• All-new Ford Mondeo available to order with prices starting from £20,795
  • New suspension and steering enhance refinement and driving dynamics; most diverse Mondeo powertrain line-up ever features first Mondeo hybrid electric vehicle
  • Advanced Mondeo technology includes debut of Ford’s Pedestrian Detection and adaptive LED headlights, enhanced Active Park Assist with Perpendicular Parking, and Active City Stop
  • Further technology highlights include power tailgate, SYNC 2 connectivity and industry-first Inflatable Rear Seatbelt

BRENTWOOD, Essex, 29 September, 2014 –  Ford Motor Company announces the opening of its order books for the all-new Ford Mondeo, delivering class-leading driving dynamics, innovative technology, greater refinement and craftsmanship and sophisticated design.

All-new Mondeo will be available in the UK in five-door and four-door (hybrid only) bodystyles, plus as an estate developed specifically for Europe.

“The all-new Mondeo is a significant new chapter for one of Europe’s best-known vehicles with a history dating back more than 20 years,” said Joe Bakaj, vice president, Product Development, Ford of Europe. “Mondeo will make high specification and premium features accessible to even more drivers – including our industry-first Inflatable Rear Seatbelt and Ford’s first LED headlights in Europe.”

Class-leading dynamics and power of choice

The first model for Europe to be built on Ford’s new global CD-segment platform, the all-new Mondeo will debut Ford’s new integral link rear suspension configuration for improved refinement and more dynamic performance.

Engineering experts from Ford of Europe led the global development of the all-new Mondeo chassis to help ensure continued best-in-class driving dynamics. Engineers at Ford’s Lommel Proving Grounds, Belgium, tuned the all-new Mondeo to deliver a consistent feel to the controls and vehicle responses for a confidence-inspiring driving experience. All-new Mondeo steering weight and directness adapts to match the “comfort,” “normal” and “sport” chassis settings of Ford’s Interactive Vehicle Dynamics Control system for the first time.

“With a body structure that’s 10 per cent stiffer than the previous generation Mondeo and handling-enhancing technology that includes Torque Vectoring Control, this is the most responsive and versatile Mondeo yet,” said Ulrich Koesters, vehicle line director, Ford of Europe.

All-new Mondeo petrol engine options will include the 1.5-litre and 2.0-litre EcoBoost from launch, with Ford’s fuel-efficient and surprisingly powerful 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine – that was named International Engine of the Year for an unprecedented third time in a row – joining the line-up in early 2015.

ECOnetic Technology models will be available, powered by 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre diesel engines with anticipated CO2 emissions of 94g/km and 107g/km*. Separate all-wheel drive variants join the line-up early next year.

The four-door Mondeo Hybrid combines a specially-developed 2.0-litre petrol engine with an electric motor and 1.4kWh lithium-ion battery to provide optimised fuel economy and low CO2 emissions. Mondeo Hybrid is the first hybrid electric vehicle that Ford will manufacture in Europe, delivering anticipated CO2emissions of 99g/km.

Sensing danger

The all-new Ford Mondeo debuts a new a pedestrian technology that could help reduce the severity of accidents or help drivers avoid them all together. Pedestrian Detection can identify people in the road ahead, or who could cross the vehicle’s path, and automatically apply the brakes if the driver does not respond to warnings. The system processes information collected from a windshield-mounted camera, and radar located in the bumper, and checks it against a database of “pedestrian shapes” to distinguish people from typical roadside scenery and objects.

Pedestrian Detection is among a raft of new features and improvements detailed by Ford today, which enhance the all-new Mondeo. The system is part of the Adaptive Cruise package that also introduces Active Braking, which can autonomously apply up to full braking force to help the driver mitigate or avoid many types of rear-end collision.

Lighting the way with advanced technology

All-new Mondeo introduces Ford’s adaptive LED headlamp technology to Europe; combining full-LED headlamps offering daylight-mimicking light clarity with Ford’s Adaptive Front Lighting System that adjusts the headlight beam angle and intensity to match driving environment.

