89879151-1f42-43cf-b512-a7e018601f0aAGUSCALIENTES, Mexico – After almost five decades since the start of operations of Nissan in Mexico, the Japanese automaker has achieved a new milestone: producing the 10 millionth vehicle in Mexico. This figure represents the joint efforts of the three manufacturing facilities established in the country, which altogether combine an annual production capacity of more than 800k units.

The 10 millionth unit was an Electric Blue Nissan Sentra SR built in Aguascalientes A1 Plant. This unit has been assigned to a dealership in Toluca, Estado de Mexico, where a Nissan customer will happily own this milestone vehicle.

During the calendar year 2014, Nissan produced 805,871 units in México, which represents an annual 18.47 percent increase, also establishing an all-time record and getting us closer to the goal of producing one million units per year.

Nissan started assembling vehicles in Mexico in 1966 when it began producing the Datsun Bluebird in CIVAC Plant, Morelos. This manufacturing facility was the company’s first plant to be built outside Japan and just recently celebrated its 49th Anniversary.

In 1982 Nissan expanded its operations to the center of the country by opening the Powertrain Plant in Aguascalientes, and 10 years later the vehicle manufacturing complex Aguascalientes A1. The first production model out of this plant was a Nissan Tsubame, which was exported to Japan, and a bit later the Nissan Tsuru for both domestic and export markets.

In 2013, Nissan celebrated the opening of Aguascalientes A2 plant, a benchmark for the Corporation due to its diverse accomplishments such as achieving its maximum capacity after only 19 weeks of its start of operations, with 613 vehicles manufactured every day.

Nissan Mexicana reached its first five million units produced over 40 years of operations (1966-2006); nevertheless, it took only nine years to double this figure thanks to the enhancement of manufacturing processes, the development and implementation of cutting-edge technologies, and even more important, the passion and commitment of more than 14,500 employees.

With its 10 millionth vehicle produced in Mexico, Nissan strengthens its commitment with efficiency, quality and high productivity, setting a new goal to produce over 820k units in FY15 and reach, in the near future, an annual capacity of one million units.

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