HIROSHIMA, Japan—Mazda Motor Corporation today published the Mazda Sustainability Report 2016*in Japanese and Annual Report 2016*in English and Japanese on the company’s website. The English version of the Sustainability Report will be published in September.

The Sustainability Report 2016 outlines Mazda’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and achievements*3 for the fiscal year ended (FYE) March 2016. The Annual Report 2016 features management information and financial news.

Highlights of the Sustainability Report 2016

  • Top Message

Mazda’s Representative Director, President and CEO Masamichi Kogai discusses his views on CSR and introduces some CSR initiatives linked to the company’s business strategy.

  • Special Feature 1: Aiming to make cars that are sustainable with the earth and society

Discusses how Mazda will continue to achieve driving pleasure as well as outstanding environmental and safety performance with its vehicles in the future.

  • Special Feature 2: Becoming a brand with which customers feel an emotional connection

Introduces Mazda’s efforts to enhance its brand value, including a number of specific examples

  • The report covers CSR initiatives of material importance as specified by Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines’ Core option.

Highlights of the Annual Report 2016 

  • Message from Management

President and CEO Masamichi Kogai looks back at FYE March 2016, summarizes the achievements of the Structural Reform Plan and outlines key aspects of the Structural Reform Stage 2 that starts in FYE March 2017. Additionally, Akira Marumoto, Representative Director and Executive Vice President, explains Mazda’s initiatives for qualitative business growth and brand value enhancement.

  • Review of Operations:

Looks at business results and sales initiatives in Japan, North America, Europe, China and other markets

  • Drivers of Value Creation:

Discusses co-creation activities and problem-solving in the development of Mazda MX-5 in addition to SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY, KODO design, Mazda Proactive Safety and associated technologies and Monotsukuri Innovation.

Mazda’s Sustainability Report and Annual Report can be downloaded from the company’s global website.

Sustainability Report –

Annual Report –

Mazda has made the promotion of Brand Value Management a top priority since 2013. The Sustainability Report and Annual Report also show how Mazda is working to become a brand that enriches people’s lives at every touchpoint to build a strong emotional connection with customers, focusing on the company’s measures, organizational aspects and people.

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*1 –  The Sustainability Report 2016 in Japanese is available as an “in-depth version” and a “social contribution version.” A digest version and corporate profile featuring highlights from the full report will be available in both printed and online formats in September. English editions of the “in-depth version” and the “social contribution version” will be available online in September, and English editions of the digest version and corporate profile will be available in both printed and online formats in October.
*2 –  Both the English and Japanese versions are available only in online format.
*3 –  Mazda’s CSR initiatives are divided into the following six categories; Customer Satisfaction, Environmental Protection, Social Contribution, Respect for People and Information Disclosure

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