The all-new Mondeo will feature an advanced version of Active Park Assist featuring Perpendicular Parking, which enables drivers to detect suitably-sized parallel parking spaces and reverse hands-free into spaces parallel to the road and side-to-side with other cars.

This advanced parking feature will be supported by both Park-Out Assist, which helps drivers to exit parallel parking spaces; and Side Parking Aid, which delivers an on-screen visual representation and audible warning of obstacles to the sides of the vehicles, as well as to the front and rear.

Additional driver assistance features include Ford’s Active City Stop collision avoidance system, which readies the brakes if a potential impact is detected and – if the driver does not respond – will automatically apply the brakes at up to 25mph, and Lane Keeping Aid, which applies steering torque to guide the vehicle back in to lane if drifting is detected.

Superior comfort and innovative safety features

Ford’s industry-first Inflatable Rear Seatbelt technology will make its European debut on the all-new Mondeo. In the event of an accident, the belt rapidly expands to disperse crash forces across a body area five times greater than that achieved by a conventional seatbelt.

Mondeo also will enhance comfort and convenience for drivers with features including first-in-class power-adjustable, memory-equipped steering column, power tailgate and heated steering wheel.

Ford’s SYNC 2 connectivity system with advanced voice control and an 8-inch colour touchscreen will enable drivers to operate phone, entertainment, climate and navigation systems using simple conversational language. For example, drivers can even bring up a list of local restaurants by using the command: “I’m hungry”.

Segment-first enhanced MyKey technology will enable Mondeo owners to programme a key – usually for younger drivers. MyKey now can inhibit incoming phone calls as well as restricting the top speed; preventing deactivation of driver assistance and safety features; reducing the maximum volume of the audio system, and disabling the system altogether if driver and passengers are not using safety belts.

Expressive design and superior quality

The all-new Mondeo will deliver best-ever quality and craftsmanship for both the refined, elegant, sporty and highly expressive exterior, and the interior that features optimised ergonomics and comfort, with premium finishes and equipment.

Produced at Ford’s state-of-the-art plant in Valencia, Spain, the all-new Mondeo will feature a sports coupe profile with low roofline and incorporate a retractable panoramic glass roof for the estate bodystyle. The lean side-profile is sculpted to convey “visual lightness,” while the sophisticated and technical front end design features Ford’s more prominent trapezoidal grille, a power-dome bonnet and adaptive, slim-line, laser-cut headlamp design.

Inside, Mondeo drivers are greeted by a digital analogue instrument cluster, while a sleek, wrap-around centre console design delivers a sporty, cockpit-like feel. A soft-touch instrument panel and flock-lined central front storage area and glovebox are representative of the high material quality and craftsmanship throughout. Smart-design front seats feature a thinner seat back – enabling rear seat passengers to enjoy additional legroom without sacrificing comfort for driver and front passenger.

“The all-new Mondeo offers a sophisticated suite of features and technology that enhance driving, comfort, convenience and safety like no other car in its class,” Bakaj said. “With four-door, five-door and estate featuring stunning design and quality – and a power of choice engine range that now includes a hybrid electric vehicle option for the first time – Mondeo has never been more appealing.”

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* The declared fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are measured according to the technical requirements and specifications of the European Regulations (EC) 715/2007 and (EC) 692/2008 as last amended. Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are specified for a vehicle variant and not for a single car. The applied standard test procedure enables comparison between different vehicle types and different manufacturers. In addition to the fuel efficiency of a car, driving behaviour as well as other non-technical factors play a role in determining a car’s fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. CO2 is the main greenhouse gas responsible for global warming. Results in MPG also correspond to this European drive cycle and are stated in imperial gallons. The results may differ from fuel economy figures in other regions of the world due to the different drive cycles and regulations used in those markets.

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