c67f25a9-e296-4a97-923e-fdbb1c0b809eThe proven success of the incumbent Isuzu 7.5 tonne rigids in its fleet, was a key factor behind the decision made by Deborah Services Ltd (DSL) to specify the Isuzu marque once again, when it came to replacing the majority of its 7.5 tonners.

Following a successful growth period for the company, DSL has replaced these vehicles from its transport fleet with 13 new Isuzu Forward N75.190 4×2 rigids, all fitted with Isuzu’s popular Easyshift automated transmission. Each vehicle also incorporates a purpose-designed, detachable edge protection system, which has been specifically designed to enhance driver safety whilst working from the truck body.

Gary Clark, DSL’s transport manager commented: “When we were looking to replace our 7.5t trucks we carried out our research over a number of different models. At the end of the day it was the Isuzu N75.190 specification that ticked all the right boxes. The vehicles we have replaced were the earlier design of Isuzu cab model and the reasons why we chose Isuzu again is because of the excellent dealer service we receive along with economical fuel consumption and the best-in-class payload.”

All the new trucks have been supplied to DSL by Isuzu Truck’s long-standing dealer Warrington Vehicle Centre and all of the vehicles are now operating from DSL Hire and Sales, and Contract Scaffolding locations throughout the UK.

With each vehicle expected to cover in excess of 50,000 miles per annum over a 5-year working life, the Isuzu rigids have three different body lengths to suit the varying range of contracts undertaken by DSL.

Three of the vehicles have front mounted Atlas cranes that are fitted on to 18ft plant equipment flatbed scaffolding bodies, whilst the remaining flatbed scaffolding bodies are a mix of 21ft and 24ft bodies, all manufactured by Bespoke Bodies and Plant Equipment. All the bodies are bigger than their predecessors having been increased in length and width to increase each vehicle’s productivity. The bodies also feature a rear ladder to facilitate easier personnel access to the truck bed, as well as a single-step, side access, at the front end of the body.

Two of the new Isuzus are now based at DSL’s Luton and Bow branches and have been built to the Cross Rail contract specification. This specification includes a side scan safety device, which warns cyclists and pedestrians that the vehicle is turning left, as well as an audible reversing alarm.

Safety of DSL personnel out on site is paramount and, with this in mind, the body specification for all 13 new Isuzu trucks now incorporates a purpose-designed, detachable edge protection system, which has been specifically designed for driver safety if access to the bed of the vehicle is required.

“We recognise that there will be times when operatives will need to access the truck bed, however this new feature on our trucks is a practical solution for reducing the potential of a fall,” added Gary Clark.

As a further safety measure, each body has a collection of 15 sockets evenly spaced within the truck bed that accommodate the scaffolding restraints used by DSL. This ensures that all scaffolding tubes and boards can be securely held tight in position during transit.

“DSL first bought Isuzu trucks back in 2006 and those NQR rigids gave the company seven years of impressive service, frequently operating in most arduous working conditions. Having this first-hand experience of Isuzu’s productivity and reliability obviously played a key role in the decision by DSL to replace them with the latest 2013 N75.190 models,” said Keith Child, marketing director at Isuzu Truck.

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