The B-Class Electric Drive surprises with an especially dynamic driving experience by providing noticeably powerful acceleration, while gliding along quietly. The electric Mercedes-Benz offers the driver and up to four passengers the familiar high standards of ride comfort in a high-class, spacious and precision-designed interior.

The B-Class Electric Drive combines dynamic and driving pleasure with zero local emissions – in short, it delivers electric driving at premium level.

Powerful drive with brisk acceleration

Quiet and local emission-free driving is ensured by an electric motor generating 177 hp. Typical for an electric drive system, the motor develops its maximum torque of 251 lb-ft of torque from the very first touch of the accelerator. This is approximately equivalent to the torque from a modern three-liter gasoline engine. The result is noticeably powerful acceleration from a standing start–the electrically driven B250e drives from zero to 60 mph in 7.9 seconds. Effortless drivability and exhilarating driving pleasure with a high level of comfort are thus guaranteed in every situation.

The power supply to the electric drive is delivered via a high-performance lithium- ion battery, which is compactly and safely housed in the “Energy Space” in the underfloor of the vehicle. Such intelligent packaging allows the five-seater to retain the B-Class Electric Drive’s familiar spaciousness in both its interior and its luggage compartment.

Zero emissions on longer journeys

In the interests of optimizing range, the top speed is electronically limited to 100 mph. Depending on driving cycle; the vehicle has a range of 87 miles (EPA). This permits emission-free driving not just in city traffic and on short journeys, but also over longer distances – such as a daily commute. The B250e can be charged from any standard domestic power socket. For a range of 60 miles, the charging time at 240V in the United States is less than 2 hours.* On the road, the electric drive  itself makes its own contribution to a favorable energy balance by converting  kinetic energy into electric current during coasting and braking and feeds this energy into the battery. The standard RANGE PLUS package includes a suite of features to further increase your driving range–added insulation of the doors and roof to increase climate-control efficiency, along with an electrically heated windshield and a range-extending charge function. By pressing a button on the console prior to charging, the maximum charge level of the battery will be  increased for the next charge cycle. The higher-capacity charge can provide up to approximately 17 additional miles of range.

Dynamic Mercedes-Benz design

With its refined sportiness, the B-Class Electric Drive features the self-assured and dynamic styling typical of Mercedes with powerfully defined lines and finely crafted details. The front and rear sections express the width of the vehicle. This is ensured by the wide, prominent grille and the headlamps, which wrap round into the sides, as well as by the wide rear window, two-piece taillamps and large liftgate with deep sill. A dynamic look is created by door-sill panels and striking bumpers with bar-shaped LED daytime running lamps. The charge socket is inconspicuously installed behind the conventional fuel door.

Sporty interior with classy touches

The interior underscores the high standards of comfort typical of Mercedes-Benz. High-grade materials and finely textured surfaces, classy touches and precision workmanship make it clear that Mercedes-style electric drive is defined by high standards.

The three large round center air vents with their uniquely styled cruciform nozzles add a sporty flair that contributes to the overall emotional design idiom of the interior. Positioned above the air vents and seemingly free-floating is the screen for the telematics system.

In terms of information and communication systems, the electric B250e offers levels of comfort and functionality that is customary of any Mercedes-Benz. The standard equipment package includes a new 7-inch color display, twin tuner and MP3-compatible CD player as well as two USB ports. The Garmin® MAP PILOT® navigation system can be installed via SD card at any time since all B250e models will be prewired for this feature. The screen works in tandem with the COMAND® multimedia system with internet access, navigation and voice control is also optionally available.

The instrumentation of the B250e is rounded off by functions that are specific to electric vehicles. One of the striking features is the power display in the right-hand circular instrument. The instrument pointer moves in a clockwise direction from  the green zone towards the red zone, when full power is demanded by the driver. It drops back below the zero line when the vehicle is feeding energy into the battery through the recuperation feature.

Ideally networked: connected services

Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, the B-Class Electric Drive is not just sustainable and agile, but also connected. For example, the “Vehicle Homepage” allows convenient remote interaction and remote configuration of the vehicle. The driver can use their PC or smartphone to conveniently access the vehicle via the internet. It is possible, for instance, to determine the current state of charge of the lithium-ion battery or show the vehicle’s current range on a map. In addition, the planned route can be displayed, showing at a glance where the vehicle can be recharged along the way, should this prove necessary. The range of connected services is rounded off by a feature that allows individually timed pre-heating or cooling of the vehicle. This pre-entry climate control system makes the B-Class unique in its segment.

