• European Nissan LEAF drivers travel more than 50 percent further a year than the average diesel or petrol car in Europe*
  • Over 31,000 Nissan LEAFs have been sold in Europe to date, and 150,000 sold globally
  • CarWings telemetry reveals that LEAF drivers are ahead of the European Transport average for car mileage

London, UK, 8th January 2015: Today, Nissan reveals that European owners of its 100 percent electric car, the Nissan LEAF, travel more than 50 percent further per year (10,307 miles) than the European average for a traditional internal combustion-powered vehicle (6,721 miles[i]).

Spanish Nissan LEAF drivers come out on top, covering on average more than 228 miles each week, Swedish drivers (211 miles) come second and the UK third with 201 miles.

Country Total Miles Recorded Per Week (LEAF) Total Miles Recorded Per Annum (LEAF)
Spain 228 11,858
Sweden 211 10,954
UK 201 10,468
Norway 197 10,242
Italy 190 9,854
France 188 9,790
Germany 173 9,014

According to latest figures, drivers of traditional petrol or diesel powered cars covered an average of 129 miles per week.

Thanks to the CarWings telemetry in the LEAF, which records real life driver data, Nissan has been able to report that its European drivers amass on average 198 miles a week in their LEAF* all without any exhaust emissions.

Further research from the automakerindicated that 89 percent of LEAF drivers charge overnight at home, benefiting from a cost per mile of just two pence or less.

This insight into LEAF driver habits, comes just four years since the car’s launch, in 2010, as one of the first mass-market, pure-electric vehicles. It is now the best-selling electric vehicle in history, with over 150,000 LEAF vehicles sold globally, more than 31,000 of which have been sold in Europe. The launch follows on from the success of the Nissan LEAF, its all-electric car, which has collectively clocked up an impressive one billion kilometres worldwide*.

Jean-Pierre Diernaz, Director of Electric Vehicles for Nissan in Europe, said: “Since the beginning we have said that the Nissan LEAF is much more than just a city car or second car and now we can show the data that proves this. Our customers frequently tell us that they buy the Nissan LEAF as a second car, but end up using it far more than their other vehicle and the information we receive from CarWings reinforces that message.

“The customers tell us this is because the car has very low fuel and servicing costs and that along with the smooth, almost silent ride of the Nissan LEAF make it difficult to go back to a diesel or petrol car.”

Nissan recently added to its all-electric line-up with the launch of the e-NV200, a zero-emission, compact city van. For further information, please visit:

*Totals based on Nissan’s Global Data Center (GDC) as of 30.09.2014 (UTC). The average is gathered only from Nissan LEAF vehicles registered with CarWings, approximately 54% of total sales. Data used is from 01.04.14 – 30.09.14


[1]Average is calculated from 2013 market specific annual average statistics using data from the UK, France, Spain Italy, Sweden and Norway. An even weighting was applied to each country to find a ‘European Average’. A German statistic was not used in the European average as the raw data is not available and all average kilometre figures quoted are estimates.

UK Average (km) 8,391
France Average  (km) 12,699
Spain Average  (km) 9,928
Italy Average  (km) 9,560
Sweden Average  (km) 11,660
Norway Average  (km) 12,670
Total 64,908
European Average (km) 10,818.00


UK source: According to Department for Transport; Table NTS0305 Average distance travelled by mode. Figure calculated by adding the ‘Car / Van driver’ and ‘Car / Van Passenger’ figures together (

French source: According to the Institut National de la Statistique et des etudes economiques (

Spanish source: According to a study by consultancy Audatex (

Italian source: According to, reported in its monthly “Osservatorio mensile di” (

Swedish source: According to ‘’ (

Norwegian source: According to ‘Statistics Norway’ (

From 2p per mile is based on (i) overnight electricity costs (British Gas standard tariff unit rates for a customer paying by direct debit as at 1 May 2014, assuming seven hours of charging at the night rate and one hour on the day rate), and (ii) a range of up to 124 miles per full charge (assuming 95% efficiency). Actual consumption and range may vary due to driving style, road condition, air conditioning and other factors outside of Nissan’s control.

Data was collected from 1st April – 30th September 2014. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all LEAF drivers in each country (UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Nordics). An even weighting was applied to each country to find a ‘European Average’.

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