2014 Keating Bolt


Keating Bolt Supercar

Keating Supercars have purposely designed The Bolt to outperform supercar competition and future versions are intended to be entered into GT and Le Mans racing.

The Bolt uses an extensive amount of space-age and lightweight materials in its construction to reduce the power to weight ratio, but aiming to always increase the car’s performance figures.

Our Supercars are all mid-engine configuration and The Bolt has a six-speed gearbox. Depending on individual customer needs, speed aspiration and power requirements, Keating can take you from a heart thumping 230mph+ to an astronomical and out-of-this-world 0.5 Mach (340mph!).

General Information
Price TBA
Gearbox 6 speed Manual
Steering Power assisted 2.5 turns lock to lock
Chassis Aluminum space frame with bonded carbon panels with integral roll cage.
Tyre Make Michelin
Front 235/35/R19
Rear 295/30/R19
Body Carbon/Kevlar composite featuring removable front and rear clam
Kerb (curb) Weight 990kg
Keating developed all alloy V8 LS7 7.0 Litre within its classic 427-cu-in displacement, engineers extracted Big-Block grunt from its high-revving Small-Block package. It features a unique, big-bore cylinder block that is anchored with a forged crankshaft, featherweight titanium connecting rods and friction-coated pistons. Engineering that is similar to a formula 1 car; but it’s the airflow capability of the cavernous, CNC-ported heads that enables its tremendous power.Large-volume, straight-passage intake runners channel air directly through 2.20-inch titanium intake valves.

Full Keating hand built engines to customer specifications can be built as required to impeccable precision, ensuring monster power.

Engine Options
Normally Aspirated 640 BHP
Twin Turbo charged 1000BHP-2500BHP
Supercharged 750BHP
Length 4400
Width 1900
Height 1170
Wheel Base 2590
Front Track 1752
Rear Track 1880

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