• 335,246 cars to undergo first MOT this month
  • One-in-ten motorists never check their tyres
  • Over a third of motorists are skipping their next service

New research1 from Kwik Fit, the UK’s leading MOT provider, reveals that more than one in three motorists (39%) on our roads are thinking of skipping their next service.  This means that for nearly 13 million motorists, the MOT test could be the only time their vehicle undergoes any kind of safety inspection.

Worryingly, one in ten (10%) UK motorists confessed they ‘never’ check their tyres and nearly one in seven (15%) admit they are currently experiencing a problem with their brakes but are not actively looking to
repair it.

The findings reinforce the importance of the MOT test for road safety throughout the UK, especially in the month of September – the month which sees the highest number of MOTs than any other.  September 2010 accounted for a sixth (17%) of the year’s new car sales2, and these 335,246 cars will need their very first MOT before the end of the month.

Roger Griggs, director of communications at Kwik Fit, commented: “It is very concerning to find that so many motorists are thinking of skipping their next service – especially considering the number of drivers who don’t make their own checks on their car.   Tyres, brakes and lights are all crucial to road safety, so it is vitally important that they are regularly checked, and not just left until the MOT is due.”

Drivers in the South West are the most likely to skip their next service, where a staggering 45% admit they will do.  This is double that of motorists in Scotland, where 22% say they will skip their next service – the lowest in the UK.

Drivers who admit they will skip their service by region

Position Region % Who admit they will skip next service
1. South West 45%
2. North West 44%
3. London 43%
4. East of England 42%
5. East Midlands 41%
6. Wales 40%
7. South East 36%
8. Yorkshire & Humberside 36%
9. North East 36%
10. West Midlands 34%
11. Scotland 22%

September MOTs

Kwik Fit’s analysis showed that of the cars sold in September 2010, which makes them ‘60 plates’, the brand that will see the most needing an MOT this month is Ford.  Ford accounted for 14% of the total car sales in that month, followed by Vauxhall at 13% and Volkswagen at 7%.  Indeed, the top ten that month accounted for 67% of all car sales.

Manufacturer Total number sold in September 2010 Percentage of total car sales in September, and therefore those needing MOTs this month
Ford 46389 14%
Vauxhall 42235 13%
Volkswagen 24701 7%
BMW 18673 6%
Peugeot 18309 5%
Audi 15889 5%
Nissan 15767 5%
Toyota 14636 4%
Mercedes-Benz 14426 4%
Renault 14225 4%
Total sales of top 10 225250 67%
Total sales of all cars 335246

Roger Griggs said: “We see more MOTs booked in September than any other month.  This is because September is traditionally the busiest in terms of new car registrations.  We’d encourage all motorists to check their vehicle regularly, whether brand new and from the ‘top 10’ or not – both for their safety and because failing to do so can result in a £1,000 fine.  We also wanted to remind motorists that cars can get a new MOT one month before the old one expires and with over 600 service centres throughout the UK, Kwik Fit is never too far away to help.”

Kwik Fit MoT centres are approved by the Government appointed Vehicle Operator Services Agency (VOSA) and all MoT tests are complete

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