Future or modern classic and cherished cars, not yet considered as traditional classics by most specialist car insurers due to their age, can now be protected with an insurance policy designed to safeguard these cars for classic motoring lovers in years to come.

This new policy, offered by Heritage Classic Car Insurance, covers a wide range of performance and sports cars such as early Aston DB7s and the ‘964’ variant of the Porsche 911 as well as the Boxster and Cayenne models. Mazda MX5, Toyota MR2, MGF, Lotus Elise, and TVRs are also eligible.

Chris Wilkinson, Senior Partner at Heritage Classic Car Insurance, explains: “Most classic car insurance brokers only offer cover to cars over a certain age, so they don’t consider younger vehicles and take into account their value as part of the classic movement in the future.

“Some cars including those that had a limited production run need to be protected and cherished as they have a huge following already. These are modern day versions of a classic and should to be treated as such. This is an exciting policy for owners who plan to cherish their car for the future.”

As part of this protective policy, mileage needs to be kept under 6,000 per year but if its loving owner is treating the vehicle as they would a classic, this doesn’t present a problem. Cars with modifications applied are also included.

As with Heritage Classic Car Insurance’s other policies, there are also discounts for members of Owners Clubs and those with advanced driving qualifications. Customers can also take advantage of free European cover.

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