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Super Veloce Racing (SVR), recently appointed by Noble Automotive as the official sales and service dealer for the British supercar manufacturer for the UK and Europe, has announced it will be exclusively revealing its latest 225mph supercar at the London Motor Show on Thursday 05 May 2016.

SVR’s Noble M600 customer demonstrator, finished in stunning ‘Black-Red’ paintwork with a bare, exposed carbon fibre roof, is due to be revealed at the show on Thursday, following an intensive build and testing process. It will be the latest car to come from the Leicester-based factory, built to SVR’s exact requirements.

As part of the Leicester-based supercar manufacturer’s brand relaunch, SVR has been appointed as the exclusive M600 sales and service channel for the UK and Europe. Working directly with the Noble Automotive factory, SVR can service the requirements of all Noble customers, past, present and future.

Noble has invested five years of extensive development in its sensational supercar, which has come to fruition in the latest generation of the M600 and M600 CarbonSport. Every car is hand-crafted by the Noble engineers to the highest standards in the industry and built to the customer’s specification.

With SVR now serving customers directly, the team is able to take this a stage further; before tailoring the exquisite supercar, prospective drivers are given hands-on experience of one of the most powerful cars in production today.

Following the test drive, completed with SVR’s professional racing driver, SVR take the time to understand the customer’s needs and use of their own M600. Following this process, SVR works with the customer to develop tailored details, ensuring every customer’s M600 is personally made to measure.

Bespoke details can go beyond unique aesthetic details and can include complex changes that are more than skin deep, to provide a driving experience like no other. SVR works directly with the Noble factory to turn customers’ wishes into reality, ensuring every car meets their exacting requirements.

At the heart of the Noble M600 and M600 CarbonSport is the proven 4.4 litre Yamaha V8 twin turbo engine, complete with a six-speed manual gearbox. With 662bhp (492kW) at 6,500rpm and 604lbft of torque at 6,800rpm and a dry weight of just 1198kg, the M600 has a power to weight ratio of 558bhp per tonne. The result is formidable performance, with 0-60mph in just 3.5 seconds, 0-120 mph in 8.9 seconds and a top speed of 225 mph (estimated).

The team at SVR specifically chose the London Motor Show as a launch platform to reveal the latest M600 to come from the Noble factory in Leicester. The event is the perfect reflection of both Noble’s and SVR’s prestige and British foundations.

SVR’s latest customer demonstrator car will be exclusively revealed to trade and media on stand L74 in the Luxury Pavilion at the London Motor Show at 15:15 on Thursday 05 May 2016. SVR’s ‘Black-Red’ Noble M600 will feature all of the model’s latest developments and will be available to view to the public during the following three show days.

Noble M600 Technical Specification

Engine and performance
4439cc V8 twin turbo petrol
Maximum power 492kW @ 6500rpm (662bhp @ 6500rpm)
Maximum torque 604lbft @ 6800rpm
Power to weight ratio 558bhp per tonne
Top speed 225mph
0-62 mph 3.5 seconds
0-124 mph 8.9 seconds
Chassis and suspension
Stainless sheet steel tub with tubular space frame with a carbon fibre composite body.
Independent double wishbones with coil over shock absorbers, front and rear roll bars.
Wheels and brakes
Front brakes 380mm semi-floating discs along with six piston calipers
Rear brakes 350mm discs with four piston calipers
Front wheels 9Jx19 – Forged aluminium alloy
Rear wheels 12Jx20 – Forged aluminium alloy
Fuel capacity 68 litres
Weight 1198kg
Wheelbase 2540mm
Track 1578mm
Length 4360mm
Turning circle 12 meters
Economy and emissions
Urban 22.1 l/100km – 524g/km
Extra-Urban 9.3 l/100km – 221g/km
Combined 14 l/100km – 333g/km
Production 2010-present
The Noble M600 is a car produced not in competition to the current super car establishment, but one, we believe, that offers those serious about their driving, an alternative philosophy and a more rewarding driving experience. Each car is hand built in England, bespoke and built to our exacting clients individual requirements by a small team of craftsmen. Carbon bodied, incredibly rare and exclusive, the M600 does not compete or align itself with any other currently available super car. Super light and with incredible power, the M600 boasts an impressive power to weight ratio of 542bhp per tonne, but that is only half the story, the rest is the stuff of legend..


  • Engine : Yamaha Judd V8 4439cc twin turbo
  • Torque : 604Ilb @ 6800 rpm
  • Power to weight : 558bhp per tonne
  • Top Speed : 225 mph (estimated)
  • 0-120 mph : 8.9 seconds (Autocar)
  • Chassis :  Stainless sheet steel tub with tubular space frame
  • Body : Carbon Fibre Composite
  • Suspension : Independent double wishbones with coil over shock absorbers, front and rear roll bars
  • Brakes :  Front; 380mm semi-floating discs, six piston calipers. Rear; 350mm discs, four piston calipers
  • Wheels : Forged aluminium alloy. Fronts 9Jx19. Rears 12Jx20
  • Fuel Capacity : 68 litres
  • Weight : 1198kg
  • Wheelbase : 2540mm
  • Track : 1578mm
  • Length : 4360mm
  • Turning Circle : 12mts
  • CO2 : Urban Conditions 524g/km Extra-Urban Conditions; 221g/km Combined: 333g/km
  • Fuel Consumption : Urban Conditions: 22.1 l/100km; Extra-Urban Conditions: 9.3 l/100k Combined:14 l/100km
  • Power : Maximum Net Power: 492kW @ 6500 min-1 (662bhp @ 6500rpm)


About Super Veloce Racing

Super Veloce Racing (SVR) is the exclusive sales and service network for the Noble M600 supercar in the UK and Europe. SVR can also find and supply any make and model of luxury and high performance car. Based just 30 miles west of London, SVR shares its customers’ passion for the finest automobiles on the planet.

With a team of experienced supercar drivers, technicians, agents and professional racing drivers, SVR understand your individual needs to find the perfect high performance vehicle for your requirements.

Founded by successful businessman and supercar collector Ben Adnett, SVR is driven from the top to deliver the finest cars and events for customers to embrace their passion for the very best cars available.

Ex-Lamborghini technician and test driver, Lee Cunningham, is SVR’s Sales and Events Director. Lee brings a rare mix of technical understanding and market knowledge to SVR and is one of the best people in the country to manage the purchase and sale of supercars. Lee is also one of the most successful Lamborghini racing drivers in the UK, competing in the Super Trofeo Europe series.

Completing the team is Alan Robb, SVR’s Aftersales Manager. Alan has more than a decade of experience in supercar aftersales services, representing and working with luxury brands Ferrari, Pagani, Bugatti, Koenigsegg, Noble and Rolls-Royce. Alan provides exceptional personal service, developed from years working with customers to some of the largest prestige dealerships in Central London.

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