• Bridge building: 78-second film connects Vauxhall’s heritage to the current era

Luton – Following the first images released earlier this month and ahead of the world premiere of the GT Concept at the Geneva Motor Show (March 3rd to 13th), you can get another sneak peak of the sportscar in a new video ahead of the grand reveal.

As is to be expected from a true dream car, the purebred GT Concept appears in a dream, awakening all senses and inviting the fan in before effortlessly floating into the life of the automotive aesthete. The dream becomes reality on film: the door opens, the fan becomes the driver – and the GT Concept accelerates into the pulsating city.

The film forms the prelude to the world premiere of the GT Concept at the 86th Geneva Motor Show. The sportscar of the future will continue the brand’s long and successful concept car tradition that started with the 1966 Vauxhall XVR and 1965 Opel Experimental GT.

“The GT Concept will set the trend for further developments of the brand and shows the design philosophy for our future models: expressive, highly emotional and sporty,” said Brit Mark Adams, Vice President, Design Europe. “The GT Concept also pays homage to Vauxhall and Opel’s interpretations of a light-weight sports car from the mid-sixties which, like the modern-day GT Concept were thoroughly modern with dynamic sculptural forms.”

The 78-second film carries the message “If you can dream it, you can create it”.  This is available to view through Vauxhall’s social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Created under the guidance of prolific young director Hanna Maria Heidrich and leading media agency group, Scholz & Friends, the film shows how a car with almost supernatural abilities can access its driver’s dreams. The stylish setting gives the forward-thinking GT Concept a platform from which its full appeal can be developed, showcasing designer Mark Adams’ philosophy of ‘Sculptural Artistry meets Technical Precision’.

The GT Concept with a front mid-engine and rear-wheel drive once again showcases Vauxhall and Opel’s pioneering spirits. Reinforcing its appeal to driving enthusiasts, the car has a red signature line that splits the vehicle body horizontally and proportions it.

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