• Washington Automotive Press Association recognizes Ford Motor Company for its 111-year history of engineering innovation with Golden Gear Award
  • Henry Ford honored for his vision to transform the automobile
  • Ford committed to driving innovation in every part of its business

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 19, 2015 – Ford Motor Company and its founder Henry Ford were honored at the Washington Automotive Press Association’s 30th Anniversary Gala with the organization’s Golden Gear Award. The company and its founder are being recognized for their outstanding contributions to the automotive industry.

Jim Holland, vice president, Vehicle Components and Systems Engineering, Ford Motor Company, was on hand to accept the award.

“On behalf of all the men and women of Ford Motor Company, I’d like to thank the Washington Automotive Press Association for the Golden Gear Award,” said Holland. “Henry Ford left us with quite a legacy, and the Ford team continues driving innovation through every part of our business to improve people’s lives. This is what has always defined us as a company. Through innovation, we are changing the way the world moves.”

Henry Ford didn’t just set out to build a strong business by introducing compelling products – he was passionate about making life better for millions of people. He may be best known for the invention of the affordable car that put the world on wheels, but equally notable is the mark he made on society – perfecting the moving assembly line to help usher in another industrial revolution and doubling wages of factory workers, which helped give rise to the middle class.

Carrying on the legacy of its founder, Ford Motor Company is driving innovation in every part of its business. This includes:

  • EcoBoost® engine technology that is now in more than 5 million Ford vehicles, helping people everywhere save gas
  • Advanced, lightweight materials that make America’s best-selling pickup truck, F-Series, even more capable and efficient
  • Industry-first inflatable rear safety belts that provide additional protection for rear seat passengers, as well as other safety innovations that help millions of people avoid accidents

Earlier this year the company announced its Ford Smart Mobility plan to use innovation to take it to the next level in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, customer experience and big data. Ford is also conducting 25 mobility experiments around the world this year to test breakthrough transportation ideas to create better customer experiences, more flexible user-ship models and social collaboration that can reward customers.

The experiments seek to address four global megatrends – explosive population growth, an expanding middle class, air quality and public health concerns, and changing customer attitudes and priorities – challenging today’s transportation model and limiting personal mobility, especially in urban areas.

Henry Ford believed a good business makes excellent products and earns a healthy return, and that a great business does all of this while creating a better world. That vision continues to drive the people at Ford Motor Company each day.



Henry Ford Looking at V-8 engine

Henry Ford longed to provide affordable eight-cylinder power to the common man. In 1932 Ford succeeded with the flathead V-8 a revolutionary design that could be mass-produced cheaply in a single casting. Over the next 21 years Ford Motor Company would sell more V-8 cars–16388762–than all competitors combined.

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