Big on safety

Mercedes-Benz also applies its familiar, high safety standards to the B-Class Electric Drive. Thanks to the innovative “Energy Space,” the battery is safely accommodated in the underfloor of the vehicle, where it is ensured protection in the event of a crash. In addition, Mercedes-Benz has equipped this innovative electric car with the radar-based collision warning system Active Brake Assist with adaptive braking technology, comprised of Predictive Brake Priming, Automatic Brake Drying, Hill-Start Assist and brake HOLD feature. This assistance system gives the driver a visual and audible warning of detected obstacles, prepares them for braking action and assists them with the braking process as the situation requires. In this way, it significantly reduces the danger of a rear-end collision. Additional cutting-edge driver assistance systems are also available, including Blind Spot Assist, Lane Keeping Assist and Parking Pilot.

Electric drive made by Mercedes-Benz

Locally emission-free electric vehicles such as the new B-Class Electric Drive are a key part of Mercedes-Benz’s strategy for sustainable mobility. The Stuttgart-based premium manufacturer is asserting its claim to leadership in this sector with electric vehicles that are fully suitable for everyday use.



2017 B-Class Electric Drive Quick Reference Guide


Models & MSRP

  • Model year 2017 B250e – $39,900
    *Above price excludes $925 destination and delivery charge

New MY17 Offerings

  • All-New MSRP
  • Lunar Blue metallic exterior paint
  • Multicolor ambient lighting as standalone
  • Electric Blue interior package
  • New packaging structure

Standard Feature Highlights

  • Bluetooth® Connectivity
  • Power front seats with lumbar support and memory
  • 10kW onboard charger
  • mbrace® Connect including Remote Climate Control (5 years of service included)
  • Automatic headlamps with twilight sensor & locator lighting
  • Dual-zone climate control
  • Rain-sensing windshield wipers
  • Front and rear cup holders
  • Leather trimmed multifunction steering wheel

Optional Feature Highlights

  • Radar based recuperation system with paddles (Premium 1 Package)

Model Summary / Positioning

  • As the Mercedes-Benz among electric vehicles, the B250e sets clear standards in terms of comfort, quality and safety.
  • The B250e is on sale in select dealers.

At a Glance

MSRP $39,900
Length 171.5″
Width 71.3″
Height 62.6″
Wheelbase 106.2″
Curb Weight (lbs) 3,924
All-Electric Range 87 mi
Engine 132kW electric motor
Transmission Single Speed
Drive Config. Front-Wheel Drive
Performance 177 hp, 251 lb-ft
Battery Size 28-kWh
0-60 mph (sec) 7.9
Top speed (mph) 100 (electronically limited)
Main Competitors BMW i3


2017 Mercedes-Benz B250e Specifications

Vehicle Type Four-Door, five passenger hatchback
Chassis Steel unibody, aluminum outer sheet metal
Drive Configuration 132kW electric motor


Exterior Dimensions (in)
Wheelbase 106.3
Length 171.5
Width (w/o mirrors) 71.3
Height 62.5
Track (front / rear) 60.47 / 60.71
Ground Clearance (max load) 3.6
Curb Weight (lbs.) 3924


Interior Dimensions (in)
Head room (front / rear) 40 / 37
Leg room (front / rear) n/a
Shoulder room (front / rear) 55.5 / 54.4


Cabin Volume (cu-ft 90.5
Cargo Volume (seats up / down) 21.6 / 51.4
Trunk Size (top up / down) n/a


Front Independent suspension with spring strut and wishbone, coil spring, double-tube shock SSD absorber and tubular torsion bar
Rear Independent suspension with coil spring, double-tube shock absorber with SSD and torsion bar


Type Speed-dependent, electro-mechanical rack-and-pinion
Ratio 16.0 : 1
Turning Circle (ft) 36.1


Brake Disc Diameter / Thickness (in)
Front 11.6 / 1.1
Rear 11.6 / 0.4


Standard Wheels (in)
Front 7 x 17 (Cast)
Rear 7 x 17 (Cast)


Standard Tires
Front 225 / 50 R17
Rear 225 / 50 R17


Horsepower @ rpm 177
Torque 251
All-Electric Range (mi) 87
Battery Charging Time (240v/40A) 4 hours
Battery Size 28kWh


Transmission Type Single Speed


0-60 mph (seconds) 7.9
Top Speed (mph) 100 (electronically limited)


Fuel Economy
City / Highway / Combined 85/82/84


B250e $39,900


*does not include $925 destination & delivery charge

Note: Technical specifications subject to change

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