, base price $1.98M
  • Nemesis GT – limited to 100 vehicles, base price $1.2M


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