ed6bb4bd-e29a-4892-b595-1a00e045acd4Hayward, CA – August 21, 2015 – Backed by venture capital and the latest LED manufacturing processes, LED light manufacturer Project LM threatens to disrupt the established brands in after-market lighting. Offering LED lighting with a lifetime warranty at prices 50-75% lower than the big name brands, Project LM is celebrating their launch with a free product giveaway.

“LED light manufacturing technology is advancing at an incredible pace – so fast that brands which still utilize old processes are at a huge cost disadvantage,” explains Dennis Lam of Project LM. “When you look at the cost of the raw materials in each light, there’s really no good reason for a 50″ light bar to cost thousands of dollars, for example.”

All Project LM LED lighting features:

  • Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Cree brand LEDs
  • An IP68 dustproof and waterproof rating on all lighting
  • Military grade breathers that maintain the IP68 rating, even with big changes in altitude
  • A Limited Lifetime Warranty

Depending on light type and size, Project LM LED lights are one half to one quarter the cost of similar lights from established brands.

“Our secret is simple: We’re leveraging the latest manufacturing processes and venture capital to drive down production costs,” explains Lam. “Most of the established brands can’t match our costs, and most of the low-cost brands can’t match our quality. We’re the only brand to offer premium quality and a lifetime warranty at an entry-level price point.”

Project LM lighting is available in a variety of sizes and configurations and designed with a wide variety of uses in mind. From new vehicle owners to ATV/UTV owners to dirt bike owners, Project LM offers a lighting option.


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