AUSTIN, Tex. – This is the first ever customer focused NISMO event of its kind, NISMO Performance Academy.

Nissan performance car owners got to attend an all-day performance-driving clinic at the newest and most prestigious road course in the U.S., the Circuit of the Americas track in Austin, Texas.

NISMO – a name that comes from Nissan Motorsports – has traditionally offered performance parts and special tuning for Nissan production and racing cars.

Nissan Motor Company has made NISMO models of certain cars and trucks for many years, including the current 370Z NISMO.  But this spring the company announced a significant expansion to include other vehicles.  The Juke NISMO is the first new offering.

“NISMO is really the rallying cry for performance and excitement at Nissan,” said Carl Phillips, Nissan Motorsports.

At this unique event, NISMO customers had a chance to test their own car’s performance, along with the 370Z NISMO and the newest Juke NISMO.  They also got to experience Nissan’s limited-production GT-R Track Edition.

“We are giving customers an opportunity to explore the limits of their car on the track and really raise their own limits through some classroom and on track instruction,” said Phillips.

NISMO Performance Academy was created to highlight Nissan’s commitment to performance, and excitement for everyone, in its product lineup.

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